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Cohasset High School 

Cohasset, Mass. W 



This year, the class of 1979 has voted to acknowledge a very special lady. 
Her presence is familiar and welcomed both around Cohassct and in the 
schools. A multi-talented woman, she is an avid fan of the Cohasset teams, 
especially football and basketball. Presently, she is President of the Boosters 
Club, an organization that recognizes students' accomplishments in sports. 
The very nature of her job enables her to become friendly and popular with 
the students of CHS, as she drives spectators, teams, and students safely to 
their destinations. When she's not transporting students, she serves as play- 
ground aide at the Joseph Osgood School. 

Around town, most everybody knows her as a generous, kind, and 
thoughtful person. Also, many have seen her promenading on the stage in 
Pajama Game and Wagons Ho! Along with her normal endeavors, she has 
hosted two CHS foreign exchange students. 

The senior class is exceedingly grateful for all her assistance and cooper- 
ation in helping to enliven "Gong Show I" and "Tricycle Basketball". To this 
accomplished, talented, friendly, and active supermom, grand-mom, and 
Cohasset citizen, we, the class of 1979, sincerely dedicate our yearbook to 
you, Mrs. Beth Goff! 

THE STAFF — Kl R.iu: D. Guinillr (S.-nior-l. 'I . /( (I iidcrclassmi'tl)..). Vi%ian (Salc>). C. Dillon (La>-<)ut). D. O'Neill (Co-.-dilor) . \ . 

Larififord lArl). I.. W liciaii (Girr> S|>(>rt>). 2ii(l Rou: (!. Mac K.i-ii/ic (Activ ilii-~ anil Orf;anizali<)n>). B. Ta\lor (Business). M. Younj; (Prodiii - 
hiiii). R. Sar>;rnl (T\|)isl). 3rd Row: C. Kelli \ (Pliolot£ra|)h\ ). B. Baird (Advertising). B. Keane (Produc tion). A. GlasfeM (Proof- reading). E. 
\1( ('arlli\ ll iiden la~Mneii). \1. Salerno (Bo\"~ S|iorl-). C. Colorou^i^ (Photograpln ). 


In the beginning, only a vast void and mas< confu- 
sion concerning the yearbook existed. Armed with a 
lechni-cropper. a grease pencil, and the spirit of 
determination, jumbled ideas soon began to surface 
from the frazzled brains of the staff. First of all. the 
editors said. "Let there be organization. " and the 
yearbook staff became paralyzed, paranoid, and per- 
turbed. "Alas, where do we begin? What a dilemma! " 
\\ this point, the staff was divided into and made 
responsible for specific departments. Then, the edi- 
tors demanded, "Let there be imagination, " and 
there was . . . some. Out of obvious necessity, the 
editors commanded, "Let there be pictures."" and 
soon CHS was infiltrated by candid cameras that dis- 
covered many minor stars. After a while, the editors 
ordered. "Let there be typists," and consequentK . 
typists were drafted. Soon, the familiar tap . . . tap 


Jonathan Fo.-ll and Dard>nn O'Neill YEAR- 
— Mrs. \^'uns( liel 


tap . . . oopsi provided 

easy listening music for staff meetings. Faced with 
financial woes, the editors requested. "Let there be 
sponsor money, donations, and inheritances, " and 
there was none, much to the dismay of the poverts 
stricken staff. Therefore, out of desperate need, the 
yearbook staff formed a pan-handling coalition to beg 
in the senior corridor and in the village of Cohasset. 
Suddenly, the editors gasped, grimaced, and 
groaned, "Let there be deadlines, " and unfortu- 
nately, deadlines were thrust upon us. Sunday meet- 
ings began to dominate the weekends. But, lo and 
behold . . . 


;il u ilrtlic uot id trmnn Im r of 10,9.' 

China - 4-f()()l lull Tk'f^'A slt^tHfr' 

liand- w illi a 7-f(H)l I lai Iciii Gliilic I roller . . . A wjd Super H(»\\ I . . . \ man u illi a heard in 


ran iiKikiii': iiasjK)-l morel 

\iid ulial will \vM'(''neml»er 30 \ ear> from riow? 




The \\ inninu-njBa>kell)all team in (ioliassei hislory'^^^^-X real fionj: of a Gon^ SI 
( )iM la// lMi>end-le u ii)i)in^ the slalc chariVpionsliii) at BrTklce School of Music arin the Nor- 
wood .la// (!la»ic l"Vsti\al . . . Disijo danrinfi and a rcalK weird Halloweciy^^|\ . . . ihc 
Drama \\ork>h()|) wiruiin^ ihe Emerson (lolicfje rcfjional performance . . . our soccer 

leam makinji il to ihe slale |>la\-()ffs and ( oming lanlali/i ti<rl\ clo>e lo . . . 

The world ma\ lia\e Irouhle jfccallinji miK li more ahout this \ear wilhoul dij:^in<^ hack itilo 
the hi>lor\ hooks. Bui we. the Class of "7'> w ill ha\e our memories of evetil.- in our lasl xcar ol 
lii'di school — for matn of us our lasl \ear at hiyrnr — -scaled into our hrains. 

Il all started with the first wet snow flake that feU on ihc^'cvv England coaslliiK 

hat started on Fehruar\ (. 19<8 

From underneath a thick coxering of snow fal^4^^rnT(['nes' 

and ended 32 hours and 40 minutes later. w<#mortied to find a different world. \^ hile l)iolof:\ 
.-Indents were working on scjuirming micrones. scientists in England welcomed the first le-l- 
tuhe hah). As -ci<'nlists were rejoicing about their triurjiph, the rehorn .|imm\ Carter wa- 
a[)[)lauding the diplomacN hetwcen Anwar Sadat and Menachem B(\irin at Cam|) Daxid. The 
School (^ointnittee had c()nsi(leral)ly less success tr\ing to [)ull the dollar and educalion hack 
together again. ith the hirths came the deaths. Rome l)uried two P()|)es and reached Im \ond 
Ital\ to elect a Pol e lo [)ecom e John Paul 1 


Meanwhile, in Guvana, the would-be messiah, the Rev. Jim Jones, ordered his Peoples Te 
pie followers to drink from a tub of poisoned Kool-Aid — and more than 900 of them die( 
'^VBut not all Ameri( ans worried about what the\ drank. A new French import. Perrier. became 
1* the white lightiiin' of u[)j)er class Americans. A[)parently Massachusetts" Governor King 
thought 18-year-olds should be in^sting the harmless ^bonated bubliles. rather than the 


^'\\fr hrmT'i - - rig up ^^B") when-. ih^y^Jfi^j^^^olil^^^Mi^ i|dinc«l BuMilr- 
uaiiuiui. li' - ^^PWHfrom a zoo in Caiir(i|V^nKn|Bin \bv lar«r«'>l l»uhM'' <il aTl Wa^ 

iblk' ri-w ^ loonislsj who n\iii\ rp(Bii(|iH* >pirit o^imliuii- l'\ making,, llu* ^1 

Atlat.:n fliirh in lh» ^ajoon. Eaffl<'T\»«». 


r of < ariH.iiali'd l>ul»l»lt*s. John Bt'liisni. \\a> rariii'i a< ro>- IW' 
House wd-i n(|4th(' onl\ nostalgic mo\ :<' of this \rar. For John 
was the 195(jrs Happv Dors antidolr to lh«' frrn/ird 19J 
nrr. Crout Fn't-rl s * rork 

tht r- urnt iu^K^ a reminder of \ it'lna n in Cominp Home slar- 
nTifir .Td?rvTTriBt and Jane ^on^l^^. sMm ti«'s ^^^'V rf- har k too— ' ''^^ 

hr i> - .11 nol l»ring l^F^^od mrniorir- for all |>eopIe. e?penall\ Boston Rrd Sox fans. <• 
'-niin(i«>(l of iho faniililr last-(ia\-of-the-s«'ason sounds of the \rar> 1948. 1949. and 
Fans in Boston n*ioiri*qat h«'arinti of Billy Marlin s ferocious attacks on Rcguic jack>on 
^kHrfUpliiMiliArfMiiMHBttiiP^'t when Martin said that Jackson and George Sleinhrenm-r 
dc>cr\cd cai h otlifr: "On«' s a horn liar, and the other's convicte<l." the axe fell (»n Martin and 
Uhf Rttl ^||[^B>I> Lemon, the placid new ^ank^&miich. and the cannon-hall 
■r Rem Guif?r\ mluSl the Red Sox li'ad to zilch and thw^^vo'l Jhe pennani in a n- 

3^out than the R«*d Sox loss. Hubert Horatio HiMn|>hre\. the long- 
i^eral !.at( : r^ni Minnesota, lost his fight against cancer. In San Juan. Ptu rlo 
iijind\ da\. Karl \^ allenda. the 73-year old father of the arrohalic family. to<»k hi> 
nuhile. Ameri'-ans \ iewed in horror the mini-s<'rii*s on the Holo- 
ewish famil\ -ullcr the Na/i abuse and die in the dreaded < oii- 

A'li'ti appeared t(" be getting mood\. ^i^ood\ stut^^ed onto hir- first H' 
The master of the stur^Ie himself. Chev\ Chase (imitating Gern Fore 

into the hilarious and popular .*v//tfrr/«\ 
af the comedian Ste\<' Martin uho with Dan A\kn)\c] 
artin aKva\s has a cure for problems. One of lii~ 
oi»)uing: "I heard the other day that the sun ua> going 
that. I said OK. that"! it. That does it. Urn setting a 

■(ul\ Fitr Prime Time Pla 
hottest ilem> on the sho 
Uir of "wild ami « rdzy gi 
more noflile problem-solfi^rs was tl 
to collidKvith the Earth. Witien I h 
hou>eiiolci siiioke detector 

• piallyTiot'it' ' . BilK Joel. \\^o^^2nd Street hit the 3 millioo mark, eondiined rock aiidf 
Tin Pan A''' -kIs to gain a greal^Hblic res[)onse. His sc)ii^^"M\ Life. " Ju-l the V^a\ 
^ "II \r^^i. Big Shot" hit the hearts of man\ Americans bJlau-e of their honest iml 
.! T\nc4»-Biit Fleetwood Mac's Ri noars sold more than any other album thi< >vi" ( L^ 
million andeoi _ Pin-up posters of Cher\ I Tiegs. Farrab-Faweett Majors. < her\l Ladd. 
""^ud Su/ann«"Sifiner~ ai- > -old like liolcakls. as did running shi>«"s. 


rhi> [took, tlK'ii. 1^ >im|ily an ;ii(pMi|PiMi*iPiVT9imnemone! 

apaiti lh<' i (mk < titralion of ili^t basketball dunk shot and the 
of our Powdi t i'ulf <,lir»'rlea(l< rs! swaying in a shak\ pyramid . 
and oross-««Minii \ i rains deep in meditation before doing iheii 
luToes ^liooiiii-i K ro» Mazza Memorial Soccer Field like bill 

iiig meatnes 

I tlir f iiMt smile on Mr. Ed Leary's fac'e ; 


Vnd. of (ourse. lliisl)ook wnl li(;Ip you remember wliat^l 

■ a> ™ 

I -1 

lu'r fr 


it uilj 


>t raigf 

t ii 

ookcd lik( — bark 
ou ic( all what vou 

halls. In the l)leaeh(TS. In the In aeh parking lot. With a < razy ^ririiai . on \our face as you art 
( hailing in a (^lass or in a stud\ liall. 

W ho knows w hal we re iioiiiii to ihiiik of our 

'/9 h)oks 50 years from i 

I'hr oiil\ thing that s certain isTFRR our clothes arc <roiii<r to look oiil of datr. Our hain nis 
well, really, did everyone look ihatuayy We're ^(^ng to look terribly young. S( hool is goit 
look old and small. The daiic t; 6S 'P> are goiiiji^lo be something that our children think 
-sli jcllv out of iiostalgiavilh;. 

But (lopitc the faintly old-fashionfd look that aHu^&ur up-to-th(* 
lakt ii on I)) the year 2029, there will be nothing out-of-date in our memorio. What 
the following pages will some day| l)c for us thfjfcood 01" Days. Right now they are just the 
Good Da\>. our best, most funny, iomctimcs -acloesl, sometimes most carefree days before we 
\M'iit out into the world. i iHli&MJMk&|^ 

Fake a uood look at them now in 'f9. See vou atiain'in 2 

fSprna] thanks to NEWSWi 

-f. Tf' 

^L^RE^■ Elizabeth ainslie 

"Many dreams come true and some have silver 
linings. I live for my dreams and a pocketful of 

Boh. Diikf 

"Man is responsible for all men." Sartre: likes 
. . . Shakt'^pearc. GcralHinc. Faulkner. Duke. Madre. 
Hooliana. open people, hard work, having a sister and 
two brothers. Gilhert and Sullivan, singing: dislikes 
. . . closed doors, haking out. m\ too fre(]uent profan- 
ity: ambition . . . to be the world s large>l manufac- 
turer of soccer ball polish: secret desire . . . to be the 
lead bass of the D"0>l\ Carte Opera Companv: remem- 
bers most . . . districts, rainv. wind> or frigid soccer 
games. Barbershop. Mika's 6:00 groupies. Mark s 
Vocal Service Station. usualK seen with . . . who- 
mever: pet peeve . . . crazed barbers: cause of death 
. . . shortage of song; noted for . . . martial arts expe- 
rimentation; Leaving thoughts . . . "Better pass 
boidh into that other world, in the full glorv of some 
passion, than fade and wither dismalK with age." 
Jovcc: aitivities . . . Soccer 9. 10. Tennis 9. 10. 11. 
12. SAB 10. 11. Chorus 10 - 12. Storv Theatre. Radio 
CHS 12. Barbershop Quartet 11. 12. District Chorus. 
S.E.M.S.B.A.. Student Council 9. 1 1. Life 1-17. 




l.iki's . . . 1 onvirlililrs. /r|i(iilin. ^wniirrini); llic 
l)riilnr, F, IriK k's, 4x4. F'riil,i\ iiitiliN. |i.irl> iiin al Sr-|j. 
Ids, skaliiiK at l.ily at iii^ht, ■'.ml''- |iart> for San anil 
l'r( k's lilrtliday, wintrr, lH■aliIl^■ on Dalr's SSO junk 
("lirvy 78; dislikes . . . workinj! Sal's. Iiiirni^ Saliirilay 
nif;hl. rainy ilays, whnlr suinnii r 78. ■ iiiii rilril |irii|ili'. 
t(ara);i' iloor sprinf^s; ainliilion ... In li\r a fulfillril 
lifr; sn rrl ilrsiri' ... if I told you. it uoiililn'l lir a 
sccri't; rrnirmlx-rs most . . . summer 76 and 78 (!.W.. 
working at Hag's; wants to forgi-t most . . . losing 
l)rak<-s al top of Pond St.; faiorite i \(>ri'ssioii . . . 
What's the matter, woo lialiy; usiiall\ seen with . . . 
( jrl S.. Joe B.. Joe 1... Dale S.. Coletta. Joe S,. Pete S.. 
Paul F.. Mark K.; cause of death . . . alile age most 
likely; treasured possession ... a little knife giM n to 
me a louple of years ago; 20 years from now . . . 
working hard; favorite hangout . . . the stonewall 
down town, Irac k's. hearh, Sestito's. 


"Mirror in the sky what is love, ran the child 
within my heart rise above, ran I sail through 
the rhanging ocean tides can I handle the sea- 
sons of my life."; likes . . . my fannly. football, the 
Cahills. Mr. Flynn, old friends, V parades. the Pipes. 
Mr. Di. tei hnirolor. dreams, Jai kson Browne, lialiysit- 
ting for Wayne and Annette; dislikes . . . Italian food, 
trying to forget, KISS, long lime wars, false affairs; 
secret desire . . . speak fluid Icelandic: remi'inliered 
most . . . cruisin" down South, mishaps in the Pinto, 
long talks al Lily, ice fights at Mac s, shop; wants to 
forget most ... 1 white heach post, liroken windsh- 
ield, expensive stop sign, M.B.'s; favorite expression 
. . . I can handle iti; pel peeve . . . having nothing to 
do; cause of death . . . Mimi s fiat moves. Gays races; 
worst horror show . . . 9/30/78. Rick s < ar and Hull: 
treasured possession . . . leather f<ioll)all: idols . . . 
Russ Francis and Jackson Browne: ai livities . . . 
M.M.H. 3 and 4, Powderpuff 3 and 4. 


"Geographic specialization exists in the econ- 
omy in a very purple way." likes . . . Adolf Hitler. 
Iiirds. Ghuck Manson, nature, St. Louis, wakes, fool- 
hall: dislikes . . . crowds, nasty things, violence, liv- 
ing things: ambition ... to pet a pretty parrot: secret 
desire . . .to dance in the Russian ballet: remembers 
most ... I forget; wants to forget most . . . class of 
79; favorite expression ... I hope you flip over and 
burn; usually seen with . . . the torino, OIlie, X; pet 
peeve . . . stuck up sticky beets, puftas; cause of 
death ... an attack from a senile German shepard 
while sleeping; worst horror show . . . double ses- 
sions; treasured possession . . . the battle wagon 
twenty years from now . . . siek and dying favorite 
hangout . . . Sebago Lake; idols . . . Donny Osmond, 
Killer Kowalski, Dick Butkas; noted for . . . being 
rude; leaving thoughts . . . damn I'm glad I'm leav- 
ing; activities . . . football 1 ■ 4 capt., wrestling 2 ■ 4 
I apt., baseball 1 ■ 4, basketball 1, track 2, 3. 



"Acknowledge each smile you encounter . . . 
though at times it may be hard to do . . . 
Friendless is a great treasure . . . using it helps 
us pull through," likes . . . m\ famiK. ravitiji with 
Gramps, being Icelandic, shopping, clothes, blue. 
m&m"s. chocolate chip cookies, summer, the beach, 
the Pipes, camaro's, Cohasset, the Burke"s, Mr. Di: 
dislikes . . . "MILEAGE", people telling me what my 
name really is, bananas, waiting: remembers most . . . 
"chocolate", baby blue alligator, big brother Pipe. 
Johnny, certain dances, the Lawrences, the Smiths. 
Hanover Mall with Marianne, long talks at Lily, Dixie, 
ice fights at Mac's. Doobies; wants lo forget most . . . 
broken windshield. Main St. and summer of 75. brick 
house. Bradlees, 1 white beach post: favorite expres- 
sion . . . "huh", "I don"t want to say anything": pet 
peeve . . . people fighting: cause of death . . . Mar- 
ianne's driving; noted for . . . being nervous (jumpy); 
activities. . . Nurses club 3, 4, basketball manager 2. 
powderpuff 3, 4, rousers club 4. 

"Maybe I'm wrong but who's to say what's 
right?" — Fleetwood Mac: likes . . . weekends, 
beaches, remember whens, Friday afternoons, gold, 
sunrises, rowdiness. victory parades, fall days, roller 
coasters, chinking, rainbows, parties: dislikes . . . low 
stumps, curfews, waiting, demerits, "the Mimic," 
.A.P.E. papers; remembers most . . . "It's too late", 
"Oh what a night", the car wash, boogie man. the com- 
ment of the moment, crickets. Chrissy's house (5 
days), the retreats. West Corner with Diane, Corinna, 
Betsy's and Jocelyn's parties, twisted ankles, K.C. and 
the sunshine stars, T.R.P., birthday parties, l)linking 
lights, 9th grade, "here comes the sun. Mika's biology, 
"he lives ": wants lo forget most . . . fruit flies and 
fetal pigs, French III, Joseph's, "Examination lonfir- 
malion," P.D.'s comment: favorite expression . . . b\ 
the by . . .; pet peeve . . . busy or ringing tele- 
phones: noted for . . . always wanting lo go to the 
beach, not finishing essays, obsession with the roller 
coaster: leaving thoughts . . . "It's loo late to turn 
back nowl" 

"When you come to the end of your rop<', make 
a knot, and hang on." Iikrv . . . iin f.iiiiiK. ( luri 
km', Sjliinhn infill li\r, Ri|ili \'s, Rulliski lLir. /.iK>i>. 
nrigliliorhiMxl ki(N. f<iiill>all \i( lories, Toin's ul li'ii, 
skiing. Bos; (lislikrs . . . HJitiM^. riird'Ws; rrnirnilirrs 
most . . . K.I,. P. and Uracil Bo) 's Oonccrl, Norllicasl- 
ern and Bahsoii wcrkcnds, (iroticlio Marx. S.M.IJ.; 
wants to forn< l most . . . W.W.I, ihr orange liug <leni- 
olilion. Mustang; worst horror show . . . 9/30/78; 
aelivilies . . . field li<)( k<-y 3. 4. hockey cheerleading 
1 ■ 4, powderpuff .3. 4. track 1 • 4, rousers 4. 

I came from China. \ia Hong Kong to a place where 
excr\tliing is new to ni<-. Vitr the past few months, peo- 
ple ha\i' lieen telling me that I ha\e made ver\ good 
adjustments to the new things. I know I would have 
encountered man> more difficulties and |)rol)lems. had 
not the people in Cohasset given me so much love, 
support, help, kindness and encouragement. Cohassel 
is a lieautiful place and so are her people. I am grateful 
that I am ahle to live and attend s< hool here. I would 
like to lak<- this opp()rtunil\ to thank you — the peo- 
ple of Cohasset, m\ teachers, friends, schoolmates, 
and especially Mr. & Mrs. L, W, Prouly. 

Chucka, Pete, Pedro 
likes, . . Ly nn, sailing, tennis, skiing summers in Me 
nights in G.. hasehall; dislikes . , . rainy days, Mon- 
days, English, getting help when not wanted; anihilion 
. . . to pet there; rememhers most . . . moosehead, 
Fitz, Pond, 7/13/78. July 76. "Turk". 7/16/78, 
SWAGBHAK, 8/29/78, Besa, "geraish person", our 
clippv, L.R.N. , Kim; wants to forget most . . . Scot, 
B. McG., P.K. and J.F.; usually seen with . . . Puff, 
Rad, Goon, Raw-hone, Rat, Boz; cause of death . . . 
excessive talking; noted for . . . not saying very much; 
activities . . . wrestling 3, 4, tennis 4, hand 1. 

Goon. Pla\bo\ 
"When I think back on all the erap I learned in 
high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." 

Paul Simon; likes . . . famil>, California girls, Lion"s 
Brew, boardin"; dislikes . . . Gunthcr. piillics, the 
GonI; ambition . . . two and UMass; sc( r» l desire 
. . . three and USC. rememl)ers most . . . collarbone, 
rase and '/z. rank fights, the road block. Catler's [)art\. 
New Jersey, BIdg. 19, being a wing nut, being H.U. ed 
in the C.2 with my N.C. s; wants to forget most . . . 
Feb. vacation "78, Hugo's; favorite expression . . . It"s 
good for you, builds character; usually seen with . . . 
the wimp, the rawbone, hanna bone, the rat, axel, chip 
and scales and other vagrants; pel peeve . . . magic 
markers; cause of death ... a jag; worst horror show 
. . . night of the C.B.; treasured possession . . . the 
Volvo; twenty years from now . . . better not older; 
favorite hangout . . . Rad s Shanty; idols . . . Capt. 
Kirk and D.K.; activities . . . soccer 1; basketball 1; 
track 2 - 4 

X. Bear. Poo 

"Those of you who think you know everything 
are bugging the heck out of us that do"; likes 
. . . St. Louis, the Torino, Maxwell Smart. Stooges. 
Python. Creedan( e. Moody Blues; dislikes . . . the 
Grand Wizard, most of the senior class, taped ankles, 
disco, dancing, people who like disco; ambition . . . 
an All-American center; secret desire ... to go to the 
Yukon and become a lumberjack; remembers most 
. . . Sebago Lake in the Torino. Big Ed. Dennis. Foot- 
ball; wants to forget most . . . Shleic her s party Oct. 
"78, A certain Black bar in Plymouth; favorite expres- 
sion . . . this stinks I'm going homi'; usually seen with 
. . . Buck. Dan and other low people; pel peeve . . . 
bad ankles; cause of death . . . the torino; worst hor- 
ror show . . . 3rd year Spanish and Personal; treas- 
ured possession . . . the Mustang; twenty years from 
now ... an executive making muc h money . . . idols 
. . . the Butcher, Stan the Man (Slayiak). Lou Albano; 
noted for . . . not smiling; activilio . . . football 1, 2, 
,3; track 1,2,3,4. 


Kalakis. Kowalski. Gei-k. Greek 
"Music and rhythm find their way into the 
secret places of the soul." Plato; likes . . . HolK. 
pizza. m\ parents, disco, running, tennis, baseball, 
winning. m\ camera, pretty girls, the snow. th<' sun. 
good grades, clothis. music, a good tan, the Chases, 
acting, windv nights in fall; disliki's . . . losing, phony 
people, rain, humidity, trai k, shin splints, X-Country 
meets, certain days at work; ambition ... to be su< - 
ce.ssful in the business world; s<'cret d<'sire ... to be a 
famous model and comfortably rich; remembers most 
. . . Teda. Big T, class of "78, X-Counlr> "77. the 
Gong Show, Marc .Antony s funeral spi e( h; wants to 
forget most . . . Act II, scene II of Oklahoma, Man 
Antony s funeral speech; favorite expression . . . Em 
a wiiild and craaazy guy; usually seen with . . . Pete. 
Scot, lots of people, certain faculty; worst horror show 
. . . Middleboro X-Country team; treasurcil posses- 
sion . . . H.C.; activities . . . basketball 1. baseball 2. 
tennis 1, X-Country 3, 4, track 3, yearbook 4. 



"Nexl lo the orif^inalor of a po<>d »«-nlenre in ihe 
firwl quoter of il." Ktiii r-(in. Iikc^ , . . -udv.- 
slorm>. Fri(la\. allcnioori'-. itiuiidi r^lorni^. ^kimj;. 
good comix'tilion. sailing, si^mfji aiil ac ( <)m()lis|i- 
mcnls. caling. IJcluslii, fishing. Ixing in(lr[irn(lrnl. 
good nalurt'd san asin; liislikrs . . . Iinng lold wlial lo 
do. ( hrotil< ronfornirrs. liars, ( heals, c igan llr stnoki'. 
onions; amhilion . . . dale with Miss Oolumhia; sim n l 
desire . . . lo lii' a rich and famous ac lor: rememliers 
most . . . Jazz Band < ompelilion; wants lo forget most 
. . . thf marching band. < hemislr>; fa\orile expres- 
sion . . . "swell"; usualh seen wilti . . . (^hris. Boh. 
and other friends; (M'I peeve . . . ho< ke\ practice al 
5:.'iO AM; cause of death . . . asl)eslos fillers; worst 
horror show . . . halftime; treasure<l possession . . . 
sanity; six years from now . . . pla>ing with a top svm- 
phony orchestra; noted for . . . trombone; leaving 
thoughts. . . G"bye; activities . . . hockey 1. 2. track 
1, cross country 3, ja7z band 1 ■ 4. Boston Youth Sym- 
phony 3 - 4, Mass. youth wind ensemble 4. 

Craweers, Joysie 
"Don't walk in front of me; I will not follow. 
DonH walk behind me; I will not lead. Just walk 
beside me and be my friend"; likes . . . sunsets, 
oceans, good times, meeting friends, Framingham. 
rainbows, memories of Anne and Jen. nice scenery, 
the city, traveling, B.P.'S; dislikes . . . "rave", false 
friends, wild and crazy rumors; remembers most . . . 
High school years, summer of 77; secret desire ... to 
live on a desert island with mv loved one; favorite 
hang-out . . . Chapel Hill, the woods. M.H.A.S.. the 
beach; treasured possession . . . "evil eve"; of 
death . . . overload in brain ( ircuits; favorite expres- 
sion . . . "cutie". party, later . . . much. "gill\->il"; 
leaving thoughts . . . It s only just fiegun . . . 

Sun went down in honey 
Moon came up in wine 
Stars were spinnin' dizzy, I^rd 
The band kept ua too busy 
We forgot about the time 
B. Weir/J. Barlow 

likes . . . Polkein. Bluegrass. Marley. si i fi. Avn 
Rand, alt. education, jazz, being a turtle, pii k up 
trucks. Masterpiece Theater, mother earth magazine, 
old movies, moondancing. whoosh, roof, individual- 
ism, independence; dislikes , . . tackiness. Barbie 
dolls, disco; ambition . . . fl\ airplanes, beromi' pho- 
tographer-writer for National Geographic, plav guitar: 
secret desire . . . tee hee!: remembers most . . . 
bluegrass festival, concerts al Music Inn. keg parlies. 
Colorado, camping trip. Notr<' Dame; wants lo forget 
most . . . B.R.. dames, mornings after: favorite 
expression . . . Who brought you up?; usually seen 
with . . . friends; pel peeve . . . being on lime; <ause 
of death . . . funned lo death: noted for . . . smiling: 
worst horror show . . . Nanlasket: treasured posses- 
sion . . . Mr. Mouse, fell fedora: idols . . . Robert 
Palmer, Clint: Leaving thoughts . . . Twinkle. Twin- 
kle little star ... 

"No one knows what it is that he can do till he 
tries." likes ... my family, fancy rars. Florida, swim- 
ming. Cohasset. warm weather, sleeping late, letters from 
.Mary, football games, having the car, payday; dislikes . . . 
reading, French, being bossed, slow people, weeding, 
fights with Betsy, taking SATS and Ach s, last minutes; 
ambition . . . keep my foot out of my mouth; secret desire 
. . . Caribbean tan; remembers most . . . 1 1th grade, 10/ 
22/77, hard times. YKW, 9/9/77, TPK, 10/28/77, 10/ 
29/77: Ging at the S.C.. Jocelyn's "party ", big red, # 17; 
wants to forget most . . . "How do you get the water 
cold," "FN scream," 10/22/78. 10th grade term paper, 
the bomber, 7/28/78, SAT scores, puppy dog, French IL 
9th grade, micro-nee, the crutch; usually seen with . . . 
friends; pet peeve . . . washing windows; cause of death 
. . . impatience; worst horror show . . . short story class; 
noted for . . . spazzing out; activities . . . basketball 1, 
powderpuff 3 - 4, rousers 3 - 4; leaving thoughts ... "A 
smattering of everything and a knowledge of nothing."; 


"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity." 

likes . . . crisp fall days, animals, sentimental things, Christ- 
mas, Joni Mitchell, long lasting fires, big sweaters, sparkling 
eyes and smiles, long walks on the bearh, chocolate, summer 
nights, classy dressers, being myself; dislikes . . . saying 
goodbye, cold feet, prejudiced people, Monday mornings, 
being broke, ambition ... to travel and keep meeting people; 
remembers most . . . skiing with Karen, California, 12/4/77, 
algebra with Ellen, summer of 76, being a senior, driving with 
Beth O., ski camp, excursions to Fanueil Hall, E.W.; treasured 
possession . . . my kitty; noted for . . . always wearing a 
smile; activities . . . field hockey 1, 2, powderpuff 3, 4, rous- 
ers 3, 4; 

"When God made men she only meant it as a joke!" — 

anonymous; likes . . . alt. school, music, exploring, independ- 
ence, attention, the sky, people, laughing, photography, and 
Fanueil Hall; dislikes . . . spinach, egocentric males; ambi- 
tion ... to ride a stallion through the grand canyon; secret 
desire ... to be 5'2" and weigh 99% lbs.; remembers most 
. . . meeting J. C. in the Mojave, Congress in Washington 
D.C. 77 and 78, reflections of special friends, cold duck; wants 
to forget most . . . people who are "rude, tasteless, and offen- 
sive!"; favorite expression . . . "tee-heel"; cause of death . . . 
too many bad jokes; treasured possession . . . Bogart and 
Kumguat; twenty years from now . . . President of the U.S.!; 

"^'ay over yonder, that'H where I'm bound, I 
knoH when I ^et there the firHl thing I'll nee Ih 
the Niin nhining fjolden . . . Then trouble')* 
ptnna leave nie an<i I'll Htand up proudly in true 
peaee of mind." Carol King, liki's . . . in> fatii- 
IK, >kliiig. (lalifdi Ilia, laughing, ja/y, (Iroshy, .S(ills, 
Nash, and Young, F,arlh, Wind, and Kire, funny peo- 
ple, M(i V, lii ac h. KMs, ( hoi-olair, Oharlie's rave, Ital- 
ian food, lans; ilislikes . . . I'ggs, liorrdoni, goodhyes, 
«orr\lng, the Dorolhv Hamill look, hoini work, flying 
inM-i Is; and)ilion . . . lo keep lra\cling and inrcling 
people; ri'mendnTs most . . . limes al Iwads, Rocky 
Beach. Kim, chi'cking out th<' list, languages with 
Beth, roaring, al Chambers, the "hoiddrr-in-lhe-lhroal 
and the Sall>-can-\ou feel-il-in-your-toes" disease, lev- 
els and stages, oUI friends, weekend at O'Connors, 
R.H.P.S.; pet peexe . . . white feel in the sununer; 
wauls lo forget most . . . \ellow Cainaro; a<'tivilies 
. . . softhall 1, haskelhall 1, M'arhook i, powderpuff 

likes . . . Hurley Davidsons, Kolliiig .Stones, my 
frii'n<ls, concerts, hot sunshini'> ilays. eli'ctric guitars, 
lieaclies, waves, Beechwood; ilislikes . . . disco, jocks, 
con< cited people, cliipii's, Hondas, Yamahas, Sii/ukis, 
niopeds, hassles; amhition . . . lo graduate; secret 
desire. . . lo gel another guitar; rememliers most . . . 
6/20/77, tuy motorc ycle aicidenl, luesilay nights 
(llakana). Motuca's wedding; wauls to forget most . . , 
June .1. 1978 New liedforii; favorite expression 
. . . "all right", "catch ya", "hey ya know"; usually 
sei'n with . . . Renee, Bonnie, Wendy, Raymond, 
(andy; pet peeve . , . rumors, gossip — especially 
false hoods! cause of dealh ... so who's planning on 
dying'.' worst horror show . . . school; treasured pos- 
session . . . m\ freedom, m\ lifi'; Iwcuts years fnuil 
now . . . having llii' licsl lime possdile; favorite hang- 
out . . . Beec hwood, Weymoulli, Ma l.aria; idols . . . 



"Be what you want to be, do what you want to 
do, but most important, be yourself." likes . . . 
Vinnie, my friends, my family, Hull, Brandy, "The 
Cars", Nantasket beach, new clothes, jewelry, week- 
ends, cruising, good parties, pinball, arcades, my car, 
football games, spring; dislikes . . . di.sco, PG, ole 
girlfriends, Gunrock, liars. Uncle Sam's, conceited 
people, fights, school, not having anything lo say, over- 
doing it, breaking up, headaches; ambition ... to get 
out of school; remembers most . . . shopping with 
Debby, California, my old house, Rick's, alt. school, 3 
/ 16/78, Betsy's party, T.R.P., lunch with the green 
frog. Beach Boys loncert, feud. Cape Cod, "Do you 
know him'.' 1 don't", Nantasket with Claire, the church, 
K.C. and the sunshine stars; wants lo forget most . . . 
"wanna light?", the lodges, August '77, Rick's, 9 
stitches, fights with Vinnie, Curtis Compact, feud, 
accidents, playing chicken; favorite expression . . , 
"later, much"; cause of death . . . eight kids. 



"Smile — Today is the tomorrow you worried 
about yesterday."; likes . . . nn famiK, ^[irinfjcrs. 
hike riding, remembering. New England, oreo's, hiol- 
og>, the orean. Canada, football \ i( tories, uncontrolla- 
ble laughter, fall da\s; dislikes . . . Ix^ing nenou.s. 
rainy shows, my eyesight, < hemistry, sa\ing goodbye, 
bad moods, being frustrated, insensilivie people, 
muggy days; ambition ... to enjoy life and still be 
successful; remembers most . . . kit. talks with Sue, 
J.F., best in match, friends, FV'S, sinking ships, "Oh 
Cupid thou art cruel."'; wants to forget most . . . 
Beach street, 9th grade, losing a friend, two bonfires; 
favorite expression . . . "hang in there"; cause of 
death . . . strangled by a turtleneck. 

"My sister works in fears."; likes . . . winliT, a/zuh, 
CD., skiing, having a good time, a pleasant be\erage, 
baseball, siggying; dislikes . . . class of 1979, being 
out of money, gelling caught, gook food; ambition . . . 
to take over my father s company, and live the way I 
want; secret desire . . . to be most honorably; 
remembers most . . . Holy Cross, Martha's Vineyard, 
free breakfast, little ripper; wants to forget most . . . 
Marshall Tucker; favorite expression . . . splush!; 
usually seen with . . . Larry. Hinza. Matt. Steve. 
Steve. Buck. Dan. X. Country Squire; pet peeve . . . 

greasy slimy, little ; cause of death . . . slipping 

into unconsciousness; treasured possession ... St. 
Louis"; twenty years from now . . . "Haven't changed 
a bit; idols . . . Steve Howe, Nasty Nino; noted for 
. . . classic-box automobile; activities . . . soccer 1 ■ 
3, hockey 1, 4, band 1, baseball 1 - 3. 

Chuck, Charlie 
"Behold the light emitted from the sun, what 
more familiar, and what more unknown; while 
by its spreading radiance it reveals all nature's 
faces it still itself conceals." — Ri( hard Black- 
more, likes . . . people, motorcycles, good friends, all 
m\ family. H ,0 skiing, pole vaulting, soccer, R.L.I., 
working w/Lag., late nights, having best New Year's 
Eve parties. WcK)dworking. Calif.; dislikes . . . losing. 
th<- < itv ; ambition . . . to own my own business; secret 
doire . . .to be a in>w member of the Calypso Ocean- 
graphic Team; r<-members most . . . c ertain nites on 
th<- distant planet, L-Mass.. blizzard 78. soccer 78. 
Sept. 17, 1975, long talks, allnighters, K..^.L.; wants 
to forget most . . . Duxburyl. Rockland, favorite 
expression . . . "really." "You can't Ik- serious."; 
u>uall> sivn with . . . lots of different people. J.T.W.; 
|M-| peeve . . . not enough once it gets late.; cause of 
death . . . the cliffs of Acapulco; worst horror show 
. . . hospitals; treasured possession ... a I'crtain sil- 
ver dollar; twenty years from now . . . living in the 
Virgin Islands w/a beautiful wife; favorite hangout 
. . . m\ stereo, the Buick; noted for . . . my scowl; 
activities . . . scM-cer 1 - 4 (co-capt.). track 1 - 4. 
hoc key 1 • 2. yearlKM>k. 


KoliKH T I.OI IS Dl'i ri.l lO 


likes . . . BoNlon P()|>s. family, Pc|)si, romiTifrcials, T, D, 
& H, ihr -lagc, fall (lays. lau(;hinn. my lirolhrr, J.C.. mel- 
low music, Icar-jerkers, tit sing, hats; dislikes . . . my 
room, < ompcleliM- silualions. the ilark, fatigue, unfairness, 
unpaid ilehts, c als. not lieing on ihe sami' level, wearing 
soeks, "[)uk<'-rave.'"; amhilion . . . lo gel a Ian; remem- 
hers most . . . Barnstable, summer of 78. missing out on 
"Amy", sallines, Cong Show. 78, Goilspell, talks with 
Lizzy, dirty jeans, advice from Mr. Ri ade; wants lo forgi-t 
most . . . junior year. S & S ordeal. F.H.G.. Marshall 
Tucker concert. .5 against 1. Homecoming: |)el peeve 
. . .people who aren't really laughing at your jokes; cause 
of death . . . attacked hy Peahody and the bird; worst hor- 
ror show . . . night before PSATS; twenty years from 
now ... in the convent; idols . . . Barbara Streisand; 
noted for . . . putting foot in mouth; activities . . . bas- 
ketball 1, 2. 4. drama workshop 1 - 4. chorus 4. yearbook 
4. sofll)all 1 - 2, field hockey 1, powderpuff .3, 4, Gong 
Show; leaving thoughts . . . It s not what you think it was, 
but we can t sas what it is. F.H.G. 77; 


K(l. whitnp 

".\ coward in more apt to quarrel than a man with 
spirit."; like- . . . faindy. cool nights. Healhcr. C'.ariipheirs 
(hinik\ liccf soup, snow skiing, parties, Saturdays, Mdlers, 
hine-. good ituiik h; disliki's . . . feeling un( oinfortalile. get- 
ling (aught, being (ailed a whimp. Vegas. Rad lies. KclK's. 
Hull. I ruising; ambition . . . lo tell ihe truth; secret desire 
'. . to go Ma(iuncn one more time; remembers most ... 7/ 
.3/78. good rank fights. huK h room table. Rhabdonema; wants 
lo forget iTiosi . . . IlanoM-r 10/77, lllh grade math exam; 
fa\orile expression . . . "Truce ' let's go read some books. ; 
u>Mall> seen with . . . Myles, Teb, Jeff, Smitty, Slurp; pel 
p( i \e . . . backslabbers; cause of death ... a forth pole and 
a harder tree; worst horror show . . . mad dog wine, goons 
ilruing; Irea-ured possession .' . . skis; twenty years from now 
. . a senior in college; noted for . . . alwa>~ Irying lo gel 
llial la~l rank in; leaving llioughls . . . later inu( h; activities 
. . , lia-kclball 1. Mxeer I ■ .}; 



Marching to the PromiBed Land 

Where the honey flows and takes you by the 


Pulls you down on your knees. 

While you're down a pool appears. 

The face in the water looks up. 

And she shakes her head as if to say. 

That it's the last time you'll look like today. 

Sail away, away 

Ripples never come back. 

Gone to the other side. 

Sail awav, away — Michael Rulherford/Ton\ 

likes . . . m> familv. sailing, skiing. Galadriel. Laura 
N.. Rob. Bermuda. Franconia, NH. ^lorm-; di>likes 
. . . being bored and upset, slow boats, rain) da\>; 
ambition . . . lo design an .America s Cup defender; 
remembers most . . . 210 nationals 78. Bermuda, the 
cruise, 9/22-24/78. race on Pegasus; wants lo forget 
most . . . 6/3/78. summer 77. Betsv's part\, 9th 
grade, a VW bug on 3/22/78; < ause of death . . . lost 
al sea; worst horror show . . . the mudflats 6/3/77; 
favorite hangout . . . \acht ( lub or mei hanical draw- 
ingroom; noted for . . . talking about sailing; leaving 
thoughts . . . good luck to 4 other Durants. 



Durk. Joe 

"The greater the value of the object desired, the 
greater the effort required in its attainment."; 

likes . . . m\ famiK. L\nn. the OTooles. .^ngie. fall, 
sports. Cohasset. nachos, friends, the fur>. hocke\; 
dislikes . . . moving, losing, moods, missing games, 
practices, injuries; ambition ... to hit Salerno with a 
spiral; remembers most . . . 1975-79. 8/20/77. .Niag- 
ara Falls, Barnstable; wants to forget most . . .7/1/ 
78-8/13/78, double vision, MacDermott at 5:00 am; 
favorite expression . . . changes weeklv, would vou 
listen to this guyl; usually seen with . . . Lvnn; treas- 
ured possession . . . Froggv; noted for . . . mv laugh: 
activities . . . football 1 - 4 (tri-capt.), hockev 2 - 4, 
baseball 1, Senior class representative. 


"To all you who I'll call friends Tin plad to 

have you with me euz here we go again ..." — 

Niit;rnl; likr^ . . . drums, nu l)asrMirnt, coiinlry 
imi>i( . lilrn<l>. (ial)ii'. D.()..\.. Jammin, Johnny Win- 
ter. C.D.B.. l>()ltle>. Sundavs; dislikes , . . commer- 
rials. rlianint; ii(> m\ hascment, Hailinj;. hair ciils, 
i lass ()( 79. the knoll. Monda>s; sccrel desire . . . 
anilpulanc <• dri\er; remi-mliers most . . . Rick s Ix-nds, 
Darell's I ar: fa\oril<' expression . . . give me a hreak; 
usualU seen with . . . Hu(k. Steve. Brad, Larry, 
Hi in/j. Boli: pet peeve . . . waiting; cause of death 
. . . Iiroken ear drum; worst horror show . . . party 
in S< ituate; trea-sured possession . . . drums; twenty 
years from now . . . drummer; favorite hang-out . . . 
tin liasement; idols . . . Neal Peart. Billie Cohum; 
noted for . . . drums; activities . . . ja/z rock, band; 
lea\ ing thoughts . . . thank God it s over. 



likev . . . making cncs at attrai ti\e women on suliwav 
trains; dislikes . . . cold women; amiiition . . . to he a 
luiyiT of original designs from Aini ricati. Krenc li. Kng- 
lish. and Italian designers lor lop r;ilc riolliirig sloro 
in N.Y.. (jlif.. (Chicago, and I'licrlo Ri< o: se< ret desire 
. . . to marr\ (!arla Lalson; retneinlii'rs most . . . 
"hanging tuff with Brian and I'at!; wants to forget 
most ... 1st year at (!HSI; favorite expression . . . 
"Why you wanna come off like dat.' ": iisuallv sivn 

with . . . friends an<l mv fashion magazine; pet | ve 

. . . vicious racial remarks. insensiti\ it\ . ignorance 
and total phoniness; caiisi' of death . . . shot li\ peo- 
ple who disliki' sicing me In i'\pi nsi\e suits i \eryday; 
W()r>t horror show ... a party, where my frli'iid was 
stahlied; treasured possession . . . my wardrohe; 
twenty years from now . . . reclining casualK on a 
beach in Puerto Rico while my assistant hanrls me the 
blueprints of latest f.uropean fashions; favorite hang- 
out . . . Dudley Station; idols . . . R. Pryor. J. Tra- 
volta, B. D. Williams, (]. Klien. Y.S. ljurent and black 
designer Willy Smith; noted for . . . wearing exjM'n- 
sive threads!; activities . . . Metco rep., Metco news- 
letter ed., basketball, baseball; leaving thoughts . . . 
I've found what I've been aspiring for, here at C.ohas- 
set. I found good academics, opportunities, and mostly 
friendship. This has been but one mere step, I've still 
got manv more ahead, but 1 am gla<l I have made it this 


likes . . . #3, the coast, Boston, hockey. Steely Dan, 
the truck; dislikes , , . the rave, amnesia, missing out, 
repetition, cigars, the early mornings; ambition ... to 
take over George's Texaco; secret desire ... to work 
at the Circle Cafe; remembers most . . . the states, 
Martha's Vineyard, Park Plaza Hotel, 12 on the tower: 
wants to forget most . . . June 4, 1977, Wareham 
P.D., social security number; favorite expression . . . 
What?; usually seen with . . . Matt, John, Brad, Steve, 
others; cause of death . . . obesity; worst horror show 
. . . Marshall Tucker Concert, Newark: treasured pos- 
session ... St. Louis; noted for ... — bad sneakers: 
activities . . . hockey 1 • 4, track 1, 2, football .5, 
class secretary 3, 4, debating team 1 - 4 (co-capt.). 



likes . . . my family, friends, ice cubes, fires, weekends, the 
fall, the ocean, bevies, munchies, sports, sleeping late, snow 
storms, bleacher seats at Red Sox games, having two big broth- 
ers shorter than me; dislikes . . . Gullies, practice, Sunday 
mornings. Chemistry, an empty beach, snobby people, lack of 
spunk, the smell of the lunch room, signing out of study, 
bloody noses; ambition ... to find athletic socks that don't 
fall down to my ankles; remembers most ... a certain hub 
cap, fish pond near the beach discovery, the yellow Toyota, the 
3 escape routes, hitting the sand while water skiing, B-ball 3 
seconds, smash up derby in church parking lot; wants to forget 
most . . . bus ride to game, fighter during game and Hull 
hockey games, playing chicken with the wrong car, G.T.O. 
crash, T.B.G. S, the Hull escapade on Rick's car, the 7 man 
sled; noted for . . . not knowing the homework; favorite 
expression . . . "Bunch of crazy Bulgarians." "Hey boy" 
"That's a born killa."; treasured possession . . . my gray and 
white wool winter socks; activities . . .basketball 1 - 4, foot- 
ball 1 - 4; 



"People who tell you never to let little things bother 
you have never tried to sleep in a room with a mos- 
quito."; likes . . . snow, running, raw string beans, Hawaiian 
Punch, sweaters, relays, the Macs, pineapples, snowmobiling, 
plants, making pottery, S.N.L., Pablo Cruise, chewing on ice 
cubes; dislikes . . . people who crack their knuckles, lobster, 
being stared at, anything algebra, doritos; remembers most 
. . . principles 78, Girl's State, raving with Mrs. O B. Lizzie s 
bent up earring, walking up a certain stairway in Boston, class 
parties; usually seen with . . . mouth open with tongue hang- 
ing out; cause of death . . . shin splints; worst horror show 
. . . "running " on the grass; twenty years from now . . . 
straight hair & 200 lbs.; noted for . . . facial expressions & 
naturally curly hair; activities . . . field ho<key 1 - 4 (co- 
capt.), gymnastics 1 - 4, track 1 - 4 co-capt., powderpuff 3 & 4; 


"Your friend is your needs answered. He is your 
field which you sow with love and reap with thanks- 
giving . . . When you part from your friend, you 
grieve not; for that which you love most in him may 
be clearer in his absence." — Kahlil Gibran; likes 
. . . strawberry sundaes, photography, driving, Vermont, 
my family, my friends, music, Alt. school, life; dislikes 
. . . being late, missing something, not being good enough 
at something, making people unhappy, losing weight, 
being broke; ambition ... to become a good musician; 
remembers most . . . Nov. 75, Gong Show, 6/17/78, 9/ 
16/78, 9/23/78, summers 77 & 78, good times at CHS; 
favorite expression . . . far out; usually seen w ith . . . V. 
L. J. K.. S. p., p. C, J. M., L. L. & C. C; pet peeve . . . 
homework, insensitive uncaring people; cause of death 
. . . electrocution by microphone wires; treasured posses- 
sion . . . my guitar; twenty years from now . . . in a log 
house, playing music, and making mone\; activities . . . 
chorus 1 & 2, drama workshop 3 & 4; 



"A healthy mind and healthy body bringn hap- 
pineHn in life."; likes ... .1 '.lodges, -iMinn, imnis, 
MM < < r, IravrliMf!. Fr< ii< ti, RiMi ra's, loplrss hi ac lies, 
Kami I) I'aris; dislikes . . . Meir K., slra»lM rr> ii e 
creani, liiider 2.') iiisiiraiic <• < cisls. Mr. Ma/z;i's iliviiiK 
heads; amliition . . . lo make money and liiiy 2 while- 
three piece snili-s, with a while hal and 2 purple feath- 
ers slirking out of it; secret desire . . . lo liccome the 
first Ruiiiaiiian president of the U.S.; remendiers most 
. . . Slimmer of 77 in Kurope with Dave flanlon; 
wants to forxel most . . . .')/.'V78 — accident on 
B<'a('h street; favorite expression . . . You're a dead 
man; usually seen with . . . Fd, John. Tehs. Myles, 
Smitty. and llingham nann: pet peeve ... all my 
ancestors having mustaches (ini hiding w<)m<'n); l ause 
of death ... a wooden stake through his heart; worst 
horror show . . . uninvited lo a party at my own 
house; treasured possession . . . winter hoots; twenty 
years from now . . . swimming in a pool of oil; favor- 
ite hang-out . . . dark places; idols . . . (ihi ryl Ladd; 
noted for . . . I)a< kstahbing and making a fool of 
Myles; leaving thoughts . . . don't get caught doing 
the things 1 did; activities . . . .soccer 1 - 4, tennis 3, 
4. ski trip 1, 2, 4. 

Louis, Smooch 
"You're never alone with sehizophrenia."; likes 
. . . "the sidewinder, " artic hokes, Mumm's cham- 
pagne, anli vive section society, c hief inspector Clous- 
eau, Sanimurai Optometrist, oxford hulton-down 
shirts, Jethro Tull. new balance sneakers, Plato's 
relrc^at, Carly Simon, rugby shirts, saal) turbos. Big 
Sur. B.C.T.. Canolis, Shangri-la; dislikes . . . Hari 
Khrishnas, idi Amin, blowing up balloons, long-term 
headac he, Grc^yhound bus station, men who wear jew- 
elry, Don Kirschner's Rock Conc e rt, preachers. Ernie 
Boch's commercials, stringy eggs; ambition . . . lo 
find the maltesc falcon; secret desire ... to divorce 
Liz Taylor; remembers most . . . the cotillion. "Fid- 
dler on the Roof" with Zero Mostel; wants to forget 
most . . . prom of 78. attempt at Ic-vitation; favorite 
expression . . . Hey. get a load of this guyl; usually 
seen with ... my clothes on; pet peeve . . . people 
who slick lo you like a magnet; cause of death . . . eat- 
ing protozo-colored pistachio ice cream at Baskin Rob- 
bins; twenty years from now . . . James Bond III; 
idols . . . Woody Allen, Ralph Nader. John Belushi, 
Dick Strout; noted for . . . ranking without mercy; 
activities. . . soccer 2, tennis 1. 2. cross-country 3, 4, 
dramatic club 3. 4, yearbook co-editor 4. 


"As you are sliding down the wooden banister 
of life remember me as a mere splinter in your_ 

likes . . . bud tallies. Mavi wowie, snow, 

hockey, being obnoxious, good tunes, good company; 
dislikes . . . class of 79, backstabbers, school, demer- 
its, 5:00 A.M. practices, losing; ambition ... to grad- 
uate; secret desire ... to make the honor roll; 
remembers most . . . Holy Cross. U-Mass. Martha's 
Vineyard. Steve's basement, free-breakfast; wants to 
forget most . . . Mimi and Pals; favorite expression 
- . - "take a hike"; usually seen with . . . people; pet 
peeve . . . washing windows; cause of death . . . 
overdose of knowledge; worst horror 
shall Tucker; treasured possession 
twenty years from now 
. . . the beach; idols . 

show . . . Mar- 
potato chips; 
. around; favorite hang-out 
Mimi; noted for . . . toot- 

ing profusely; activities . . . baseball 2, 3. hockey 2, 
3; leaving thoughts . . . goodbye and good luc k. 



"Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let's 
economize it." Mark Twain: likes . . . biology, old 
xans, comatose cats, Doonesbury, the Montreal 
Express, top ten. coneheads, Steve Martin; dislikes 
. . . Resevoir Hill, squished squirrels, being construc- 
tive. Hull, mopeds, starting guns, Thursday nights; 
ambition ... to invent the 'T" detector; secret desire 
. . . to outrank Mr. Emmons; remembers most ... 7 
p.m. without results, "Where's my champaie? "; wants 
to forget most . . . April vacation 1978, 5/17/78; 
usual!) seen with ... my nose; cause of death . . . 
ingestion of etherized fruitflies; treasured possession 
. . . The Dodge; idols . . . Zonker Harris and Mor- 
ris; noted for . . .a terminal case of sleep; Activities 
. . . Cross country 2 - 4; Track 3, 4; Yearbook 4. 


likes . . . hockey, biology, vacations; dislikes . . . 
Mass Media, school in general; usually seen with . . . 
S.F., B.D., L.G., L.E., J.G.. T.M.: worst horror show 
. . . 12/31/77 1/1/78; remembers most . . . KKK 
10/31/78, burning, Esplenade '77; favorite hangout 
. . . beach; favorite saying ... oh yeahy, really?; 
secret desire . . . $500,000 house on top of Everest; 
goal ... to become famous in my own way; treasured 
possession . . . stereo 

Kathy, "The Glodge". Shortie, Stump 
"False friends are, like leaves, found every- 
where. True friends are like diamonds, precious 
and rare"; likes . . . parents, dancing, taking walks, 
playing drums, kittens, beach, music, yogurt. Ver- 
mont, plants, witty people, drawing. Bazooka, Tab. 
happy people, autumn; dislikes . . . school, jocks, cli- 
ques, people who interrupt, being stared at, sad peo- 
ple, tall people; ambition ... to gel a job as a hair 
dresser; secret desire ... to move to Hawaii; wants to 
forget most . . . walking 8 miles in a blizzard, and 
being in the hospital with sun burn; favorite expres- 
sion . . . who did it and rani; usually seen with . . . 
Ellen. Karen, Ruthann; Pet Peeve . . . being short; 
treasured possession . . . drums; twenty years from 
now . . . battered old housewife; favorite hangout 
. . . beach; idols . . . Boz Scaggs, Fleetwood Mac. 



H1I()M)\ \1 Mill, (,()KK 
"A day it wanlril wilhoiit u «milf"; likr- . . ilir oci-an. 
~iiciM. iii>;lil> iiul Willi llii >;irl-. IoihI, I'Iii- Himil). {.aji's <cllar, 
MIC r iiini; dislikes . . . riuitor head niadncss; small lowii lalk. 
I- + K. coi'oaiiul, liu^s. uriliii); li-llcrs. Ix-injs lold what to do; 
ri'iiirnilicrs mosi . . . Kuriipc, Icmoiiadt- da), lirn iiifihl: 
wants to forncl most . . . Summrr of '76, K. R.. (^ockroai h 
lirij;a<lc and Spinner, F+F, Terror on llie waler wilh B. P.; 
iisiialU s< i n willi . . . '"I'lie Anj;els'", Monkelles, Hen's, and 
some lini' Italians! 

|(>ll\ \1 \U( ()(,()l.l\() 


"I don't kiioH half of \oii half as well as I should 
like and I like leMs lhan half of vou half as well as 
VMi deMTve." ,1. K. K. TOI.K'IKN . . . likes . . . 
Miiiiiiilain-.. ^kiin;;, ~mall i .irs. mImIit. 'mad" niid-nifjlit 
ndr., .lorin-. Im, k|.a( kiiif:. I'VI IION. FHANK ZAPPA. 
\I.,l~un (;ol(len. SARCASM, not mossiiif;: ilislikes . . . 
-iiiiIj-. Miiiid.n iiiorTiint;. rain. Iiassli's. eops. louri; ainlii- 
liiiM -III in|o\ life until death; rememliers most . . . 
Ii, II k|i, irking Willi Pedro. Skiin;; with Chris and 
\iiioii>. midnijilil ride through \X ain|ialiii k; wants to for- 
,i;el iiioM . . . Mass. Ski Cliili 77. T.O.W.P. ; eanse of 
diMlli . . . e\lenv|\e lauflhitlfi; treasnred possession . . . 
-eii~e (if liiinior; noted for . . . disorganization; leaving 
thoughts ... I am going. I am leaving NOW. GOOD- 


CaroKn, C 

"The great end of life is not knowledge, but action": 

likes - - - Thursdays, spring, snow, snowball fights, football 
games, basketball games, vielory. cheering, cold raeks. "Basic 
Raves" the ocean, donuls, ice cream; dislikes . . . Mondass. 
revenge, defeat, elevated noses, mold, being told no, cold 
showers; remembers most - - . 2/3/78, Blizzard of 78, Sum- 
mer of 78 wilh L.O.B. and D.E.R., ATR. Pl> mouth Beac h. 
Petewl; wants to forget most . . . 7/3/78. The C.C.Dam e. 
ATR; pet peeve . . . rainy Mondays; cause of death . . . ar 
extreme case of blimpitis; secret desire . . . if I told you, dc 
you think you could keep it a sec ret, too?; ambition ... to 
ow n my very own Camaro; favorite expression . - . most tre- 
mendous, later . . . much!; treasured possession . . . Winnie 
and Little Poopadoo; twenty years from now . . . cotton balls 
and alcohol; noted for . . . never wearing jeans; leaving 
thoughts . . . There are bigger and better things to look for- 
ward to. and memories to look back on.; activities . . . cheer- 
ing 2 - 4. health career club 3 - 4, rousers 4. powderpuff foot- 


"Take your time, think a lot, think of all the things 
vou've got. For you'll still be here tomorrow, but 
your dreams may not." likrs . . . (^)hass( t. m\ faniiK. 
firsl warm (la\ afli r winlcr. hig wa\os. the orcan. i nlhiisi- 
a>m, C.H.S.. iicd Ira. Mr. Shcchan, Mr. Rcadc, Bcllar- 
iiiini-; (lislikrs . . . raking lca\fs. a|ialhcli( people, 4lh 
period, aeridenls. riding ihe liiis. erouded area>, not lieing 
on lime: reinenilier> mo>l . . . Class of '79. J. Edwarils 
and SML. C.S.N.. Dooliie Brothers 8lh grade. 12/23/76. 
Gong Show, isaiils lo forgel most . . . Simon s Rock; 
aclixilies . . . Clas- R( presenlalive 1 - 3. Sliidenl Council 
1 - 4. Sliidenl Counc il President 4. Student .Adxisorv 
Couneil 4. Yearhook 4, Class Pla> 4. Footliall 1. 2. Wres- 
tling 2. 3. Baskethall (heneh) 1, Powderpuff cheerleader 3. 
4. Tric \i le Baskethall 4. Camp Wing 2: noted for . . . alii- 
galori-d articles of clothing 



"If everybody in the world was normal, nobody would 
be crazy, and that wouldn't be any fun at all" — me: 

likes . . . ni\ friends. Pink Flo\d. Bill\ .loel. Jelhro Tull. inili- 
\idualil\. c haracters, hollies, cra/x clothes, long weekends, 
hiologv. S.G.F. s. people. part\ing. and reminisc ing: di-likes 
. . . conformation. irrespc)nsihilit\ . Mealloaf. fights with 
Pollv. and people- who don't ha\e anUhing to sa\: amiiition 
. . . Ici win a Nohc-I Prize: secret desire . . . lo jump into the 
c c ntral tank at thi- N.E. .Aciuarium; reniemliers most . . . Jor- 
dan Marsh, skelton. hac teriolc>g\ . verandah, Da\e's and K's 
R's, the c hurch, heac h wit Claire, Blac k Ml. ^ ith .^nna, the 
strip. Queen Concert, "1 I, .v. C.H.S. speech", "Oh what a 
night ", "Stranger". "KM.AO". K.C. and the- Sunshine Stars, 
Corrina. m\ partie>, Sam's, posh, sc]uish>, the feud, and the 
common: wants to forgc-t most . . . nothing hecausc if it 
wasn't good it made a great stor\: c ause of death . . . drama- 
tizing; worst horror show . . . the ac c ident plus; treasured 
possession . , . m\ hat: twenl\ \ears from now . . . staring 
into a mic roscope: noted for . . . growling; aciivilies . . . 
powderpuff. Drama Cluh: lea\iiig thoughts . . . Don't take 
Cohassetl for grantc'd. it'- a beautiful place and I'll nc-\er tor- 
gel the people. I lo\e it. 


"Don't Im* a part of the prohl<-ni, Im- a part of lliv 
an«wer."; likes . . , Rciclilcr Scalint!. Kaiiiiril li.ill. 
( lii Ns. I^'O and Auffir, Umkinf; forwaril Id sorMclliinj;. 
real people, the Stooges, sui i r'-.sful predic lioii^. pri'- 
(liclinjs, < r()ppin', Paris, Sprin(!sleen, c lian(;e>. of sea- 
son, riskiiin il all. Imiin, J<-sse (!oliti Voiint!. Iiillin' Sov 
games, (iohassel llarlior, I)eril\ne, lerron/int;. lioo- 
kin', iincoiilrdllalili- laiichliT, Tlir Skvwalk, Uoslon. 
regtiai-. The Bruins; dislikes , . . AM radios. Red Sox 
chokes, d'etre presso. the Warren (lonunission Report, 
panii kinn, had davs. Boh "Biased " Cousn, lomaloes. 
deadlines; arnliilion . . . Johnn\ Mosl's replacenienl. 
dinihle atienl; Serrel Desire . . . lo join the (ireen 
Berels, hrinn the Beatles I())jether. a hahe in e\er\ port; 
reiiieiiihers niosl ... all nite rard (ianies. lOlli );rade 
Fjinlisli, B<'sl Man, Tlie Sailiii)" (!luh da\s. Rin Spin- 
ai h, language lah studies, a lilown stereo. .N") Ain-ter- 
dam. Quielle, The Realization; wants to forget most 
. . . Chemistry; Favorite expression . . . Thai's going 
in the yearhook. What next'.'. 'At's right, OK'.'; usually 
seen with . . . John, the Torino. Edmund. Myron. 
Radu. The Rat, Toz. Neena. Mug; cause of death . . . 
framed hy thedl.A.; worst horror show . . . (^ivenia/ 
Salvo; twenty years from now . . . Six o'clock fore- 
casts on Channel 7. 


''Happy are those who dream dreams and are 
ready to pay the price to make them come 
true."; likes . . . Spanish, family, haskethall. thun- 
derstorms, baseball, my dog, Steve Martin: dislikes 
. . . getting out of bed on rainy mornings, too much 
homework, being injured; ambition ... to be rich at 
30; remembers most . . . '75 World series. "77 Celtic 
playoff. Game #6; wants to forget most . . . 11th 
grade basketball; cause of death . . . working at 
Hugos Lighthouse; worst horror show . . . Ilth grade 
chemistry; idols ... my parents and grandmother; 
activities . . . baseball 1 - 4, Socc-er 1 - 3. Basketball 1 
• 4, yearbook. 

Nippa. Rat 

"Here I stand looking back on four long years, 
about to start four more.": likes . . . money. 
Siamese, family. Buh and Family, animals. Boston. 
sjKirts. working for M.D.C.. #13. gambling and win- 
ning. ( hocolate cream pie; dislikes . . . losing. BLZZ- 
BEE. gullies, dirt halls, spending money, mushrooms, 
getting bagged, getting up, long winters, cliptoe.s, 
Honda . . . ambition ... to be 6'7" and play pro- 
hasketball; Secret desire . . . successful rob the 
Brinks and li\e happily ever after; remembers most; 
the night at Radu's. summer of 77; favorite expression 
. . . I m outta here; usually seen with Whimp. Pimp. 
Raw. Goon. Hanabone; Pet Peeve . . . Being beat on 
by Whimp. Pimp Raw Goon; cause of death . . . bea- 
lin' to death; worst horror show . . . tenth grade at 
B.C.H.; treasured possession ... my wallet; twenty 
years from now . . . ranking out in cafe; favorite 
hangout . . . Boston; idols . . . Rockefeller. J. Paul 
Getty. Howard Hughes. 




"Play for more than you can afford to lose and you will 
learn the game."; likes . . . Boston. Ii\mg on the ocean, 
going to Cape Cod. Coronas, the stooges, sleeping late. Sunday 
brunches; dislikes . . . Jack Williams, hospitals, rain in win- 
ter, moodiness, over-enthusiastic fans, the buzzer; remembers 
most . . . free breakfast at Wellfleet. Cohasset vs. Barnstable 
at S. Yarmouth, 12 on the tower, Martha's Vineyard; wants to 
forget most . . . driving to endanger, Wareham P.D.; cause of 
death . . . heart attack; worst horror show . . . Marshall 
Tucker Concert; noted for . . . wearing my seat belt; activities 
. . . soccer 1 - 3, track 2, gong show 3, Sr. class play; 

Rick, Stoney, Stone Blue. Hobstoned 
"Life is a bowl of cherries, but watch out for the 
pits."; likes . . . Gave, my family, be\ies. Mustang, 
uaterskiing in the rain. Friday knowing Saturdav is still to 
come, coming home to big dinners, PauTs pacer. Pipe's 
pinto; dislikes . . . being grounded every summer, getting 
caught, the end of summer, being teased; ambition ... to 
be comfortable but challenged; secret desire ... to make 
Hull an island; remembers most . . . April fools day 77, 
plotting with Paul, Jimmies, chasing down old seagulls, 
dolphins, fixing up Mustang during summer of 78, biking 
out west. Patriot's football games, ice raids; wants to forget 
most ... all m\ booboo's with cars, Hull incident, getting 
lost. Demo in .\nthon\s, T.B.G.'S, short cut in front of 
new gym, filling bottles; favorite expression . . . 'what 
can you do?", "fav", "what's the matter with you boy'/", 
"Hey boy!": pet peeve . . . empty beach; cause of death 
. . . heart failure; worst horror show . . . GIO & PU; 
treasured possession . . . Mustang. D & RM, vood ^ doll; 
twenty years from now . . . still grounded; activities . . . 
football 1 - 4, wrestling 2 - 4 co-capt., track 1 - 3. basket- 
ball 1 (bench); leaving thoughts ... 1 down 4 to go; 

Moona. "Howley chek" 
"If you wake up and don't want to smile, even if it 
takes a little while open your eyes and look at the day 
and you'll see things in a different way."; likes . . . 
weekend nights, summer. Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynrd, Cor- 
vettes; dislikes . . . school, restrictions, homework, snobs; 
ambition ... to get rich and become a bum; remembers most 
. . . 8/4/77, varsity baseball, tower runs; favorite expression 
. . . "I'll whale you."; usually seen with . . . Sully, 0. B., 
Chitta, Keats; cause of death . . . college; twenty years from 
now . . . teaching economics at CHS; idols . . . George Car- 
lin; activities . . . varsity soccer 3, 4, varsity basketball 3, 4, 
varsity baseball 3, 4; 



"Play the party by ear.": likes . . . chink food, my 
l ar. laic nif;hl>. [)c()[)li' at work; dislikes . . . cxplain- 
ifif;. Idiif; da\s. s< hool; amhition . . . conquer Russia; 
rcmemhers most . . . 7/5/78. 6/23/78; wants lo for- 
most . . . 8/8/78; fa\orilc e\[)ression . . . 
"W hat'- ui)'.'""; usualK sci'P with . . . Bill, SulK, Mike, 


"To live in love in the grealeHl joy in the 
world."; Irkrs . . . ealiiic. plaMnj; (iiolljall. missinj! a 
(lay of school, occrcising, wDodwork; di-likcs , . . 
foothall practice. l i^tarettes. homework; amhilion . . . 
to hecome a super (Christian on earth; secret desire 
. . . to pla\ professional foothall: fa\orite expression 
. . . "Are you seriousy""; usualK si'cn with . . . Susan 
White, Michael Par/.iale; activities . . . foi.thall. track, 


"Don^t bite into the apple until you find the 
worm."; likes . . . chink food, Busch, my car, R.M.; 
dislikes . . . cliques, working; rememhers most . . . 
August of 78; favorite expression . . . "Gonna make 
it?""; usually seen with . . . Sully, O.B., Moona, 
Bobby; cause of death . . .overworked. 

Jana. Janakirks 
"Let u» have faith that right makes might; and 
in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our 
duty as we understand it." — Ahraham Lincoln: 
likes . . . famiK. photopraph\. boats, soccer. dri\ing. 
camping, parties, B ' ball. Cougars: dislikes . . . 
rainy mornings, cloudy days, flunking tests: ambition 
. . . architect: secret desire . . . photographer for a 
world known magazine: remembers most . . . ninth 
grade algebra. 10th grade English. 11th grade chemis- 
try: wants to forget most . . . 10th grade English: usu- 
ally seen with . . . Radu. Greg. Jeff. Ed, Rich, Tom: 
cause of death . . . falling: worst horror show . . . 
tenth grade Enghsh: treasured possession . . . m\ 
camera: twenty years from now . . . living in my new- 
est mansion: noted for . . . passing chemistry: activi- 
ties . . . basketball 1, 2, soccer 1 - 4, track 3: leaving 
thoughts . . . The most wasted day of your life is one 
in which you have not laughed. 


"Why put off till tomorrow what you can put off 
till the next day."; likes . . . accomplishment, life, 
ice cream, individuality, apple pie, family, sailing, ski- 
ing, soccer, summer, putting things off. being competi- 
tive, coming from behind, sneezing. Steve Miller: dis- 
likes . . . losing, overbearing people, eggplant, finals, 
waking up, deadlines, augula: ambition . . . L.A. in 
"84; remembers most . . . the "unknown", latin rave; 
wants to forget most . . . counting fruit flies, cram- 
ming, college applications: noted for . . . being late: 
leaves . . . Mrs. Bowen with nothing to do in the 
morning; activities . . . soccer 1 - 4, Class President 

1. student council 1 - 4 (V .P.), student advisory board 

2. yearbook 4. 

"You can fool some of the people all of the time 
and all of the people some of the time, and 
that's sufficient."; likes . . . Mr. and Mrs. Nice 
Guy. Hou\hnhnms. Molly. *3-t8697. orange juice, 
Bermuda, pizza, wine, living near the beach. Chart 
House, Chappaquoit. yankees, multiple choice tests, 
British people, certain cousins, swimming. Bob, Beni- 
hana, the well. Loon Mts.. Jaguar>: dislike- . . . oral 
reports, hay fe\er. ( old feet, waiting, i igareltes. flies, 
being yelled at, freelance papers, disco, \anilla legs, 
ulcers, forgetting carrots, anything orange; ambition 
. . . to marry off my sister: secret desire ... to get 
e\en with .Andrew Hoar; remembers most . . . candy 
girl, a mouse in my locker, the t-bar, apple i rapple, 
Alexander place, the ballet in a limo. Groton House 
1978. U C3; wants to forget most . . . LaNausee. Mrs. 
Hunt, a ride in the rain, sore ankles. Feb. 1977 at 
Frontenec. examination confirmation, the tuba room. 
Mrs. Faulkner, the unknown; pet pee\e . . . Southern 
accents; cause of death . . . first period gym with 
Clark; worst horror show . . . grand entrance with 
Midas; treasured possession . . . Bowzer; twenty years 
from now ... at Badminton; favorite hangout . . . 
Hamilton, noted for . . . talking about horses. 



"Take it bryond Ihr limil."; likct. . . . girls, 
music, suiiitiicr, slcrpiiin, sailing, B's, Iravrling; dis- 
likes . . . school, rules, laws, restrictions, naive |)eo- 
ple, K.A.'s, moving; ambition ... to graduate from 
college; r. inemhers most . . . May 2.3, 1978. 9:(K)- 
1 1:00 I'M, and July 2^, 1978 'l.M) PM; wants to forget 
most . . . notliing; favorite i xpression . . . "later"; 
pel peeve . . . having to explain something thor- 
oughly, or repeating something more than tw ice; cause 
of death . . . over exertion; worst horror show . . . 
moving to Cohasset Aug. '78; treasured possession 
. . . M. (iolden A.; idols . . . none; a<iivilies . . 
baskelhall 3, 4; leaving thoughts . . . good lu( k to the 
class of 79, you'll need it. 


Chris, Tinetle 

"I don't want to listen to just what you say. I 
want to feel what you mean. I won''t hold you to 
your words. Deep emotions are often expressed 
in irrational words."; likes . . . Cohasset land- 
scapes, living on the ocean, skiing, being warm when 
it s cold, photography, ravioli, terrorizing w/ the girls, 
saxophone, piano; dislikes . . . young cupies, truck 
talk, diets, riding elevators with Jonah and Jelly; ambi- 
tion . . . ski the Alps; remembers most . . .110 and 
weaving, exploding "TP ", Millie, ski expedition "77, 
MOUNDS in the bomb, lemonade day, cruising in 
bombs; wants to forget most ... 110 and weaving. 
Brookline, Beauregard, coach roach raid on Hugo s 
laundry room, lemon twists, telephone pole on N. 
Main, knee highs at wedding; favorite expression . . . 
"taylayl"; usually seen with . . . Lis, Mar-vee, little 
Italian, rest of the "angels", Linda, Joy<e, Judy, a few 
strange monkeltes. Diny. a blue truck; worst horror 
show . . . cruisin" thru Hull with nine obnoxious girls 
in stationwagon, chinkin w/ Tom Lag; twenty years 
from now . . . still exercising with Jude at new Life; 
treasured possession ... my onyx bracelet; noted for 
. . . the Kelley profile. 

Jo, Jos 

"He lives two lives who lives his past with pleas- 
ure."; likes . . . Frontenac, peanut butter, chocolate, 
sweaters, levis, cool days, outdoors, B.D., movies, sta- 
tionary, turtlenecks, long hair, Nordicas, The Eagles, 
boat shoes, making doughnuts, green, blue, Sam 
McGee; dislikes . . . holdogs, insults, Sundays, wait- 
ing, muggy days, themes, turkeys in Puerto Rico, the 
crutch, algebra, "puppy dog"; ambition . . .5'; secret 
desire ... to hang glide . . . remembers most . . . 
Ralph Rudford, extraterreslinal vehicle, brushley, 
cacle, whales, roller coaster, the blank wall, nites at 
Frontenac, puffin, "Betsy Boat" ifoomin, dwarf tales; 
wants to forget most . . . 8/77, corners, a green light; 
usually seen with . . . Soo, Ging, Linda, Poolede, Jan- 
ice, MJ, people; pet peeve; dirty room; cause of death 
. . . bumping my head in a doorway; worst horror 
show . . . coming head to tip with skis; treasured pos- 
session ... my hearts; twenty years from now . . . 
Swiss Alps; noted for . . . little orange bug; activities 
. . . gymnastics 1, x-country 3 - 4, track 2 - 4, rousers 
4, powderpuff 4; leaving thoughts . . . Don't need it, 
"let the bells ring on . . ." 


Mar. Lag 

"live a life of love and love ihe life you live"; 

likes. . . sunrises, theatre arts, starlit nights, the wine 
cellar. Driftwa\ Road, danring in the rain, people, 
blues. Beethoven, seagully. Jazz and Afriran Danre. 
Nana. Mist, ballet. Kaa, A.L.T.. and the God Squad; 
dislikes . . . mounds bars, rrunrh kote rones, bad 
days, sad friends, mosquitos, spelling and ignorant 
people; secret desire ... to sail a hobie cat down a 
roller coaster; treasured possession . . .life noted for 
. . . Mark Anthony s funeral speech; favorite expres- 
sion . . . "hey big boy, wanna give it a go?"'; usually 
seen with . . . the Monkettes, the hens. Derelict, the 
wives, my Italian friend, the late nighters, and mother; 
favorite hangout . . . the plastic ocean; twenty years 
from now . . . living in a shoe; leaving thought ... it 
lakes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. 

Lindy. Louigie 
"Climb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your 
aim the star"; likes ... a very special gu\ with 
brown hair, dabbling with new exotic recipes, sailing 
the Caribbean, flying in a Cessna among the clouds; 
dislikes . . . people who never laugh, leaving my fam- 
ily, not having enough money; ambition ... to 
become an independent young woman accountant liv- 
ing in the ever changing West; secret desire . . . if I 
told you it wouldn't be a secret, would it? remembers 
most ... a magical conversation with someone I love; 
wants to forget most . . . Humanities; usually seen 
w ith . . . Pam, Putsy. Ginger, Joce; pet peeve . . . hot 
windless Sunday nights; cause of death . . . as I sleep 
serenely in bed on a dark star scattered night dreaming 
of my past life at C.H.S.; treasured possession . . . 
chocolate brown teddy bear; twenty years from now 
. . . have travelled the world; noted for . . . no flats, 
prim and proper; leaving thoughts ... let eternity 
reign; activities . . . Rousers. yearbook; 


Ginger. Ging 

"I have never let my schooling interfere with 
my education"; likes . . . "Summer Salt", Monty 
Python. "Puffin", hats, Charles, clogs, beards, wine. 
Su[>ertramp. P.G. Wodehouse, Thelwell. foreigners, 
no T.V.. S. v. L.; dislikes . . . Barry Manilow. La Nau- 
see, deadlines. "Puggy Dog". Mondays. "The 
Crutch", brussel sprouts, "Queen ", U.S. History, 
schedules. Mangroves; ambition ... to paint, travel, 
and have lots of money; secret desire ... to have tea 
with the Queen; remembers most . . . The Voyage, 
extraterrestial vehicle, 24 hour experience, sailing 
"battles", "Hard Times", skiing with Soo, little red 
bug, "BeLsv Beat", Jos" Party, corners with Sue and 
Jos 9/30/78, s.c, YKV, TPK: wants to forget most 
. . . 9th grade, 5/10/77. Homecoming "77. Big Red; 
favorite expression . . . ring me upl; usually seen with 
... my friends; cause of death . . . 8-5 job behind a 
desk; worst horror show . . . chemistry "77; treasured 
possession . . . "Ted"'; twenty years from now , , . 
retired and sailing 'round the world; noted for . . . 
skirts; activities . . . rousers 3 ■ 4. Yearbook art editor 
4. Drama Workshop 3 - 4, High Times 3; leaving 
thoughts . . . the more you do the more you are — A. 


"HappineHH ix like a butterfly; the more you 
rhafte it, the more it will elude you, but if you 
turn your attention to other thingn it eomen and 
softly (tits on your Hhoulder" L. Richard Lesser; 
like> . . . nu fatnlK. animals, Iraveling. hlizzanls; 
lieiiij; the xoiingest; a lillle lirown ( ar; <lislikes . . . the 
( ra/\ «av a icrtain two |)e(i(>le (lri\e, having liraees, 
IriK ks (in the highwas. ph()n\ people. Mom in (he car; 
rememliers most . . . long walks on Cape Cod 
lieaches, a c<'rtain lm\ al the movies, my sixteenth 
l>irlhdav at P. Murphev s. Fridav walks with Jennifer, 
wants to forget most . . . the Christmas mouse, the 
first time I went horseback riding, not lieing allowed in 
the mov ies; fav orite expression . . . whoa Nellie!; usu- 
all\ ~een with . . . frien<ls; cause of death ... an 
o\i rd(i-e of ch<«olate; treasured possession . . . my 
( harm l)racelet and locket. Heidi, Farnsworth, and 



"Only the Hlron^eHl »urvive"; like- I'caiint, 
dancing, parlvnig. clullir^, iim^l of .ill nn laiiiiU; dis- 
likes . . . Iieing veiled at, papi r. pcopli-, nosrv people, 
having to gel up earv; aniliilioii to hei iime viTV 

su< ( essful in merchandi-ing and .lUii modeling; m i ret 
desire ... to meet TciliK I'l ndi rgra-s al a cliili; 
rememliers most . . . the grass ain't green on the 
other side, the fashion show of '78; wants to forget 
most . . . almost drowning al the Capi ; favorite 
expressi<m . . . no s;ih; usually seen with (ihervl, 
Marie. Mary W.. Mary L. and the rest of tlic gang; pel 
peeve . . , "nigger;"" cause of death . . . working too 
hard and Ix-ing too rich; treasured possession . . . 
money. <l()thes. and Peanut; twenty vears from now 
. . . living in Bi verlv Hills with my hushand, chil- 
dren, and my 1999 Jaguar; favorili- hang out . . . Pea- 
nut's house; idols . . . Diana Ross; noted for . , , 
being sarcastic; activities . . . photography, dancing, 
singing; leaving thoughts . . . lo li-ave all my worries 



"There's a symphony inside you. 
There's a thousand things for you to do"; 

likes . . . clowning around, Darilynn, my family unit, 
my Mom's spaghetti, free time, soccer, walerskiing, 
Jackson Browne. Bugs Bunny and friends. Mr. Ed. J. 
+ L.T.; dislikes . . . getting down to weight, yogurt, 
wasted weekends, the beach, uncoordination. hyper 
activity, strictness. Boston accents; remembers most 
. . . Westport; wants to forget most . . . water skiing 
in Little Harbor; twenty years from now ... 38 years 
old; activities . . . Soccer 1 ■ 4 (capt.). Wrestling 1 • 4 
(capl.), yearbook, language Lab 1 • 3. Powderpuff 
Cheerleader 3 - 4, Advanced Nagging 3 - 4. 

"To reach the port of heaven we must sail, sometimes 
with the wind and sometimes against it . . . but we 
must sail, not drift or lie at anchor."; likes . . . m\ fani- 
sports. Italian food. Florida, summer, paruing. rainy da>s. 
\ictory. sweaters, chocolate chip ice cream, rowdiness. peanut 
M&M"s. remember whens.; dislikes . . . Latin. mood\ people, 
defeat, winter, jealousy, depressions, poor attitudes, apathy, 
pessimism. Mondays, down arrows, disappointments, waiting.; 
wants to forget most . . . night after Gong show, incident at 
West Corner with Claire, two disastrous wedding receptions. 
Yacht Club maneuver. French lessons at the harbor, accident 
near the tennis courts, evening after C"s party.; favorite expres- 
sion . . . "only kidding"; cause of death . . . eating too 
much; treasured possession . . . "Ralph"; twenty years from 
now ... a practicing physical therapist, married to a doctor, 
rich. 4 kids, living in Italy with a chalet in the .Austrian .Alps. 


"If you love something very, very much, let it go free 
. . . if it does not return ... it was never meant to be 
yours . . ., if it does . . ., love it forever." likes . . . 
Linda & Mike. Bob & Dotty, fashion design, good living, the 
ocean, and the road too; dislikes . . . small town gossip. 
Keith s little notes, whipped cream on food, the morning after: 
. . . ambition ... to live to see what tomorrow brings; secret 
desire . . . to be the owner of a prestigious company; remem- 
bers most ... my encounter with Dr. Hook, lunch in the Inn. 
acting Isl period, vacationing in Great Britain. Halloween 
night, my 17th and 18th birthday: wants to forget most . . . 
has already been forgotten; noted for . . . remarks; leaving 
thoughts'. . .Be good. 

likes. . . Christine, all nighters. West Corner. Tunes — 9 
/22/78. being whipped; dislikes . . . demerits, running 
on empty, skidderin. hitting trees at 60; cause of death 
. . . Yukon Jack; twenty years from now . . . Mafia hit 


"Heard melodi<tH, ar<- Hwect but thoHc unheard are 
sweeler." KcalM likes . . . l'i rr>. Ki-lix. I'lioiiiaMni, Mex- 
ico, swiiiiiiiiiif;, letinis. golf. < a(i(i<'iiiK. |>ian(i. < liipin. Dirkens, 
(latieiii);. disco, til) friends, ualkiii)! ill tile siiou: dislikes . . . 
( IK araelias, i tleatill^, laiiiales. ( oiinlr) weslerri riuisir. hard 
limes. 1 10° days, eii^lisli ( ar rides; aiiiliilioii . . . U> lieeome 
winner of a Nolxd pri/e; sri ni (fesire . . . live in Mexico; 
renieniliers most . . . 1/29/77 Mexico, J. A. P.M., Terry, 
Mary, Rotary, weekends. ni> faniiK hike rid<-s; wants to forp-t 
most . . . 1/21/78; D.N., mitinu lost in Boston; usually seen 
with . . . Vir(jinia, Polly, Susan, Jo(el\n. Linda; pel peeve 
. . . out of tune pianos; cause of dealli . . . Iioredorn; worst 
horror show . . . unfinisheil road al 10 PM; Iri asured posses- 
sion . . . silver heart; favorite han(j-out . . . Hotel Mava, 
manccar; activities . . . niarchiiit; liand 1 - chorus 1 • '.i. 
haskclliall 1 - 2; leavinj; ihouglils . . . .Adieu; 


"Garcon," "Limey" 
"Siempre ubi aub ubi."; likes ... my father & family. 
s()( ( IT. women. Ferraris, skiing, music. George Benson, 
Pele, Gordon Banks, Gandalf, J. R. R. Tolkien, heading 
for college, volley liall. lieing in the air; amiiilion . . . to be 
a father and have a family both lik<" mine and to play 
national. oKmpi( , and professional soccer; secret desire 
... to score a goal; remembers most . . . Camj) Dragan 
Radavich; wants to forget most . . . nothing. My mistakes 
and memory teach me more than anything or anyone else; 
worst horror show . . . any of C"s English classes; treas- 
ured possession . . . the love in my family; twenty years 
from now . . . well enough off; favorite hang-out . . . 
Ijetween the posts; noted for . . . flips & sludv hall win- 
dow; activities . . . soccer 3. 4. f)aseball 1 - 4. drama 
workshop 4, S.A.B. 4, gymnastics; 

0"B. Bill. Guillermo 
"Someday your ship will come in . . . and with your 
luck . . . you'll probably be at the airport."; likes . . . 
good tunes, basketball, Spanish. Mr. Fed. .Aerosmith. Cama- 
ros, shrimp scampi, getting tests liack the next da>. Ms. Tribe- 
man, Mr. Reade, volleyball, dinero. spontaneous comedv. 
Uncle Sam's; dislikes . . . bad tunes, homework, cliques, lab- 
oratory reports, wasting time, Chitta s horn at 7:05; remem- 
bers most . . . Route 3 north, getting tests back weeks later, 
pickle juice, being tall where it ( ounts. Sunday nights; wants 
to forget most . . .10th grade i.e. English; favorite expression 
. . - "Get a day job," "Wow," "Quick, pat me on the liack."; 
usually seen with . . . Sully. Brian, Moona. China. Rob; favor- 
ite hang-out . . . West Corner; activities . . . football 1, soc- 
cer 2, 3, basketball 1,3,4; 



"Well in the end I'll know, but on the way I wonder 
through descending snow, and through the frost 
and thunder. I listen to the wind come howl, telling 
me I have to hurry."; likes . . . Ii nnis. skiing, clothes, 
friends. Querhee. soaps, summer, confession session, 
girls" niglUs. ALT. School, munching out. dark tans, peo- 
ple Hatching, smiles. English accents, davilreaming. m\ 
little lirother. dancing, the color tunpioise. Kung-Fu. mak- 
ing jewelrv; dislikes . . . curfews, diets, heing nagged, 
rememhering stupid things I did the nighl hefore, heing in 
a had mood, slush pupp\ attacks, dilemmas, hurting peo- 
ple: amhition ... to make it hig with the Monkettes; 
secret desire ... to marr\ a gorgeous .\ustrian ski 
instructor; remembers most . . . stick figures in Nan- 
tucket, sunset rock, terrorizing with the Monkettes, all 
niphters, the MonopoK Swingers, Humanities Fairs, 
PoKester ravers at Hugo s, parties at Mr. Erhe"s. ladder 
business, dancing at Osgood, Ireland. \X indridge. formal 
dance; wants to forget most . . . disasterous double date: 
usually seen with . . . SalK, Linda, Jud\. Lulia. and the 
rest of the hens; twent\ \ears from now . . . (!i\or< ed five 
limes: activities . . . tennis 1 - 4, AltiTnative School 3, 4, 
Class V.P. 1, 2, Yearbook Underclassmen Editor 3, Pow- 
dcrpuff 4, Student Council 1, 2. 4. 


"I'm like a leaf on a windy day; pretty soon I'll blow 
away."; likes . . . hockev. tennis, ridin" bikes, junk; dislikes 
. . . s( hool, hard work, morning practices; ambition ... to 
make it in life; secret desire . . . become rich and live in 
Hawaii; remembers most . . . 9/22/78, 9/15/78: wants to 
forget most . . . 5/26/78; favorite expression . . . hoy: usu- 
ally seen with . . . Henry, fast Freddy, Gerry, Lich, Ander- 
son; cause of death . . . too much junk food; worst horror 
show . . . kissing a guard rail on the expressway in a Volk- 
swagon; twenty years from now . . . enjoying heing riih; 
favorite hangout . . . the wall; idols . . . none; noted for . . . 
Red Lion: activities . . . hocke\ , tennis; leaving thoughts . . . 
ave th<' hassles of school to anyone who wants them. 


"Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart." 

— C.S.N. : likes . . . my family, Chris, northeasters, the 
ocean, crackling fires, fall, sailing, Springsteen, victory 
parades, red moons, rowdy parties, M&M's, Fanueil Hall; dis- 
likes . . . procrastination, the last minute rush, moving, apa- 
thy, hiccups, oatmeal, running for the bus; secret desires . . . 
to become a world champion figure skater and to sign my 
name on the top of the water tower; remembers most ... 90 
N. Main St., Bobby, night with the girls. New Year's Eve "78, 
Reunion, a limosine excursion, the circus. Blizzard '78; wants 
to forget most . . . Burt Bacharaeh party, an unexpected ride, 
Simon's Rock, A. P. Biology; cause of death . . . over indul- 
gence in jelly beans and hot fudge sundaes; twenty years from 
now . . . editor of Good Housekeeping; activities . . . Class 
President 4, student council 3, 4 (treasurer), field hockey 1 - 
4, powderpuff 3, 4, SAC 4, Yearbook 3, 4 (Co-editor), Nat'l 
Honor Society 3, 4; leaving thoughts . . . " I'll set a 
course and go." — C.S.N. 



"<iirl» arc madr <»f Miigar and »|>irc y<"l pive you 
more ht-adarhr than »r«>lrh over ice."; Iikr> . . . 
F<iril--. llir liarri, working;, iiii k. lt<M.. Miiillicrn roi k. 
M riliiriiic. Ma I'a and llir ruj; rules. and Frank. 
Ii.ils. jiink, rii> Ixard. Dciir; dislike , . , clirvv, |>nnk 
r(>( k. dininj; likr llir rcsl. ( oniii s. radiral si hool; ainlii- 
lion . . . Iivi' oul nu lifr in (loliasMi; sec rfl di sirr 
. . . wine and dim- all llii' fair wonii-n of llic world; 
ri TiicmliiTs most . . . ihr liarn. sliai k and llii' -lied, 
llic (laps, a (Ihrislmas, ,'i47 No. Main Si., llic lioim - 
slcd, J l)ird. (11/10/78), all llii' lhin>!s I was never 
rauglil for in ihe barn, ihe Bal Moliilc. the pie; wants 
to for(;el most . . . jail 11/10/78, I'-Mass: pel peeve 
. . . F'opsicle slicks: cause of death . . . my small par- 
ticle of ; worst horror show . . . Camaro 12/6/ 

77, the ham, sha( k and shed, 11/10/78: Ireasured 
possession . . . ni> doj;, ihi' harn, iny junk, ma-pa: 
twenty years from now . . . who knows if I'll be alive.': 
favorite hanfi-out . . . the barn: idols ... my old 
man, Daniel Boone; usually noted for . . . I'm livinj; 
in the past: usually seen with . . . hals, silly (;uy s. 



"When I am right no one remembers. When I 
am wrong no one forgets."; likes . . . Barbara, 
mom and dad, munchkins, the Cahills. winninfi. 
UNDEFEATED seasons, bevies, weekends, football 
games, victory parades, running Pintos: dislikes . . . 
losing, Hull, one nite a week, getting thrown out of the 
game, REFS, J.V., cliques, bad moods, broken down 
Pinto: ambition ... to beat the system: remembers 
most . . . one second pops, a nite at Al s, soccer, 
.Abington 77. 78. Medfield 78, Doobie Brothers, "Jim- 
mies " wants to forget most . . . bus rides to Middle- 
boro, trips to Minot on the second nite, baseball sea- 
son, "If you leave, I'll, I'll . . .; favorite expression 
. . . I'm only kiddin ya".; usually seen with . . . Bar- 
bara, Rick, Paul, Gerda. and the Pinto: pet peeve . . . 
extreme forms of strictness: cause of death . . . 
exploding gas tank: worst horror show . . . mishaps 
with the Pinto: treasured pos.session . . . B.B.T., and 
the mighty Pinto: twenty years from now . . . rich, 
famous, and collecting welfare on the side: activities 
. . . soccer 1 ■ 4, hockey 1, 2, 4, baseball 3, 4: leaving 
thoughts . . . "It's been real. It's been good, but it 
hasn't been real good. " 


Puff. Pal 

"The best exercise for the heart is kindness; towards 
others."; likes . . . m> famiK. Mar>. sports, (oi kcr spaniels, 
cheese steak subs, Vermont, winning, oceanlioals. funn> mov- 
ies. sno«. water skiing, a good part\; dislikes . . . lieing liored 
and the oldest, backslabbers. losing, being in the same M-hool 
as m\ father, homework, gos.-ippers. long car rides; se( ret 
desire ... to see the world; ambition . . . to be successful in 
life; remembers most . . . 10/3/76. retreat with Mrs. B.. all 
of the good limes with friends from CHS. baseball with Mr. 
Kuntz. Mr. Thompson s Biolog\ A i lass; wants to forget most 
. . . French with Miss Gra\, acting class, warning notices. 
ISCS; favorite expression ... I don't want to hear it. time 
out.; usualK seen with . . . Mar\. nip. hanabone. higgots, 
pimp, whimp. M\ron. Smitl\. Chui ka; cause of death . . . 
spending too much time in the huddle; worst horror show . . . 
blowing m\ three point turn on m> driving test, louple of 
report cards, a monologue; treasured possession . . . the lo\e 
which m\ parents havegi\en me; twent\ \ears from now . . . 
living in Vermont with a famiK and have evervlhing a man 
desires; favorite hang-out . . . Marv s house, the gvm, anv 
other place with people; activities . . . football 1. -l. soccer 2, 
3. basketball 1 (mgr. 2. 3). baseball 2, 3. 4. gv m major 4; 



"The strongest man in the world is he who stands 
most alone."; likes . . . sporb^. monev. "Elvi-"'. pi//,a, 
TV , gaml)ling. modestv. competition; dislike^ . . . i rowds, 
cigarettes, work. snow. Hull, drunks, i oni cil, baldness; 
ambition . . . retire at an earlv age; secret desire ... to 
win a million; remembers most . . . 6/20/78; wants to 
forget most . . . 6/20/78; cause of death . . . viorrving 
about things that aren t worth worrving about; tn-asured 
possession . . . mv golf clubs; twentv vears from now . . . 
38 years old; activ ities . . . golf and hockcv ; 

"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."; 

likes . . . my family. Rusty, CCSC. California, James Taylor, 
tennis, being myself, Florida, U innie-the-Pooh. living on the 
ocean. Christmas, traveling, \-countrv, skiing, letters; dislikes 
. . . saying goodbye, indecision, being broke, being caught in 
a routine; ambition ... to start mv life over again, knowing 
what I know now; secret desire ... to catch the pot of gold at 
the end of the rainbow; remembers most . . . 8/17/78. sail- 
boat battles. Fronlenae. EK s "invitation . skiing w/Ging. 
17th birthday. Jocelvn's "partv"'. the rollercoaster & Claire. 
10/6/78; wants to forget most . . . .\P Biology, basketball 
76; usually seen with . . . my friends; pi t peeve . . . being 
nagged; cause of death . . . standard cars; treasured posses- 
sion . . . mv sanitv; 


"DegenercH animoH timor arf^it,"; Nki s . . . m\ 

fjtnily. Ijhii. till- ()< fan. sl()riii>, seafood. Irij)-. lo 
Maini' anil ollirr rxolK |>lai djsliki's . . . i oniplaln- 
< r>. fxililK lans. j!<)in« in carK. not ^cllin^ ni> mom n V 
worth, (irafi dodncrs; ambition . . . lo own a Iropical 
paradiM'; m'i rrl (lcsir<' . . . lo join ihr F rrnch Forrign 
Ia'H\(>i\, ri'mi'inlMTs mosi . . . ihc good limo . . . 
wanb lo lorncl niosl , ihr bad limes; UMjalK M-cn 
wilh , . , Biirkli'V, (Ionian and assorli'd ronirado; 
IwiTiI) years from now . . . liMng in rn\ Iropjial para- 
dise; noled for . . . somelimes ordinary, somelimes 
extraordinary; activities . . . football 1 • t. Ira( k 1 ■ 4. 

Step, S. Ram. Ramso 
"Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in 
the long run, your stairway lies on the whisper^ 
ing wind."; likes . . . people, parties, south shore. 
Cape Cod, ski trips, good food. Led Zeppelin, WCOZ, 
Jerry Lewis movies; dislikes . . . Hull, school lun- 
chies, mushrooms; ambition ... to won a Porche; 
remembers most . . . Summer of 78, party on Margin 
Court, guy with shot run in back of parking lot; wants 
to forget most ... a night in Marshfield; favorite 
expression ... oh sure; pet peeve . . . empty gas 
tank; treasured possession . . . 1972 Ford Lincoln 
Mercury; twenty years from now . . . out in the coun- 
try; favorite hang-out . . . Miller Hill; activities . . . 
Band, hockey. 

"Remember the words which made you live in 
hope and consoled you when you were down- 
cast."; likes . . . Bill, being the only girl, sad movies, 
spring rain showers, S.S.M.C., honest feelings, Chris 
Q's tolerance, curley hair on guys, "Blustery Days"; 
dislikes . . . getting yelled at, being so emotional, 
going on diets, expect too much and getting too little, 
WAITING, being the 60 side seeing my brothers get in 
trouble, notes; ambition . . . lo always be on the 40% 
side; remembers most . . . Scott 8/76-6/78, kit, Mrs. 
Mullens 6lh grade, B.R.'S with J.H., FA'S pickles and 
sinking ship; wants to forget most . . . bonfires on the 
beach, D.O.'s Christmas party, 9th gr. retreat, week- 
end at New Hampton, skidding off Nichols road, war 
with M.W. in 9th grade, headlights on the front lawn; 
worst horror show . . . Steven 7/78, Summer of 78, 
the chase. 



Runt, Pablo 

likes . . . water and snow skiing, Uncle George, fam- 
ily. Bermuda, buds; dislikes . . . B.L.L.; remembers 
most . . . Stubb\, the rascal. P-day; wants to forget 
most . . . the class of 79; usually seen with ... a 
dixie cup; activities . . . track 1, 2, soccer 1, 2, 3. 


"What you are is Cod's gift to you, what you 
make of yourself is your gift to God."; likes . . . 
Rick, my family. Cohasset. laughing, gy mnastics, rhin- 
k in, driving, partying, movies, CHS football games, 
good jokes, Mr. Reade. my friends: dislikes . . . peas, 
snobs, being bored, good-byes, people saying things 
they don't mean, cracking knuckles. HULL: secret 
desire . . . learn how to drive the Mustang: remem- 
bers most . . . the Fichtners. the Pro's and Woomers. 
all my geese, camping, "Oklahoma". Baby Ferd. Can- 
ada 76, Fat Albert, summer of 78, Beach Boys Con- 
cert, "Grease "; wants to forget most . . . certain argu- 
ments, Middleboro meet 1/25/78. North Main St., 
WWI, "torn ribbon.". ISIP. S.P. 5/27/78-5/31/78, a 
letter, the Pinto; usually seen with . . . my friends; 
pet peeve . . . fights; cause of death . . . lack of 
attention: worst horror show . . . Orange Bug demoli- 
tion; treasured possession . . . cookie monster; twenty 
years from now . . . still a gymnast; idols . . . Rocky, 
Nick Nolle; activities . . . gymnastics 1 - 4 (co-capt.). 
camp wing 1. 2. cheerleading 1. softball mgr. 2. pow- 
derpuff 3, 4. 



"Timinp is <'v«'r>thinp . . . It's as important as 
lo know hoH'."; likr'. . . . >kiinp. faniiK, sailing, 
riiai liirif;. applause and laii^lilrr. jaz/. snoH. Monty 
I'mIkiii. Salurdav Night lj\r. St. Louis, tennis, iced 
tea. Mit/i. lii'ef stew, simple pleasures, and sweet home 
Alaliama; dislikes . , , proeraslinating. stupid <pies- 
lions. flashinf; l)lue liphLs. Iieing in the wrong place at 
the wrong lime. empl\. deja vu. sogg> flakes, and bore- 
dom; ambition . . . coach championship team; secret 
desire . . . host — Salurda\ Night Liw. Remembers 
most . . . S.M.I'.. Crosb\. Stills an<l Nash, skiing, the 
Miiliiu. Jonathon Edwards. April \acation. pizza runs, 
Nanluc k<'l. New \ ear s F.\e T.'j and 77. standing ova- 
tions. St. Ton\"s. and friends; wants to forget most 
. . . .■\mnesia. flashing blue lights. Stoughton. and 
Bassinps Beai h expeditions; favorite expression . . . 
Que Pasa.'; iisualK .seen with . . . friends; twenty 
years from novN ... ski bum or Mayor of Aspen; 
noted for . . . corduroy pants and flannel shirt; activi- 
ties . . . football — 1-4. wrestling 3 - 4. baseball 1 ■ 
2. gong show 3, 4. 


'I'ootiev. Tuna. Taloo 
likes . . . m\ fainiK. niy pels, c aiiipiiig. mi\ friends in 
New Hampshire, friends in Norwell. the Moppets. 
sliiffe<l animals, when it snows; dislikes . . . i liipies m 
the schooll; conceited people, people who think lhe\ 
know all, snobs, brals. ant rosel, boring days, some 
ti'acliers in s< hool; secret desire ... if I told voii il 
wouldn I be a secret an\ more . . . Right'.'; remi iidpers 
most . . . B.C.. the blizzjrd. Sept. .'W. going to 

N.H.. T.K.. the good times .Marie Ian- and I havi- had!. 
cheerle;i<ling. going lo Norwi ll; wants to forget mos| 
. . . one wi'ckend in N.H.; a certain person, one big 
problem, school, my dog getting hit In a i ar. im father 
going away a lot; favorite expression . . . You'll gi t 
over it, you've got hopes; usually sei>n with . . . Mar- 
iclare I', Donna R. Karen C. Gretchen W: pel peeve 
. . . a blonde gm!. treasured possession . . . the lovi- 
and iindiTstaniling from my parents; noted for . . . 
being lale; leaving thoughts . . . Thank (iod I'm out of 
here!; activities . . . cheerb-ading 1 • 4. track 3. 


"The past is but the be^nning of a beginning, 
and all that is and has been is but the twilight of 

the dawn.''''; likes . . . special friends, warm sunny 
beaches, a terrific family, sewing new creations, cud- 
dling up lo a fire on a cold winter night; dislikes . . . 
unfriendly people, being asked if I play basketball, 
rainy days, winter mornings; secret desire . . . the 
world may never know; ambition ... to be independ- 
entK wealthy and very happy; usually seen with . . . 
Linda LaBrec(]ue; pet peeve . . . short people; 
of death . . . A. P. English; treasured possession . . . 
my German goodluck hedgehog; twenty years from 
now . . . successful, happily married, and 2 children; 
noted for ... my height; activities . . . \earl)ook: 
leaving thoughts ... I shall never return. 


"A little nonsense now and then is relished in 
the best of men."; likes . . . games, tower runs, 
thunderstorms, concerts, playing hockey, spending 
money. Boston, water skiing, the stooges. 2 o clockers; 
disHkes . . . traffic, losing. Gullies, backbiters, prac- 
tice, doing time, dubs; secret desire ... to get a spiral 
from Durkin; remembers most . . . Nutley, Yes, Hull 
games, parties with Grandma, beach Haven, Holy 
Cross. Cape Cod, the storm. Hull brawl; wants to forget 
most . . . 7/8/77. Salvo's class, the sled, the rights. 
Burt; pet peeve . . . not enough time; cause of death 
. . . school lunches; worst horror show . . . Ware- 
ham; twenty years from now . . . working for fat boy; 
noted baseball 1, 2. track 3. 4. class V.P. 3, 4, student 
government day 3, yearbook staff sport s editor. 

LIKES . . . Cheryl, motorcycles, Kawasaki, rock n" 
roll, parties; dislikes . . . people who do not know- 
how to drive, people who do not like Kawasakis, jocks, 
uncool people; ambition ... to own my own Kawa- 
saki franchise; secret desire ... to wipe out the Har- 
ley Davidson motorcycle industry; remembers most 
. . . 1/5/78 my 21, summer of 77 and 78. alt. school; 
wants to forget most . . . 8th and 9th and 10th grade; 
favorite expression . . . what's up; usually seen with 
. . . Cheryl, Russel. Steven W,, Huck, and cool peo- 
ple; cause of death . . . overdose of motorcycles, and 
trying to reason with people who like Harley David- 
sons; worst horror show . . . dumping my bike 
because of careless drivers; treasured possession . . . 
Cheryl; favorite hang-out . . . Weymouth. Braintree. 
Cohasset Cycles. 



"Keep on smiling. It makes people wonder what 
you are up to."; likes ... my family and friends, 
snowmobiling. sports, laughing, the Ripley's, driving, 
kittens, football games, Lil Paul, Donny, Red Sox, iced 
tea, the beach; dislikes . . . Josephs, snakes, being 
yelled at, staying in, arguments; ambition ... to 
become very successful; remembers most . . . B.R. 8/ 
6/78, Cape, labor day weekend 76 and 78, Florida 
family trip, 9/11/78, New Year's 78, Bruzza's pizza 
party; wants to forget most . . . some nights, argu- 
ments, M.B.'s, 1/25/78. an expensive stop sign, 
crashing into the tv, "torn ribbon"; favorite expression 
. . . you're kidding; usually seen with . . . friends; 
cause of death . . . overdose of rolaids; worst horror 
show . . . Orange bug demolition; idols . . . Jackson 
Browne. Jim Rice, Butch Hobson; treasured posses- 
sion . . . stuffed animals; noted for . . . my laugh: 
secret desire . . . to drive m\ dad's car; activities . . . 
field hockey 1 - 4 (co-capt.). gymnastics 1 - 4 (co- 
capt.), Softball 1 - 3, powderpuff 3, 4, varsity club 1, 2, 
rousers 4, gong show 3, 4. yearbook staff secretary . 




likrs . . . [iikin|j. >|>orl>, llir (in al (iul>liicir». Ira\rliti(!: 
aiiiMlioii ... to «o Id Wi '.i Poinl; m i rrl drsirr . . . 
[ii < oiiir a cn al general; waiil'- lu Uirfii X most . . . Iiliz- 
/aril of 78; favorili- rxpri s-jon . . . wlial's Miiir |>ri)li- 
Iriii; usualh sirn wilh . . . llii- ( rii-^ • iiiititrN liain; 
pel (XTM- . , |)( ii|)li- ^irlllnji •.orni lhiiit! for iiolliiri);; 
laiiM- of ilralli . . . Iirarl fajliin- nintiinj; llir lio-loti 
inaralhon al a^r worst horror sfiow . . . I)u\|iiir> 
in surals am) spiki's; Ircasiircd povsrsNion . . , on 
liomla arcoril; iiloK . . . (irru ral .Mar .Xrlliiir, (^ol. .\. 
B.; Forest C.S. A. 

Laurc, Lol 

likrs . . . rats, skiing: amliilion . . . ili iital assislatU; 
secret desire ... to go on a eruis<'; renienil)ers most 
. . . U.C.C. retreats, l)al)y kitty, moving to Cohassel, 
B.H.F. parlies. Green Mountain Open House; uaiits to 
forget most . . . moving to Coliasset, C.J.J.C.; favorite 
expression . . . how come; usuallv seen with . . . 
Ginger; pet peeve . . . alh-rgies; cause of death . . . 
allergies; treasured possession . . . Tasha and lirands, 
persian cat.s. 


"The grand eHHenlialB to happineng in life are 
something to do, something to love and some- 
thing to hope for"; likes ... my family, colors, 
fi/zles. rainhows, dreams, coke, alt. school, hig macs, 
Springsteen, money, sunsets, Mr. Sheehan's puns, 
smding people, talking on the phone; ilislikos . . . 
nights al sandy heach, disco people, people who don't 
mind their own husiness, stuck up people, good hyes, 
lieing paranoid, monday mornings; ambition ... to 
find a village of little people; secret desire . . . to stop 
hiting my nails; remembers most . . . trips to Cape 
Cod, Whitney Woods, parlies, lunch with the green 
frog. Virginia with Snorton, shopping with Kim, Bowe 
St., Dick, loopin, spick, and cruise of serenado; wants 
to forget most . . . L.C. and L.N. fighting over D.T., 
driving around the Cape, J.M. nights al Sandy B<-ach. 
B.G. s party; favorite expression . . . really; treasured 
possession . . . Max million; favorite hangout . . . 
anvwheri' where something is going on; activities . . . 
powderpuff, majorettes. 



"Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go life is 
a barren field frozen with snow." — Langslon 
Hijfihi -: likes . . . Paul. Co\. summer nights, weird 
|H (i|>le. Jern.. m\ i ar. Winston. m> green frog, coun- 
lr\-time. munc hing out; dislikes . . . winter. Tony, 
ucirking at night, g>m. car problems, poodles, spiders, 
fights, petting dirt\. small feel, demerit system; secret 
itr-ire . . . to be as tall as Ken Sil\ ia; remembers most 
all the good times with "P", 7/18/76, certain 
|iarties. Jew-well, girl s room ra\e. Hugo's, red roach, 
11/4/78; wants to forget most . . . losing brakes, 
liikc wipeouls. almost being killed, car theft. C.H.S., 9 
/25/78. being paranoid; fa\orite expression . . . 
-ounds l ool; usually seen with . . . Paul. "P", Dee- 
Dee. Bibbles. e\er\one at the garage. Joey. Deb, 
Karen; treasured possession . . . m\ animals; twenty 
M ars from now . . . still working at the Log & Line; 
fd\(>rile hang-out . . . the garage, girls room. 

"Whatever you do, never stop watching and 
studying the life around you, plants and animals 
and birds and insects. They are the ones who 
really own this world. Man just thinks he does." 
— Hal Borland; likes . . . music, the ocean, art. jazz, 
summer, food, dancing, vegetables, rice-a-roni. flute, 
Crosby. Stills, Nash, and Young, weird people, my 
family. Alternative School; dislikes . . . liars, i hiqui- 
tas. seafood, hotdogs, litterbugs. all out hot pink gator 
rave, American cars, Jimmy Carter, running for the 
bus with wet hair and bare feet in the winter, laughing 
in I hurch, people who don t like me; secret desire 
... to have a date with Chevy Chase; remembers most 
. . . Chuck Mangione, Weather Report, Neil Young. 
CNS. orange car incident. "KITCHENSI", adven- 
tures with The Monkettes, various all nighlers. locking 
out the parents. Charlie Brown, coincidental phone 
call, the "Boulder-in-the-throat and the Linda- 
can-you-feel-it-in-your-toes" disease, formal dance 
and the onion dip bowl. Rocky Horror Picture Show, 
my doggie; wants to forget most . . . tenth grade, N.H. 
State Police, swamp nights, marching in captain hats, 
junior high parties at Doc's; activities . . . field 
hockey 1. 2; Student Council 2; Drama Workshop 3. 
4; Jazz Ensemble 3, 4; Powderpuff 3, 4; Yearbook 4; 
.Alternative School 3, 4. 


"We all know it's better 

Yesterday has passed 

Now let's start the living 

For the one that's going to last." 

likes . . . the Who, Wasteland, hacking around, con- 
certs, ESP, waterbeds, friends chinkin'. skiing, sleep- 
ing late, security guards, recording, money, more 
money; dislikes . . . homework, practice, disco, tests, 
Chevrolet, liars, A.M., moods, leftovers, motifs, hang- 
overs, rain; ambition . . . real life Marcus Welby; 
secret desire . . . 360 without blood; remembers most 
. . . ranks, booking, Radu's, camping out; wants to 
forget most . . . Salvo's chemistry class; favorite 
expression . . . "What, are you serious?"; usually 
seen with . . . Ed, Tebs, Radu, and all the others; pet 
peeve . . . people who don't listen; Cause of Death 
. . . skiing off a cliff. 


Dinah. I) 

"A namo to be rhoxen rather than abundant 
rioheft; favor is belter than even silver and 
^old." I'roM-rlis 22:1: likes . . . the B. Iiamhiirg- 
i r~. V i riiKiiil. ('Iiri-s>. Mr. I)ii k, < Ikh iilalf. l)ig 
f.iiiiiK. 1 liililri-ii; ilisliko . . . Iiciiig fat. gelling lo 
~i liiml ~ii l arlv. niDuing the lawn, liM r; aniliilion . . . 
lo gi l riiarrii il and ha\e 10 ki(l>; mm rel desire . . . 
nexer having lo go lo work: remeinliers most . . . ihe 
ihri'e M ars 1 hxitl in Maine; wanis lo forgel inosi . . . 
a rerlain ninlh gradi' Hiiinanilies leai her; lavorile 
expression , . . «hal a ilip: usualK -een »ilh . . . 
Carolwi or m\> famil>: lueiil> \ear- from now . . . 
Iii-ing a mother lo 10 kids; noU-d for . slaling m\ 
ininil: leasing ihoiighls ... 1 shall nol n liirn!; aelivi- 
lie~ -oflliall 1 • l. [lowderpiiff ,'5. 1-. 




"There is no need for an outpouring of words to 
explain oneself to a friend. Friends understand 
eaeh other's thoughts even before they are spo- 
ken"; likes ... all ten. J., laughing, good limi'-. 
remi'mhering, blue e)es. "ihe soaps." fiinin people, 
"i lose pals", ehinkin. sad mo\ies, jokin with Miun/o. 
long talks, smiles, the weekends; dislikes . . . disap- 
poinlmeni, getting caught, work till 9, ISO's, elu eking 
in, Grungie, not saying what's on m\ mind, Sunda> 
drivers, people with no sense of humor, losing the tem- 
per. T.T.B.U.: remeinhers most ... a friendship, 
talks, a definite ma>l>e. Mr. Riade, Sumniil Rd.. 
spunk, R & S, Nana, the Rip's, Irving lo undi rsland; 
wants lo forgel most . . . arguments, m\ 4-dav vaea- 
ti(m. the morning after. Dad's "funnv " jokes, one-hour 
late, Woo<llies, D.H.S., I'xpensive stop sign, apologiz- 
ing; worst horror show . . . being greeted at the door; 
cause of death . . . the orange demolition; activities 
. . . field hockey 1 - 3, gymnastics 1 - 3, soflball 1. 


likes . . . mother, dad, sister, brother, my friends, ani- 
mals in South Shore Veterinarian Hospital where I 
work; dislikes . . . snobby people, people who think 
that they are cool; ambition ... to become a veterina- 
rian's assistant; remembers most . . . Jennie, a for- 
eign exchange student from Ecuador; wants to forget 
most . . . getting my notes mixed up while doing a 
Colonial Living Project in front of the class. In 1975, I 
was working in a nursing home when a favorite patient 
died in my presence; usually seen with . . . Susan 
Meyers, Anne Marie Oilman; worst horror show . . . 
coma; treasured possession . . . my signet ring; 
twenty years from now ... I want to be working with 
animals; favorite hang-out . . . Nurse's office; idols 
. . . Elvis Presley; activities . . . field hockey 1 - 4. 


"I've got to be me."; likes . . . hard rock (Aeros- 
mith), lacrosse. Uncle Sam's, basketball. Trans Ams, 
instaneous comedy; dislikes . . . cliques, AM radio, 
lab papers, yard work; remembers most . . . route 3 
North; wants to forget most . . . car accident; favorite 
expression . . . you are one he- of a guy; usually seen 
with . . . Tom and Bob, John, Bill, Brian, and Farren 
boy; activities . . . golf 3 - 4. 


"If you're not going to play to win, then why 
play at all?" likes . . . skiing, partying, sports; ambi- 
tion ... to live life to its fullest; secret desire ... to 
own a ski resort; remembers most . . . try ing to find 
the perfect college, then getting the stupid application 
oull; wants to forget most . . . C.H.S. cafeteria food; 
pet peeve . . . not having open campus; of 
death . . . Cohasset High Schools; treasured posses- 
sion ... my stereo; 20 years from now ... I will 
own my own ski resort; favorite hang-oul . . . the 
beach; activities . . . skiing, partying. 


". . . if we couldn't laugh, we'd all go inwane/' 

— Jimnn Buffet: liki-s . . . Tom. m\ famiK. "Ln<". 
Jitiiiin Buffet, Ja( kson Browne. Oreos. Carllon Fisk. 
honesty. Kola. 9:()0. Jame^ Tailor. Donaluii-"s kilehen. 
the pinto. >ellow roses, wind. Heeses. the soaps: rlis- 
likes . . , hassles, hroodin)'. Ia( k of lime, emiiarrass- 
menl. fear, small town talk, feuds. 11<>. Iieinp the 
youngest, ignorance, demerits, hai ksi-al dri\ers. wail- 
ing, seare ta<ii<s, tourists, hreakdowns. I. S.I. I'., not 
liemg alile to sa\ what's on my mind; ambition ... to 
learn how to sing: serret desire . . . Hanard Business 
School; remembers most . . . Marshall Tu( ker Con- 
cert, "saltiness'", summer of 78, 9th grade, the place- 
mats, a warm Deceml)er. horn to run. Iiarnslahle. steal- 
ing clothes, hroad (la\ light, ll.c- showhoal. Doohie 
[irotliers; wants to forget most , . . Minlo and the 
niach man, Sandy (^i\e, certain mistakes, not (|uite 
making an all-nighter. Kast Bridgewater. Al s. Stough- 
ton, restrictions, the game, hassles with the F .H.G., the 
hen< h, .3/1/77, confrontations, K.W.W.; favorite 
expression . . . " Simple minds, simple pleasures 
. . . "; pet peeve . , . ""Red"'; cause of death . . . 
Mimi's Fiat moves, groundalion: activities . . . soft- 
hall 1 ■ 2, liaskethall 1 ■ 2, class treasurer 4. (lowder- 
puff 4. yearbook staff: leaving thoughts . . . "'It"s 
not what vou think it was, but we can't tell vou what it 
is." — F.H.G. '77. 

Tehs. Rich. Mi-!)s. Ro, k 
"Laugh and say I'm green I've seen things 
you'll never see. Talk behind my back but I'm 
off the beaten track." — THE ^ HO: likes . . . 
.M.F.. Hoop, reading the books, tennis, running on 
emptv. .Aerosmith. Steele) Dan. FM. sunnv Saturdavs. 
realist, the truth. Foreigner. Friday; dislikes . . . only 
an .^M. failing of plans. Sundays, nothing up: ambi- 
tion . . . write a book on the horrors of book reading; 
secret desire ... to jam like ""the dog"": remembers 
most. . . 5/12/78. camping out; wants to forget most 
. . . 11/11/77. Squeller on my tail: usually seen with 
. . . Myles. Ed. Smitty. Rat; cause of death . . . rats 
in the cellar: worst borrow show . . . summer sick- 
ness; treasured possession . . . Aspen Wagon: twenty 
years from now . . . Ph.D in B-ball; idols . . . Tommy 
H; noted for . . . lips, being late: ac tivilies . . . foot- 
ball 1. soccer 2. 3, basketball 1 - 4. tennis 2 ■ 4. 

"Thought is a bird of space in a cage of words 
which may indeed unfold its wings but cannot 
fly."; likes . . . mountaineering. Chinese boxing, 
warm sun, soft snow, learning, alternative school ethic; 
dislikes . . . beach rave, misused ability: ambition 
. . . Nivana; secret desire . . . to be a monk; remem- 
bers most . . . 10th grade all. school. Outward Bound, 
metrioatgwatsm how 1 have changed over the years; 
treasured possession . . . my life; twenty years from 
now . . . climbing in Tibet; leaving thoughts . . . 
Unless one is a very good escapist. 1 doulit that one 
could find any real level of happiness being a high 
school student. 



"Take a sad song and make it better" Beatles: likes 

. . . MAF. music, computers. Ber^son s. jazz. Canto Karabali. 
FM. Beatles. WROR. low notes, rollerskating. Mavor LTHS. 
General UTializface: dislikes . . . C.B.. AM. WRKO. bum- 
mers, vacations from . . . disco; ambition . . . M.M.: secret 
desire . . . catch 1.000 lb. largemouth bass on 4 lb. test line: 
remembers most . . . the good things. 6/11. tapping; wants to 
forget most . . . the bad things. S.S.E.; favorite expression 
. . . Outrageously bogus; usually seen with . . . M. A. F.. 
Duck. Kook. Marget. etc.: pet peeve . . . vacations from . . .; 
cause of death . . . scalped by a wild, spear-wielding. C. K.. 
chanting, Magumby: worst horror show . . . S.S.E. and spit- 
ball Adderly; treasured possession ... 1 - 4 — 3; twenty 
years from now . . . I.F.W.M.; favorite hang-out . . . the 
band room naturally: idols . . . Matt. Hal "Hank" Janks. the 
Almighty. Canto K; noted for . . . not being noted; activities 
. . . band 1 - 4. jazz ens. 1 - 4, chorus 2 • 4. A.V. 1. marching 
band 1 - 4, jazz combo 3. computer club 3, 4. pop vocal 2. 3. 
barbershop quartet 4; leaving thoughts . . . Helpl; 

Lvd. Gidgette 

"Believing is one thing, doing another. Many talk 
hke the sea but their lives are stagnant marshes. 
Others raise their heads above the mountain tops. 
While their souls cling to the dark walls of caves." 

— Kahlil Gibran; likes . . . Kevin. Cohasset. snow, ski- 
ing, music, spring, champagne, serena. clothes, movies, 
being the youngest, tans. alt. school: dislikes . . . Polyes- 
Icr. motor head madness, gossip, mosquitoes, waiting, the 
Catholic Doctrine; secret desire ... to star in a remake of 
"Gidgette goes to Rome."; remembers most . . . cruisin 
in the bomb. KITCHENS, the Drifters .■\rizona. terrorizing 
with the Monkettes. Kiaway. the monopoly swingers, a 
case of MOUNDS. 'L<'t"s go to the Combat Zone.", seeing 
the stones, visits to grandma's. July 4. 1978; wants to for- 
get most . . . laundry room cockroach brigade. Watervillc 
Valley Horror, summer of 77. 2 years of disease. Firm and 
Fruity: favorite expression . . . "Cigarettes and whiskey, 
and wild, wild women, they'll drive you crazy they'll drive 
you insanel ": usually seen with . . . the hens. Big H. and 
fellow Monkettes: cause of death . . . w hite line fever: 

"When all is said and done, FU still be standing."; likes 
. . . Mrs. Burns. Mrs. Burns' office, all sports. Fridays at 1:55 
PM. good music, cute and nice girls, winning, good competi- 
tion: dislikes . . . getting up. Monday mornings, unreasonable 
teachers, losing, vandals: secret desire ... to own a very suc- 
cessful corporation: remembers most ... my host family. 
Mrs. Burns and her office. Mr. Di. Mr. Reade. Mr. Sheehan. 
Bibbles, the P & B. Liz. Mr. Dorr; wants to forget most . . . 
thigh injuries from soccer; favorite expression . . . seriously!: 
usually seen with . . . Keith E., Webster Roach, Steven B., 
,\uturu Yarde: cause of death . . . overweight: twenty years 
from now . . . visiting CHS in a gold and blue limo; favorite 
hang-out . . . Mrs. Burns" office: 



Judy. Juilc 

"There are loyal heartH, ihere are HpiritH brave, 
there are m>iiIh (hat an- pure and true; Then ^ve 
lc> llie world the bent you have, and the best will 
ronie baek to you/' Maili liiK- Brlil^i likc^ . . . 
Ain>li r<lam, lcniii>, "Rulh", laiijjhiiin, a luiirli rodiii 
la<l\. till' (!(iiisit;iiini'iil sliop, holidays, llic dowiiNlairs 
i'iii|)loyrc!.; dislikes . . . hcinn forced to do things, col- 
lage cheese, warnings, running onl of gas, falling 
asleep Ix fore the nicnii' c\cn starts, the five tniniite 
lu ll; n incmlicrs inosi . . . I'riiK i ss, Mallapoiscit 
I'liarnuK cy, lali- exits anil early rnlranccs, raving with 
Tim. pnldic speaking, nu turtle; wants to forget tnosi 
. . . (Christmas l aroling (lOlh grade). < aplain hats, 
gelling "caiighl". N. Sciliiale at 3 A.M., the orange car 
incident, Ksther in the Iuik hrooni; usually seen with 
. . . till- Dalsun, niy friends, KIsa; worsi horror show 
. . . losing the lireaks on niy hike with 2,5 ru-wspapers; 
twenty \ears from now . . . New Life with (Ihris Kel- 
le\ ; noted for . . . helieving everything, heing emliar- 
rassed; favoril<' expression . . . "Don't worry about 

I )innis 

'"I'Ik- Milenee often of pure innorenee perHua<leH 
when N|M'akinf; failn."; William Shaki speare; likes 
. . . ('iiliasset hosi famdii's and friends; dislik4's . . . 
not gelling mail; andiition . . . "so I've decided to lie 
a very rich and famous person who iloesn l really care 
ahiiiil niiiney. and who is very hunilile hut who still 
makes a lot of miiric) and is very famous, hut is very 
very liiimhie and rich and famous; sccri l dc>ire . . . 
none; reniemhers most ... "I count myself in noth- 
ing else so happy as in a soul reniemhering my good 
frien<ls." - King Kichard II; favorite expression . . . 
"Ruts!"; usually seen with . . . Janice Milkird and niy 
sister; pel peeve . . . having to spend for mailing Id- 
lers; cause of death . . . Loneliness; Iri asiired posses- 
sion . . . my passport, necklace and travi ller's 
checks; twenty years from now . . . getting married 
again; noted for . . . amhiguily; activities . . . tennis, 
art; h'aving thoughts . . . gelling lo know ihe people 
of Cohasset is an experience 1 will never forget. 

Viv, Jim 

"Once in a vision I came €)n some woods, and 
stood at a fork in the road — My ehoiecs were 
clear, yet I froze with a fear, of not knowing 
which way to go — One road was simple, 
acceptance of life, the other road offered sweet 
peace — when I made my decision, my vision 
became my release — ."; likes . . . Luliy and the 
O'Tuby's, Mr. Di, people, Andrew, Mom and Pop, 
snow, skiing, sun, swimming, (^HS, Fogelherg, Paul 
Stikey, singing, dancing. Heath hars; dislikes . . . car 
accidents, rainy weekends, broken legs; ambition . . . 
to marry Jenna; .secret desire . . . complete happi- 
ness; remembers most . . . NIAGARA FALL.S, sum- 
mer of 77, the mutiny; wants to forget most . . . New 
Year's eve of 78, broken leg; favorite expression . . . 
"ya snu-man", usually seen with . . . Luby, the Pas/, 
and a friend; of death . . . none; twenty years 
from now . . . heaven; noted for . . . disgruntled car- 
icatures; activities . . . drama workshop, barbershop, 
basketball I, track I. 2, football I - .3, yearbook staff, 
play committee, chorus. 



liki-s . . . llu' Deans, my fricniis. faiiiiK. |mi>|iIc 
gin' out. raving, black ro< k licach, sandv c()\c, oi i a- 
sional rowdincss, summertime, animals, ja/./, loliassel. 
Brussels, James Taylor, Cunningham liriilg;-, ilatK ing, 
Mr. D; dislikes . . . mayonnaise, grils, \ iolcnre. filling 
this out, I. v., studying; amiiition ... to ski tlic- Al|)s; 
secret desire . . . remembers most . . . IHI), 
Sugarbush and loaf, "the tree", 6lh grade, Santaiia, 
R.Q H., the barns. Apt. 4 and 11, the turtle nite. Myr- 
tle beach, Kowals, classes w/Mary L., Falmouth, par- 
tying w/Catrine, summer of 77; wants to forget mo-l 
. . . 1 1th grade, night of the wiz!!!; fa\(intr c\prcssion 
. . . Grrreat rave. Let's go to Berts; usually seen with 
. . . the Hens and friends; pet peeve . . . cigarelti- 
smoke . . . cause of death . . . too many Pepperidge 
farm cookies; treasured possession . . . Hathaway; 
favorite hang-out . . . Atlantic Ave. and Rocky; activi- 
ties . . . Raving, eating. 

Mimi, B<Tgs 

"They say there's a heaven but so far it's been 
Hell."; likes ... my family, long wi-ekcnils, Johnny 
Girson, Preps, MG's; dislikes . . . disco, curfews, 
demerits, afros, people who drive under the speiil 
limit; remembers most . . . Barnstable 78, Henry, 
M.F.'s "list", and Doc; wants to forget most . . . 
F.H.G., bubbles, Sandy Cove, Minot and the Mac ho 
men, summer of 76, Marshall Tucker Band and Con- 
cert, Homeioming night 78; noted for . . . Fiat move; 
worst horror show . . . Flu; activities . . . soflball I, 
2, 4, basketball 1, 2, 4, powderpuff 3, 4; leaving 
thoughts . . . "It's not what you think it was but wi- 
can't tell you what it is." — FHG 77. 

Li/., Li/zic 

" is like a butterfly, the more you 
chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you 
turn your attention to other thing!^, it comes 
.softly and sits on your shoulder."; Iiki ^ . . . the 
Red .S(i\. (c^pcrialK #4 and #27), good tcarjcrkers 
whi'n I ni in the rnocjd, x ary mo\ies, needlepoint, rav- 
ing with Mr. Reade, Jackson Browne, photography, my 
mother's cooking, THG'S, laughing with Jimmy, all 
eight: dislikes . . . being cold, when nobody listens to 
me. being inli rrupti'd; seiret desire ... to marry 
Jai kson Browne; remembers most . . . mellow ing out 
to depressing iiui-ii with Bctlics, talks with Fox, 
Euro|ie 7.'i anil 77, Friday nights, sophomore year. 
Red So\ games and subways. Beatrice anil ~iirnmcr of 
77, travels with my family, dam ing willi Dad; wants to 
forget most . . . Sandy Cove — JuK 2. I')76, one- 
hundred dollar Chink food bills; favorilc c\pri -sion 
. . . I'm sooo |)syche(ll!I; treasured pi)-scs>ion . . . 
the faith. 


"Lifr in a f!;ain<- worth playing only if you ran Htand to 
low Honi<-tim<-n."; Ijki-v . . , (atriiK. \1i< l I'arki r, 
Ti-(I(K I'cmlcrnraNs, a<iin(j, |)arl\iri(!. New York, ('arl s si-iiscs 
i)f tiiimor; il]^liki-s . . . iiol hcinn alili- lo -.Iccp laic. lM-in({ 
l()< kcd oul of ihi' lioiisc; anilillion . . . lo In roinr a liroadwa) 
actress; secret desire . . .to meet Te<ld\ F'l-ndergrass; reniem- 
hers most . . . Mrs. Burns. "The grass Ain't (ircen on ihc 
other side." Jamaica. Mary Walsti, Bung's wacked senses of 
humor, Mary l^g.. Sandra, (jirla. Marie in Henry's hathroom; 
favorite expression . . . "I'm onK kid(hn(£. '; u>.iiall\ si'i-n 
with . . . Caria I,., Marie M., Anuli- M.. I'cachie. Sandra. Daf. 
Jo. Bugg. Michael. Keith. J'i". Chris Kclli y; ( ausc of di alh 
... I liecame too famous; treasured [lossession . . . Michael 
Parker; idols . . . Ceciley Tyson; activities . . . JV l)askell)all. 
president of .'ird world society, photography, rep. of meico 
parent; leaving thoughts ... 1 leave peace and sincerity to all 


"Happiness is like lime and space — as big, as lit- 
tle, as you please; just a thing of contrasts and com- 
parisons.'''; likes . . . having a good time, my family, 
hockey, haseball, dislikes . . . Sunday nights, working 
late, snobs. Yankees; ambition . . . lo complete the Bos- 
Ion Marathon; see ret desire . . . lo speak fluent Spanish; 
remembers most . . . A. P. Biology, 10th grade Humani- 
ties, Middleboro by van, "the biggie "; undefeated track 
season, running through Quincy; wants to forget most . . . 
examination conformation. 5/17/78, 7:30 with no results, 
4/27/78, a certain brown car; favorite expression . . . 

Give me a break."'; usually seen with . . . my good 
friends; pet peeve . . . green ink; cause of death . . . 
microbial contamination or over-etherization; worst horror 
show . . . working at Hugo s; treasured possession . . . 

unknown tube; twenty years from now . . . working in 
a research lab with Jon; noted for . . . never losing my 
temper; activities . . . track 2 - 4; 




"The more I look around I find 
The more I have to fear. 

^ here do we go from here?" — Peter Cetera. Chi- 
<ago; LIKES . . . the rock group "Chirago ". Texas. 
m\ famiK. the Carroll?, the bearh. the summer, base- 
ball. the ^ ankees. pitrhinp. being treated like an adult, 
going into Boston, gambling. P.C.. J.S.. M.H.. N R.. 
B.C.. T.C.; dislikes . . . War. fighting. Beerhwood. 
ro»d\ Red So\ fans, prejudices, waking up earl\. 
work, taking tests, indecision, soccer/ ambition . . . 
to W a successful sportswriter: secret desire . . . to be 
a pitcher; remembers most . . . Chicago concerts, 
white pi( ket fence, a certain Yankee (M.H.). summer 
of 78. getting lost in N.Y.C.; wants to forget most . . . 
the xears 1962 1978: usualK seen with . . . Heather: 
pel pee\e . . . people who sa\ "I should have . . .": 
fax orite expression . . . Oh. mani: cause of death . . . 
hit b\ a foul ball: worst horror show . . . after the 
BilK Joel concert 9/30/78; treasured possession . . . 
m> Yankee jacket: twent\ \ears from now ... in 
Texas, waiting for some big break: favorite hang-out 
. . . Fenwa> Park, the Carrolls' in the off season: idols 
. . . Peter Cetera. Nolan R>an. and Reggie Jackson: 
noted for . . . being a Yankee fan: leaving thoughts 
. . . what now. 

Graduating Juniors 


Suddenly there was a roar in m\ ears and blackness 
rushed b\. In front of me was a pinhole of light. .\s I 
plummeted headlong towards it. the dot of light began 
to get larger. Numbness controlled m> body as I strug- 
gled against the shimmering gateway's suction. The 
darkness began closing in to a tunnel leading into the 
blinding spot of light. Suddenly I burst through. .Awak- 
ening I found myself in a long wooden box. Faintly I 
heard the sound of shovels smoothing dirt abo\e me. 


"Think positively of yourself while always try- 
ing to do your best and you will go far in life."; 

likes . . . talking with friends, modeling. Third 
World, society, most classes, dancing, music, and 
excitement: dislikes . . . Louis Lane. g>m. getting up 
early, bumpy bus rides, chemistry: ambition ... to 
become a successful person in society, own a beautiful 
house with pool and every thing else, and ha\e only the 
best cars and give parents back as much as the\ gave 
me; secret desire ... to meet the man of my dreams 
and live happily ever after: remembers most . . .girl's 
room rap sessions, Mrs. Bates. Mrs. Burns, fashion 
shows. "The Grass .Mn't Green On The Other Side.": 
wants to forget most . . . gym. chemistry, cafeteria 
food, boring classes, long bus rides, and Louis Lane: 
favorite expression . . . Well knoi k me o\er with a 
feather. ": usualK seen with . . . Cheryl. Carla. India. 
^ \onne. Zoanna, Marie; Pet pee\e . . . some of the 
ignorance I've seen; cause of death . . . drowned in 
money; worst horror show . . . SaKo s chemistry 
class: treasured possession ... my prom and gradua- 
tion day: twenty years from now ... I'd like to be a 
successful medical technician sitting beside m> pool 
living it up; favorite hang-out . . . girl's room, court 
yard, and Thelma Burn s office; activities . . , cheer- 
leader and Third U orld Society : leax ing thoughts . . . 
The world is a big place so gel all you can while you 



J K. "Hi-H' on GilliganV 

K. 0. "I think I jusi hail an 

C. G. "Hostess Twinkie 

R. T. "What tru. k/" 

C. C. Kon sirl" 

A. D. "Do >ou think I d 
look liclliT in hangs" 

J. H. Let s go i ruisin 

S. R. "Can't I just ha\c a i . L. 

peanut'.'" come" 

I M. Y. 'New Year's Morn- 


S. p. "I've got those rover 
girl eyes" 

L. . 'M\ heginnings as a 
pla\ l)o\ bunnv" 

C. G. 'First prize of baby 

were onl\ talking " 

M. D. h(i ~a>s \ou ran'l 
wt jr a lire-- on a hike " 

L. J. Now I know I put it 
in here someplace" 

K. M. "\^(in"l someone 
pla\ with me " 

G. R. " I'm going to a parly 
and \<)u < an I ( ome " 

S. S. "Which ()n<' is Sall\ r 

Most Easy Going — ('lairc CarcN and 
Rick Holison 

Why Teachers Go Mad — Stephen 
Fox and Marv Ann White 

Best Dressed — Carla Latson and Keith 


Virginia Leahy . . . leaves all walkers, a late pass good for a year. 

Sam Sladen . . . leaves towing 2 dead cars behind her. 

Charles Dillon . . . leaves Mr. Davis the pole vaulting equi[)ment 

and a few good laughs. 
Bob Baird . . . leaves district audition pieces ringing in the ears 

of baffled MacDonald's employees. 
Virginia Langford . . . leaves Cohasset Winter weekends to the 


Leslie Jones. . . leaves at a full gallop. 
Karen Ainslie . . . leaves for a long lunch. 
Tom Piepenbrink . . . leaves w ith nothing to leave. 
Pat Plante . . . leaves Mr. Rever all my economic notes. 
Mary Jo Ferris . . . leaves my ability to speak to anyone in the 
Alt. School. 

Linda LaBrecque . . . leaves a round trip ticket to the island of 

Bob Durant . . . leaves with only 4 Durants left. 
Cheryl Wilmoth . . . leaves memories of the hardest 4 years of 
my life 

David Gun\ ille and Darilynn O Neill . . . leave for Simon's Rock 

Jocelyn Kennedy . . . leaves an unlimited supply of green ink to 
Mr. Leary. 

Ruthann Sargent . . . leaves the rest of her g\mnastic abilitv to 

Paul Rice . . . leaves our mile long beer tab chain. 

Da\e Sullivan . . . leaves my locker to the next poor soul with 

another \ear to go. 
Laurie Silvia . . . leaves demerits to the School Committee. 
Bruce Duncan . . . leaves for Whooterville. 

L\nn Crough . . . leaves her radical views on education to the 
School Committee. 

Lydia Trcttis . . . leaves the bomb idling for a quick get away. 

P()ll\ Curley . . . leaves her foot for Mr. Emmons to [)ut in some- 
one else s mouth. 

Kath\ Glodgett . . . leaves the Pre Chef class, a sink full of dirl\ 

Betsy Gwinn . . . leaves Mr. Walsh a feline in the room. 

James Vivian . . . leaves Libadabob to Mr. Di. 

Tom Higgins . . . leaves the computer to the capable hands of 

S.A.. M.C.and S.A. 
Greg Smith . . . leaves Miss Coultrip a years sul)s< ription to 

M()(l<Tn Women. " 
Jud\ Vanderlugt . . . leaves my ancient reptile in room 16 with 

Mr. Gilmartin. 

Claire Carey . . . h'aves Jon, Brian, Mark, and Arthur, the results 
to a fruit fly lab. 

Arthur Glasfcld . . . leaves a crutch and backbrace for Etnmons 
so he ll be out of excuses six miles later. 

Andrea Davis . . . leaves Al MacDonald behind, but not forgot- 

Pam Russell . . . leaves my guide to better bowling and New 

Year's Esc Parti«'s. 
Ellen Figueiredo . . . leaves Annie and Erin all the N.S.T.S.T.F. 

and their \cr\ own C.O.L.LT.R. 
Andrew Trask . . . leaves a warm spot for M.F. 
Janice Millard . . . Ieav»-s the Junior class reluctantK to graduate 

to Seniors. 

Carolyn Goodwin . . . leaves the <juesti()n, "How can \ou tell 
\our sisters aparty" To anyone who can figure it out. 

Mark Young . . . leaves Mr. Mika a copy of the book "How to 
Improve Your Memory. " 

Tim O Connell . . . N-aves the album Goat Head Sou() for the one 

and only 'goat". 

Peter Cook . . . leaves to expand his horizons. 

Ste\e Ramsey . . . leaves "RUBBER " out front. 

Rich Tebbetts . . . leaves Charlie in the dust. 

Barbara Ta\lor . . . leaves tips on better note writing to Senior 
girls w ith nothing better to do. 

Mary Lagrolteria . . . leaves four down five to goll 

Li/ C helan . . . lea\<'s Par/., Sarah, Wabba. Elmo, Norma, Muf- 
fin, and .Alicia RN to deal with next year. 

John Howley . . . leaves A. P. Calculus for somelxxK else to try 
and figure out. 

William Roy . . . leaves matching turtlenecks and soi ks. 

Dan Prendergast . . . leaves the end of a long line. 

Jon Foell . . . leaves his Punk Rock costume to Mar\ Jo. 

Barry Buckley . . . lea\es Kurt Re\cr a loose steering pin. 

Sue Pottenger . . . leaves her "one day on. one day off dietC.') 
for atn one with absolutely noM illpower. 

Linda Ryan . . . leaves Heather a clean locker next year. 

Jim Froio . . . leaves ne\er to come back. 

Mike Palitneri . . . leaves in hopes. 

Dennis Valdes . . . leaves an invitation to all 10th or 11th grade 
students to sign up for the Rotary Youth Exchatige Program 
and gain a lot of experience in a foreign country like the Philip- 

Alison Dickson . . . leaves Mr. She<'han wondering if she's late 

again or just not coming. 
SalU Sisson . . . Iea\es in a Jeep with Linda and a couple of real 

li\e Yahoos. [)assing all the nou\ <'au-pn'[)[)ies in the dust. 
Jeff Hannon . . . leav<'s the Gome/ tradition to be carried on by 

Da\<- R. and two loyal (BROS). 
Beth Donahue . . . leaves Jeanne and Tish a full pack of Marlbo- 

ros to split in the girls room . . . 10 eachll 
Mary Walsh . . . leaves Jimm\ Dean a Muskrat to skin himself. 
Chris MacKenzie . . . leaves his emaciated l)od\ to scit'nce. 
Linda Deignan . . . leaves in a Jeep with a 20-\ear supply of chili 

for m\ curly-haired Yahoo out west. 
Kim O'Connor . . . leaves a note accidentally on purpose. 
Debb\ Scott . . . leaves only if Sam or Kim's car starts. 
Tracey Young . . . b-aves the memory of me to CHS and my 
' absolute [)romise to someday and somehow return for a visit. 
KimDiab. . . leaves Debby Scott still at Cohasset High. 
Matt Salerno . . . lea\es Fat Boy without BoneMobile. 
Susan Oi''ll> ■ • . leaves w ith her hands abo\e the table. 
Ga\c RiplcN . . . leaves s[)ikc he«'ls to girls who'd love to wear 


The Senior Class . . . leaves .Adam Thompson. Jetniifer Hub- 
bard, atid a.ssorted others the New Slu(i\ Hall. Take good care 
of it! 

\^ liatcM'r Happened lo the Class of 79':' 
Jimci. IW 

Dear Mom, 

After leaving my post as war eorrespondeni in Hull, I was given a jol) hy CBS to search out my old classmatj's for the new television show. 
"Whatever Happened lo the Class of '79?" 

M\ first mission l)r()ught me back to the n«'wly renovated Cohasset High School, where 1 tTiel with Pritw ipal Kurt Rever. who, for a mere $5, 
directed me to Riithann Sargent who was busily typing i)ages for the spring supplement to the 1979 yearbook in the Home-Ec room. Sh«- sleepily 
muttered some assorted school gossip about algebra teacher Ellen Figueiredo and told me where to find the townies. I hopped into my Honda 
Civic and sped down to the Red Lion Inn for a quick beer, where I .solemnly told my troubles to bartenrler Tim O'Connell, a former pro hockey 
goalie, who suggested I eat dinner at "With Infusinos"" restaurant in West Corner. Arriving at this high class establishment, I was impressed by 
an elegant black Cadillac, obviously owned by the famous West Corner Barber Shop Quartet. Out of the car ( limbed Bass Mike Meallo and his 
associates: Robert "Tones" DiTullio, Drum Sticks, and Jim Polito, all clad in white tuxes and [)()int\ black shoes. Inside, Mary 
Lagrotteria, the (]uite hospitable singing and dancing waitress, took my order, and I later enjoyed the cuisine. On my way to Kimballs Motor 
Inn, now owned by former dishwashers Martin Patrolia and Bruce Duncan, I noticed Arthur Glasfeld and Andrea Davis on Rocky Beach, setting 
off missies lowards Weymouth in the name of the Revolution. 

The next morning, taxi driver John Carbone drove me to Sawicki International Airport in eight minutes. Boarding Hannon Flight 48 bound 
for Florida, I encountered pilots Rick Hob.son and Peter Cook. Mr. Cook, obviously intoxicated, was removed bv security guard Peter Cha|)man. 
Four gorgeous stewardesses, Barbara Curelli, Alison Dickson, Mimi White, and Joyce Crow lev. clad in miniskirts and high heels, argued over 
who was lo escort me to my seat. Just before the plane took off. Day Care ( enter workers Dinah Souther and CaroKn Goodwin ran in with a trail 
of screaming children. This was the beginning of a hei ti( trip. 

The ()lane had been off the ground only a few minutes when Lauren Carroll, famous re[)orter for the National Encjuirer, sal down beside me. 
After a brief hello, she proceded to tell me various bits of news about members of our ( lass. For instance, Pam Russell married the very tall, 
dark, and handsome owner of Wall Street. Andy Trask and Janice Millard became co-owners of Dial-A-Date. a computerized dating service. 
James E. Vivian, ex-Broadway actor, and Steve Ramsay, ex-yacht broker, have recently been ordained E[)iscopal ministers. Joe Durkin was 
named executive Vice-President of AMF Higgins Sporting Goods Company. And. finally, novice writer Greg Smith sold the first copy of his 
book . . . "The Only Way To Go," after twenty years since [)ublication. 

After a rough landing, I took a cab straight to Miami General Hospital, where I spoke to head Physical Therapist Diane Maloney. She directed 
me to the laboratory of E>r. Claire Carey, the recent recipient of the Nobel Prize for discovering a cure for the common c(Tld. She is now studying 
the beneficial effects found in sunrises. Dr. Betsy Gwinn also received a Nobel Prize for her research of Psychobiology. In the West Wing of the 
Hospital I found Dr. Judith Vanderlugt^ a well-to-do dentist who recommends Bubble Yum and onion dip to her patients. On my way out of the 
hospital. Dr. Polly Curley, who is in the process of writing her memoirs, suggested I take a cruise aboard a Paul Rice, Incorporated ocean liner. 
She informed me that several of our classmates could be found sailing on the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to make several stops across the country, 
so, instead of flying, I rented a Toyota Corolla, and started my trek to San Francisco. 

I was driving along a dusty road in Alabama, when some buckshot penetrated one of my car tires. As I climbed out of the car, I was greeted by 
Lynn Crough, who was jammin' on her fiddle. She apologized for the mishap, informing me that hillbillies don't shoot out car tires on purpose. 
Her fellow hillbillies helped me change my tire, and I continued on my journey. After long, exhausting hours of driving, I made a stopover in 
Houston, where I was greeted by oil tycoon, Radu Florescu, who invited me to dinner at his air-conditioned After an exquisite dinner 
prepared by his beautiful Rumanian wife, I thanked him for his hospitality and checkecT into a nearby hotel. 

Early the next morning, I was awakened by hotel hostesses Karen Ainslie, Debby Scott and Sam Sladen, who were having a quarrel as to 
which one was to serve my breakfast. When I asked them how they came to be in Houston, they told me the tragic story of their Mustang 
breaking down en route to California twenty years earlier. Even after hearing their sad tale, I was still determined, and zoomed off toward the 
sunny shores of California. 

You know. Mom, everything they say about the California night life is true. I spent my first night at the Boarding House in San Francisco 
where I was entertained by the world famous "Monkettes," Sally Sisson, Lydia Trettis, Kim O'Connor, and Beth Donahue. These four ladies 
have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. When they become bored with sunning themselves at their villa at Saint Tropez, they hop on over 
to their beach front palace at Malibu. The group had just completed a world benefit tour with all proceeds going to the underdeveloped of the 
world. The four wish to thank all their old high school friends who allowed them their start back in 1978. 1 also spoke with John Hines who, 
when not hosting the Gong Show, serves as the Monkettes manager. He spoke highly of Mary Jo Ferocious, a bright new star in the world of 
punk rock. She accompanied the Monkettes on part of their tour and drew praise for her voice and actions on the stage. Female vocalist Linda 
Deignan also appeared on tour with the Monkettes, and was signed to a five year contract by Mr. Hines. 

I would have liked to spend more time enjoying the town, but business came first. So, the next morning, I purchased my cruise ticket, and 
boarded the beautiful ocean liner. I was greeted by cruise director Laurie Silvia, who, upon hearing the nature of my work, happily informed me 
that several of our classmates could be found aboard the ship. I thanked her and made my way up to the sundeck, where I noticed a small crowd 
of autograph hunters gathering. Four time grammy award winner Cheryl Wilmoth was trying to make her way through the crowd, accompanied 
by her manager, Jerome Turner. Mr. Turner announced that Miss Wilmoth would be happy to sign autographs at a later time. 


Just before the boat was to depart, I notired rorporate executive Linda LaBrecjue coming up the ramp. Miss LaBrccpic. accountant for the 
World Trade Center in New York City, was accompanied by her many assistants. As the boat .-ailed out of port. I headed for m\ ( abin. In ihe 
corridor I passed James Froio and Michael Palimeri, co-chairmen of Froio and Palimeri Distilleries. Thc\ were dis( Listing ihc price of their new 
185-Proof "Gin-Fro." I reached my cabin, but was unable to open the door. Chief Purser Douglas Saleski noticed rn\ dilemma, and. while 
explaining that several of the cabin doors are difficult to open, proceeded to my aid. I thankecf him and went into m\ cabin. 

That evening I had dinner with two very successful men: Patrick Plante, a ver\ well-to-do-businessman, and Chri- Colocousis. a famous free- 
lance photographer. Chris informed me that Jonathan Foell had been made editor of National Lam()oon Magazine onl\ luo weeks earlier. .A- we 
were discussing Jonathan's rise to the top, lovely hostess Kim Diab brought us our drinks, prepared by bartender Paul Rattenbury. Just before 
we placed our dinner order, a slight disturbance broke out at the bar. However, heman Barry Buckley. Brian Conlan. Dan Prendergasl. S<-otl 
Hulien, and Nathan Towie eliminated the problem. 

Our dinners, prepared by chef Myles Collins, were superb. The after dinner entertainment included a \olle\ball exhibilion given b\ Ed Don- 
nellv. Steve Janscics, and Scot Muir, all of whom are professional volleyball players. As I was walking back to m\ cabin that evening. I met 
United States Equestrian team member Leslie Jones, gold-medal winner at the 1996 Olym[)ics. ^'hen I told her of nn reason for being aboard 
the boat, she suggested 1 investigate a small village high in the Swiss Alps. She knew that some of our classmates could be found there. I thanked 
her and retired for the night. 

I was up early the next morning typing up my notes (Ha. Ha) when somone knocked at my door. I was greeted b\ the ship s entertainment 
committee; Rhonda Goff, Christine Kelley, Kim Me.ssner, and Mary Walsh. They let me in on the many aclisities going on up on the deck. 
Hearing that, I left my work, and went topside for some relaxation. I played a few hands of poker with world renowned fashion designers Keith 
Elam. Caria Lat.son and Tracey Young, before heading to the galley for breakfast. 1 ordered a cup of coffee and sat out on the after deck. Then' 
appeared on the horizon a sail boat, moving at a fast clip toward the ship. It was not until the boat moved closer that I recognized the oc( upant to 
be Brian Keane, world class sailor of small boats. I called to him. and he responded b\ \elling that he was late for the 1996 Olympics; with that 
brief exchange of words, he sailed away. 

Later that afternoon. I spotted two more boats sailing near the cruise ship. The first one belonged to the famous artist. \ irginia Langford. e 
had a brief discussion with the aid of megaphones. She told me that she had been commissioned 1)\ the Queen to do a royal portrait. Before 
heading for England. Virginia had to make a quick stopover in the Big .'\pple to speak with the editors of the New Worker magazine. I also spoke 
with Bob and Sam Durant who are in the process of sailing a patched up raft around the world. Mom, Dr. Curley was right; many former class- 
mates are sailing on the Pacific. 

My cruise ended without any further encounters. Upon my arrival back in San Francisco. I immediateK purchased an airline ticket to Zurich, 
in the hopes that Leslie's advice would prove beneficial. The flight to Switzerland was long but enjo\able. Pilots Joe and Bob Barrow flew the 
plane with expertise, while I chatted with stewardesses Linda Ryan, Sandy Sto\er. Anita Ross, Debby Da\is. and Virginia Leahy. Arriving in 
Zurich, I obtained directions to Gniiks, the name of the town Leslie had told me about. When I came upon the town. I went directU to the ski 
lodge. Owner John Golino told me where I could find the multilingual, cosmopolitan ski instructor JoceK n Kenncd\. JoceKn. ow ner of a ski 
chalet in both Switzerland and Colorado, took time off from her work to have lunch with me. During Iuik h. >hc introdu( cd me to rmlliotiaire 
professional free-style skier David Sullivan, who had just completed a world tour. 

As I was walking through the town after lunch, who should I meet but Liz Whelan! She was taking pi( lures for SKI Magazine. Vie stopjxd in 
a nearby cafe to talk over old times. When she heard of my project for CBS. she offered me some information about sotne of our former class- 
mates. John Howley, Paul Farren, Matthew Salerno, Brian Keating, and Rich Tebbetts formed a l)asketball team entitled "The Cohassel Globe- 
trotters." Larry Evans and Tim Smith became professional hockey players. After outstanding care<Ts as professional wrestlers. Bill Ron and 
Christopher MacKenzie opened up a chain of sporting goods shops and weight-watcher clinics. Liz realK keeps up with the s[)orting world. 
Mom. She also told me that Brad Ditmar was a ski instructor in California, and that Bob Baird had been made lontract negotiator for Sanla 
Claus. Boy. I had trouble writing all of this in my notebookl 

On a tip from Liz, I boarded another plane three days later. My destination: The British \ irgin Island-. There. Liz had told me. I ( oidd find 
Chuck Dillon, new owner of Foxy's Bar. As I got off m\ plane at the airport. I noticed a group of people w ho looked \er\ familiar heading for the 
lounge. Moving closer, I recognized the faces of a group from my high school class: Bill O'Brien. Susan Quiltv. Tom Piepenbrink. Barbara 
Taylor, Gaye Ripley, Marianne Burke. Gerda Cahill, Kathy Stanford, and Michael Sullivan. The\ were as surprised to see me as I was to see 
them. Bill told me that they were travelling around the world looking for Rick. 1 wished them all the best of lui k. and -<•! off to find Fo\\ 's. 

Chuck said that he would be glad to help me with my search. He had. however, heard \er\ little about our class since he took his million 
dollars and moved to the islands. He did know that David Gunville was ituoKed in a |)()lilical scandal, and i> presetilK ser\ing a fi\e \ear 
.sentence for bugging [)olitical o[)ponent Darilynu O'Neill's office, and that Susan Pollenger wa> head driving instructor of -tandard car- al ihe 
Poltenger, Inc. driving school. I had to decline Chuck's offer to stay on the islatul for a few davs. bc( ause nn deadline was fast approaching. 

And now. Mom. for the final leg of my journey: back to good old Cohasset. There 1 met with Dennis \ aides, director of the Rotary Exch.uige 
Program in Cohasset. and his a.ssistanl Chun Chan. .After speaking with them briefly. I headed for my office. 

Well, there you have it. Mom. This is the story of my journey around the world. A journey in which 1 alletnpled to locale my fellow da— male- 
from the <-lass of '79 at Coha.sset High School. Believe me. it wasn't easy. Tracking down some otic hundred and lliirU people all o\cr ihc world 
never is. You know w hat I'm going to do? I'm going lo ask for a raise! 
Your loving son. 





Fon-ipn l^n^ua)!*- 

(pii liirr not available) 


S<Tr< larial Staff 


Guidann- Giunsclor 

Varsilv ?'i<-lit Ho< ki-> 



Slu<l< nl Af li\ities Tri'asurer 




Allrrnati\e Sriiool 



.NfWh[.>ap< i AiK i~ur 

Social Scieni f 


Swrelarial Staff 


Mathcmatio Aide 

8th Gradr Basketball Coach 


St'i rfUrial Slaff 


Secnnarial Slaff 




M.E.T.C.O. Director 

Third World Society Advisor 


FoR'ign Language 



Athletic Director 

Junior Powder Puff Coach 





MK. KK\ <:i(»KR<»S 

Si H'lK c 


Si ii in i' 







Cliair|)i-rsiiii of Malliriiiulii - 

V;irsil\ (B<))s) Trark ("oacti 


Spi'i ial Kdiii alioil Aiilr 
(Pirliirr not availalili') 


Si hool Nurse 
Hcallli ('.ar(■l■r^ Ailvisor 
Pli\?.iial K.diiialion 
VarsilN Basi'liall Coarh 

Senior (^lass isor 


Special Edui alion 


Chairperson of Eriglisli Depi. 
Drama Worksliop 
Assistatil (GirU) Trai k (.:oai li 
Cliairperson of Si ii ru e Depl. 


Foreign Lmguage 


Business Edui alion 
Fi>rei)<n Languages 


Varsil) Golf t'oarh 
Seirior Powder Puff Coai h 
Special Educalion 
(Picture not Availalde) 
Secretarial Staff 




Home Economics 

Au<lio Visual 


Soc ial Sciences 
Freshman Class Advisor 


Foreign Language 
Junior Class Advisor 

Serrelarial Staff 

SfM-cial &1u(ation Coorrlinalor 


J.V. Baski'ibail Coai h 


Special Education 


Industrial Arts 


Instrumental Music 
Marching and Gincert Bands 
Jazz Rock Ensemble 
Senior Class Play 

Fr<'shnian Boy's Basketball 
Junior Powder Puff Coach 
Senior Class Advisor 


Secretarial Staff 


Physical Education 

J.V. Field Hockey Coach 

J.V. Softball Coach 


So<ial Sciences 



Newspaper ,Advi.sor 


Physical Education 
J.V. Baseball 



Business Dept. 


Special Education 


Senior Class Advisor 


Senior Powder Puff 
Director of Guidance Dept. 
Art and Photography 



Social Scii'ticcs 
Assistani VarHity Foolliall 

Varailv Horkcy Coach 
Allcrnalivc School 


Vocal Music 
Barbershop Chorus 
Barbershop Qiiarlcl 
Junior and Senior Hi^h 

Senior Class Play 


Varsily Soccer Coach 
Girl's Track Coach 





Varsily Tennis Coach 

Giiidani e Counselor 

J.V. Soccer Coach 


(Chairperson of l-'oreinn 
Lin(?ua(!;i' Di'parlnienl 
Kousers AtKisor 

Foreign l^angua^e 

Girl's anil Boy's Cross Country 


Assistant (iirl's Track (Coach 



Senior Class F'lay Director 


Cheerleadiiig (Coach 


Industrial Arts 


Social Sciences 




SlM-ial ScieiK cs 




Secretarial Staff 


S<'crelarial Staff 


Chairperson of Soi ial Si ien( 

Student CoiuK jl Ad\ i-or 


Special Education 




S<;nior Class Advisor 


Matlii'tnatio Aide 


Soi'ial S< i<'rnf!i 

S<Mii«>r Class AHvisor 



Varsil> Football Oiach 

Assislanl Var#il> Hockey 


Powdcrjiuff Ri-ftTcc 
Chairperson of Physiral 

Varsilv Suflball Coarh 



l.ilrrar> Maga/inr Advisor 
8lh Grade Advisor 


Businc^ss Edui alion 
Sophomore Class Adv isor 

LIhrarv Aide 



7th Grade Advisor 


Home E< ononiirs 
Yearbook AiJvisor 
Food Serv ice Director 



JUNIORS: Prrsidcnl — L. OToolf, Vii c President — R. While, Reprebenlative — A. Parziale, Represenlalive — N. Gjesteby, Sei re- 
lar> — L. OTooie, Treasurer — J. Sandlilom (aliseni from ptuilo). 

SOPHOMORES: President — J. While, Treasurer — P. Duffy, Representative — D. Brown, Vice President — D. Igo, Representative 
— K. Smalzel, Secrelarv — J. Higgins. 

FRESHMEN: Representative — D. Gunville. Secretary — A. Abbruzzese, Treasurer — J. McNeill, President — J. T. Price, Representa- 
tive — M. Curelli, Vice President — S. D'Onofrio. 

Row 1: S. Dalrymple, H. Fairrhild. B. Duffy, P. Drago. J. England. Row 2: P. Drago, M. Fabry, D. Curelli, G. Froio. 
Row 3: L. Curlcy, S. Buckley, M. Frugoli, N. Laup, C. Delaney, A. Fagone, D. DiNardo, A. Oilman. Row 4; E. 
Figucrido, R. Froio, M. Fink, D. Dillon. 

Row 1: C. Langford, J. Lagrotteria, B. Gunvillc, D. McCarthy, M. MacDonald. Row 2: S. MacKinnon, J. McNeill, 
M. Kearney, N. Gjestehy, S. Myers. Row 3: B. McClay, M. Miller,- A. Gurnis, C. Hanlon, J. McCarthy, M. Howley. 
Row 4: J. Kelleher, B. Healy, F. Mahoney, M. Goff, B. Maynard, T. McMahon, J. Muir, M. Wilkin. 


Row 1: S. Bt-nbow. L. CmwIcN. K. Palimeri. H. Carroll. P. Atkinson. L. Carroll. H. Chasf. G. CariiMj. S. MacKinnon. Row 2: M. Fink. C. Cor. S. 
Baden. K. Crough. J. Branagan. B. Beale, P. Coletta. E. Bear. J. Aver, S. .Anderson, M. MacDonald, K. Casey, S. Abbruzzese, C. Conway, L. Carroll, 
B. HeaK. B. Ma\nard. Row 3; F. Mahoney, M. Brown. K. Cahill. R. Barrow. 

Row 1: Y. Zolos. L. Whitlow, C. Stover, B. Stover. Row 2: A. Yarde, 
R. Young, C. Young, S. Wong, S. White, I. Turner, R. While. Row 3: 
C. Williams, D. Zobel, D. Turner, P. Stockbridge, M. Thornton. C. 
Sieve, P. Tye, T. Smith, B. Taylor. 

Row 1: J. Ro.sano. K. S( ully. S. Pratt, T. O Brien. Row 2: E. 
O'Brien. Y. Porter. R. Sargent. C. Polito. K. Salvador. L. Whitlow, L. 
OToole. A. Parziale. J. Sandblom. Row 3: D. O'Connell, J. O Brien. 
P. Plante. L. Norris. L. O'Connor. M. Patrolia, E. McCarthy. 



tow 1: R. IjmIz, B. Fcsslrr, D. I,an(lri«an, K. Kelly, A. Kearney, K. 
.ipselt, 1.. Marchesi, S. Maslroliuono, A. Marsh. Row 2: B. Blossom, 
. Hernan, D. Brown, L. Kurtz, P. Johnson, J. Rolihins, P. l^lson, C. 
inory, M. Crinnell, B. Lynch. T. Ijnjjford, M. Raltenhury. Row 3; 
I. Ma( k, J. Hoy, S. Cahill, J. Livingstone, T. Libby, J. Lyons, B. Lin- 
oln, R. Lindsey, R. Jordan. 


OF 1981 

Row 1: H. Brown. S. A>.t, S. Cahill. D. Callan. C. Bliss. J. Antoine. B. 
Birman. Row 2: D. Chapman. J. Carc\. C. Bonnar. K. Bramblett. J. Car- 
roll. K. Bursk. D. Brown. D. Chisolm. K. Andrews Row 3: G. Barrow, E. 
Boolh. J. Allen. K. Crowley. M. Bulger. P. Boughnight. C. Beamon. T. 
Diab. H. Brown. 

Row 1 

Row 2 

Row 3 


R. Lindsey 

K. Hanlon 

K. Smalzel 


B. Mollis 

L. Travers 

B. Holworth 

K. Crowley 

G. Westerhoff 

T. Diab 

S. Cahill 

B. Whittemore 

G. Salerno 

J. Hoy 

C. Tinor> 

B. Fcssler 

J. Hernan 

1 G. Smart 

J. Lyons 

S. Winn 

J. Yeomans 

S. Saleski 

T. Walls 

C. Slockbridge 

J. White 

M. Grinnell 

B. Blossom 

D. Brown 

Row 1 

S. Goodwin 
G. Hobson 
L. Hulien 
T. Fiori 
C. Halliim 
B. Gurnis 
S. Hurlbul 

Row 2 

B. Mollis 

C. Grant 
S. Garvey 
K. Manlon 

D. Igo 

A. Mart 

C. Halloran 
S. Goodwin 

B. Hobson 

Row 3 

M. Froio 
E. Hurtig 
J. Hoy 
B. Fessler 
M. Glasfeld 
B. Henry 
J. Higgins 
L. Gilmore 

Row I: T. Durant. D. Diini omix-. P. Doriiiil/cr. K. Ferreria. L. Dur- 
kin. Row 2: B. Fessl.-r. S. Cahill. B. Cogill. N. Cone. T. Diab, K. 
Crowley. H. Clinton, G. Di Vito. Row 3: M. Donohiie. J. Ho\. E. 
Boolh. S. Aver. J. Lyons. P. Duffy. A. Fealtii rslon. L. Collin-. J. Dona- 
hue, K. Manlon, K. Falinger. 



Row 1: S. Burkley, J. 
B. ( k. r, P. BurkU-y. T. 
Atkinson, J. Bcnbow, S. 
Bowcn, M. Birmann, H. 
Brown, S. Bird. Row 2: D. 
Andrews, I,. Cahill, L. 
Alkinson, I). Campedelli, 
M. Brown, A. Bear, C. 
Adams, E. Bowdilch, T. 
Birmann, C. Barren, T. 

Row 1: S. Young, L. Gru- 
ber, D. Mollis, S. Giles, S. 
Froio, G. Gonsalves, C. 
Raffa, R. LeGrow. Row 2: 
K. Ainslie, A. Humphreys, 
K. Ingemi, A. Planle, K. 
Crehan, D. Fealherston, C. 
Spinzola, T. Sweeney. 
Row 3: A. DeGiaeomo, D. 
Reynolds, B. O'Connell, R, 
Tis, M. Rever, M. Shea, L. 
Sheppard, K. Froio. 

Row 1: T. Stanford, B. 
Whitlow, J. Smith, C. Zim- 
mer, T. Swain, P. Walsh, 
D. Scstito, C. O'Toole. 
Row 2: T. Young, R. Whe- 
Ian, L. Trainor, J. Sturdy, 
G. Smith, L. Sandblom, S. 
Barrett, S. Barrow, D. Sar- 
gent, C. Collins. 



Row 1: M. Duranl. J. Duranl. C. Dighan. R. Hdrriiifiton, S. Fealherslon. J. Dirk- Row 1: S. Curran. J. Chapin. W. Collins. R. Calabro. Row 2: S. D'Onofrio. J. 

son. Row 2: K. Howley. T. Esposilo. E. Granl. K. Harris, B. Farren. M. Ellis, S. Dilnar. P. Conlon. B. DiNardo, B. Douglas. Row 3: L. James, A. Abbruzzese, K. 

Fain hild, K. Dooley. Row 3: L. Mines. B. Dun< oml)e, L. Howard, B. Donohue, Chalterton, C. Ho\, M. Curelli, K. Cowen, S. Dalry mple, C. Cesario. 
K. Gofl. C. Figuerido. Row 4: D. Gun\il!e, D. Gonsalves. 


Row 1 

K. Wilkin 
P. While 
K. Swain 
I'. W.-is<-nfluh 
I'. Winn 

y. 7mU)s 

Row 2 

K, Vallas 
I.. Tinory 
K. Young 
G. Wilson 
T. Turner 
L. Slover 
R. Whitney 

Row 3 
L. Tehranian 
D. Thornton 
S. Whitney 
C. Zahnzinger 
C. Zwicker 
J. Worth 
R. Tihbetls 

Row 1 

R. Lowe 
I). M<)rs<' 
M. O'Donneli 

A. O'Connell 
F'. 0.).li 

How 2 
J. I^ugelle 
K. McGrath 

D. O'Brien 
M. Maurer 

B. MaeDonald 
Row 3 

A. O'Brien 

E. Mullen 

B. Mullane\ 
S. IjV'ange 
G. Martin 

A. Long 

B. Mullaney 
P. Marsh 

S. O'Connor 
T. O'Brien 

C. Mark 
P. Madge 
J. Morrisey 
B. M. ers 



Row 1 

J. Seavey 
J. Maloney 
D. O'Neill 

C. Mahoney 
L. Pierotti 
J. Ryan 

Row 2 
L. Powers 
T. Ponipeo 
K. Ralff 
J. Pratt 
S. Sargent 
B. Riley 
W. Bobbins 
J. Palimeri 
T. Patrolia 

Row 3 

D. Pixley 
L. Steele 
J. Sharpe 
D. Pixley 
T. O'Brien 
P. Riley 

J. Santini 
D. S< ott 


Row 1 

T. Finegan 
J. Fone 
K. G)tter 
J. Dilmar 
K. Ekberg 
J. Grant 
M. Graham 

B. Davenport 
Row 2 

P. Faison 

C. DeLaney 

C. Davis 
T. Crough 

P. Dormitzer 
H. Foell 
J. Giles 

Row 3 
K. Collins 
E. Glasfeld 
E. Glasfeld 
J. Fox 
B. Cuff 
J. Gonsalves 

D. Fahey 
R. Evans 
R. Driscoll 

Row 1 

A. Murphy 

B. Kehoe 

A. Lagrotteria 
L. Gunville 
S. Hobson 
V. Keane 
P. Igo 

Row 2 
J. Kuhn 
D. Herbert 
P. Johnson 
M. Gunville 
T. Hulien 
K. Gruber 
N. Kuntz 

C. Kelley 
Row 3 

G. Hatch 
J. Hoffman 
S. Kean 
M. Kelley 
A. Laue 
S. Holmes 
L. Hoogevine 

Row 1 

C. Brown 

P. Broderi< k 

D. Bowen 
S. Arnold 
J. Adams 
J. Burke 
G. Barressi 

Row 2 
M. Burkley 

C. Chambers 

E. Ciriotle 

D. Beamon 

A. Magner 
K. Clinton 

B. Cogill 
A. Clapp 

C. Chamberlain 

Row 3 

M. Brown 
D. Barrow 
W. Aikens 
S. Collins 
S. Carmardo 
D. Anderson 
J. Berloni 
S. Barrett 
M. Charlton 
K. Bneitkreu/ 
J. Gonsalves 
J. Casey 


Row 1: J. D'Oiiofrio, M. &)nl.y, P. 
Caruso, I). Drake, C. Cox, G. Davis, T. 
Curran, N. Donahue, T. Ciciollc, S. 
Ci( iotlc. Row 2: R. Dt Costa, P. Daf;- 
gctt, J. Dra^o, M. Curlcy, D. Cuddahy, 
S. Duncomlx", K. Duffy, J. Dcvanry, J. 
Dickcrman, K. Corbelt, M. Cork<-ry, S. 

Row 1: B. Bonnar, K. Brana- 
gan. J. Brockman, L. Carbone. 
J. Carlson. Row 2: C. Barrett 
R. Brown. J. Bradley, D. Bur 
pess. M. Basmajian, E 
Candela, J. Atkinson, S. Bar 
rett, J. Eiarrett. Row 3: D. Bar 
comb, T. Carroll, A. Buckley 
J. Barcari, A. Bulger, J. Bailey 
D. Campbell, S. Aikens, R 
Best, N. Atkinson, K. Beale. 

Row 1: M. Kearney, S. Gallagher, 
T. Geary, L. Ferreira, D. Heintz, L. 
Gonsalves, C. Hughes, J. Hum- 
phreys, R. Jones, G. Jancsics. Row 
2: T. Jones, D. Kenny, J. Hooge- 
veen, D. Herbet, T. Karcher, P. 
Harris, J. Hanlon, G. Flanagan, J. 
Hoffman, C. Kuhn, C. Humphreys, 
P. Grafton, M. Klier. 


Row 1: G. Reed, B. Ramsay, R. Salva- 
dor, J. Replogle, E. Perroncello, M. 
Morrissy, E. Pearce, J. Plante, T. 
Moore, D. Mullen, J. Mitman. Row 2: 
J. Rhind, D. Ormislon, D. Rice, S. 
Perry, J. O'Connell, S. Roebuck, W. 
Sargent, S. OToole. J. Ralff, R. Sar- 



Row 1: P. Maynard, B. McGuire, 
T. Lennon, P. Mesner, C. Lagrotte- 
ria, P. McGee. Row 2: M. McNeil, 
J. Mastrobuono, R, Levering, B. 
Meers, J. McLaughlin, M. Laitta, 
B. Lynch, N. MacKenzie, R. 
McCarthy, M. Meallo. Row 3: J. 
Lydon, S. McMahon, D. Mantz. 


The Alternative Sehool is more than just being able to take outside courses and independent work. The Alternative School is an attitude, it is 
an outlook on life and learning. The Alternative School room plays a vital part in this. But to fully experience this you must come up and sit in 
the room amongst the members. I think you'll find the communication very stimulating and uncluttered, you may even join in. It is this sort of 
communication that is essential to living and interacting with other individuals. Freedom, openness and an atmosphere encouraging you to trade 
opinions are common in the room. The regular school seems to invoke small talk, there is minimal small talk within the rooms, discussions 
usually being relevant and laden with creativity. Creativity is so essential to making avenues with which the students can find themselves and 
become true individuals. This is exactly what happens in the Alternative room. Everyone in the room at any given time immediately unites into a 
family or rather they reunite, just being a member of the program makes you part of the family. If a regular student comes into the room, he is 
also immediately a part of this family. There is no jealousy, no competition, no negativity. You can talk about your fears and problems and most 
personal anxieties. The people will only help and understand, typical of true families. There is an obvious bond of love between the students 
which enables them to cope with life and learning in a place that in many cases goes against their grain. This sort of haven is, for me, a necessity 
and I would be miserable without it. This is why people in the program with many CHS courses need the program. They come to the room to 
unwind *nd talk with other members, discuss things that will help them get through the turmoil of high school. The room is a catalyst to extend- 
ing learning into a twenty-four hour experience. The way it should be. 
Sam Durant 




Back Row: ( L. lo R.) K. Hanlon. K. Crowley. L. Collins, N. Cone. First Row: H. 

Coniey, J. Fone, C. Davis, B. Mc-Donald. 




IhI Roh. L. to R.: 

Burkr. G. Cahill. B. 
Smal/cl. M. Biilticr. 
I'ollcnpcr, B. \X liiltc 

:lai I 

J. Hit^ins. H. Ghasc. J. Kennedy. 2nd Row: P. Johnson. H. Clinton, L. Whitlow, A. Di< kson. M. 
Curelli. L. LaBrerque. R. Sargent, C. Carey. E. MiCarthy. D. Chisolm. .3rd Row: S. Buckley. K. 

IliVito. C. Bursk. C. Grant, K. Tiilolson, S. Mastrobuono, J. Sandhloni. L. Carroll, D. Pratt. S. 
more. C. Goodw in. 

Have you ever noticed the many posK-rs 
(Iccoratinp the corridors urginfi the various 
teams to get psyched? The 20 odd members 
of Rousers meet weekly to paint original 
slogans rousing the spirits of CHS students. 
President Heidi Chase and Vice President 
Jocelyn Kennedy organize the meetings and 
got Tricycle Basketball underway for a 
great success. Jane Higgins. our Treasurer, 
keeps tabs on our finances and is reponsi- 
ble for recording weekly attendance. Usu- 
ally, Rou.sers is associated with football, but 
this year the club carried through their pos- 
ter-making into spring sports. Give 'em a 
cheer for their efforti 

n p. 

SAl.NOVJS*- 7;9d 




Isl Row, L. lo R.: S. Sroll, S. Wong, C. Wilmolh, T. Young. D. Pixley. 2nd Row: I. Turner, Y. Porter. D. Scott, J. Turner, K. Elam. C. Latson. D. Gonsalves. A. 
Hjrl, T. Burns (Metco Coordinator), M. Miller. 

Isl Row, L. to R.: M. Birmann. D. McCarthy, C. Grant, S. Winn, P. Walsh. B. Kite (Advisor). 2nd Row: R. Bingham (Advisor). M. Neelon, B. Henrv, J. Anioine, 
S. Ma>trobuono, J. Higgins. 



Counter Clockwise From Left: L. Labre. <iue. C. Grant, L. Crough, Y. 'p"' ^ DiCregorio (A( 
Zotos. J. Higgins. 



Ist Row, L. to R.: T. Wipmore, P. MrGee, Y. Zolos, C. Raffa, A. Bulger K, Duncan. 2nd Row: D. Zobel, S. Ramsey, A. Shooshan. C. O'Brien, A. 
Mullen. T. Atkinson, J. Anioine, C. Williams. 3rd Row: S. Trask, S. Pratt, L. Hulien, C. Bonner, S. Young, L. Gruber, B. Hobson, M. O'Brien, M. 
Maurer. 4th Row: L. Howard, J. Benbow, P. Dormitzer, S. Young, J. Allen, M. Birmann, L. Atkinson, P. Messner. 5th Row: S. Goodwin, T. 
Durant, J. Millard, C. Bliss, C. Barrett, H. Grant, S. Goodwin. 6th Row: L. Collins, Mr. Hyde, P. Trask, A. Patrolia, M. Fahey, A. Trask, D. Rey- 
nolds, A. Hobson (Missing), P. Atkinson, P. Cook, S. Daniels, A. Featherston, J. Higgins, E. Hurlig, L. Kurtz. 

Isl Row, L. to R.: S. Daniels. E. Hurtig, T. Durant, P. Tye, L. Norris. 2nd Row: P. Dormit- 
zer, D. Zobel, P. Trask, A. Mullen. M. Fahey. A. Patrolia. 3rd Row: A. Trask, M. Meallo, S. 
Pratt, P. Atkinson (Missing), P. Cook, S. Espinosa, L. Kurlz, S. Sisson. 



NAMES: Clockwise From 

Left: C. Williams, B. Baird. P. 
Dormilzer, J. Vivian. 


NAMES: Left to Right: N. Powers, A. Davis, L. Gilmore, Mr. Marks, P. Atkinson, C. Collins, L. Birman, A. Mullen. 



NAMES: Ist Row, L. to R.: L. OTool.-, D. Revnolds, J. Vivian, P. Dormitz. r, C. Collin-, L. Gilmor.-. 2nd Row: K. Ainslie, M. 
Fahey, A. Trask, B. Baird, S. Prall. B. Birmann. '3rd Row: I. Turner, C. Wilmotli, B. Donahue, M. Shea, N. Power-. S. Young. H. 
Brown. Missing: H. Carroll, K. Howley, M. Maetee, K. Murphy, C. OToole, M. Ro). J. Vanderlunt, C. Williams. J. Yeomans. 


Inl Row. I,, to K.: I> 

Dorrnilzcr. K. Mi (,ralli. I,. 
Voun^. M. Lailla. 2nd 
Kow: C. Brown. P. Jdliii- 
-on. K. Brriikrru/. 3rd 
Row: I). R.>nol(l-. A. 
Tra-k. I \ixian. B. Bairil. 
MiHHing: ['. (!ook. C. Ti l)- 
Ix-lls. C. \Xilliarn-. K. 


l8l Row, L. lo R.: C. Siskin. L. Carbone. J. Egan. 2nd Row, L. to R.: J. Pratt. P. Lilrhfield, D. Pixirv. L. Steel.-. E. Koch. 


Ist Row, L. lo R.: P. Litchfield, P. Oddi. A. Buckley, J. Egan, B. Kehoe. S. Douglas, C. Delaney, K. Valias, F. Stanford. 2nd Row: J. Bailey, E, Candella, M. 
Kearney, J. Ralff. R. Sargent. D. Young. H. Conley, B. Mullaney, D. Kenney. P. Weisenflush. 3rd Row: P. Messner. E. Glasfeld, C. Chamberlain, M. O'Brien. M. 
Maurer. K. Beale, D. Mullen, J. Dickerman, D. Osborne, L. Tinory. L. Tehranian. 4th Row: S. Collins. J. Deveney. J. Fox. K. Duffy. T. Pompeo. J. Pratt. E. Koch. 
L. Steele. A. Laue. B. Meer. D. Pixley. C. Siskin. D. Pixley. E. Ciciotle, P. White, L. Gunville. R. Swain. J. Ditmar. M. Graham, E. Zimmer, J. Plante. 







Thi'aliT i» alin' Jiiil virll anil li\in|i al Oiha-Ti Hijih Srhiml. Pii|iularilt in hi(ih -rhimi drama "larh-il on llir n|KHin^ mIiIi j 
-|H i lai iilar iirrliirmanrf iil "(^ihIk|m'H" in 1976. ()( i our-i'. v>i \r IiikI M)mr gmxl j( lor» ami ai tri~M". ►ini r ihi-n. Iiul ihrn- an 
-iiim rii » .mil iii.|iirin); ^luilrnl" niakinf! ihi'jr »a\ Mr. Ron Emmiin'-. CHS Drama Work»hii|) iliri'iior. liki'i. ihi- iili j cif nrw 
miMit (r<im iindiTi l.i"ini'n. 

Ilii (.iihasM i Drama \^iirk-hii|i i» mil a i lul>. il<'>|iilr all ihr rumor- alioul Emmon>' i'»< lu!-i»i' |!rou|i. -inrr o|H'n Irmul- an 
tirld lii'lorr I'ai h ni'H |ila\. NaliiralU. Mr. Emmim*- wanl> an arior or arlrf"" with *om<' rx\irrirwr lo takf on llir inon- f'halli-n>.' 
nil! mil -, lull ilii rr ari' al«a\' -ihiI^ ojM'n for ihr m wromi r. Inili'i'il. ihr (irr-cnn- ol mam new (arc- In ihi- \i ar'« lall pn -i nlj 
lion o( Slorv Tlii aliT." an i (ii»oilii |ila\ of rlfihl falilr>. maili- ihf |)la» a Iri-mrnilou- -uri i'!.!.. matlH' mil In H rm> of auilli m • 
-i/r. Iiiii I i rl.iinU III li rni- ol i|iialil\ ll i» vafi' lo -3\ that Mr. Emnion> i»a> alilc lo reach hi*' (ioal (or Giha-'^'l. Hhich l> lo 

.It liir\ I- an fflci ti\r. jinatrur (iriMlm lion." 

(iiiriiiuri il III oilier diri rlor-. Mr, Kmm«n« i- \cr\ lllicral. He allow« hi' «lu(lcnls of ihcalcr lo cnjos ihc mo>l lni|Hirlanl pari ol 
I. line. I ri jin lU. Kor ihc nio^l pari. Hon Kninion'- i» mil lio>;|icil ilimn Willi all ihc lilllc ai-pccis of ihcalcr. hul ralln r like, to keep 
III' proiliii tioii' 'iniple. making llieni alt the more ef(eiii\e. 

Herau-e ol ilie U ork~hop > .111 i c" in la-1 \ear'- >lale fclixal. Iiarrln): ecrlain unfor>.ccn illslrai llon. thai ih i urreil. Mr 
l-.niiiion-. .illlioii^li niil enlhn-.ia-'tii aliiiut ihcalcr 1 ompetiiion. ilci lilcfl lo ir\ again. On January 1.3. the Hork>hop 1 onipeicil hIiIi 
• illit r iinili -rlioiil- .11 KniiT-ori (jilletic lirmiiin^ ihi "Slor\ Tliealer" lalilc, 'Two Crow-." "Ma«ler Thief." anil "Bremen Town 
\tii-ic i.iii- l)i -|Mli hj\in(: lo roiiipeii- wilh ljr|!cr -1 hoiil- llian our-, llic ".Slor\ Theater" Iroup. 1 ompo-cil o( Mi— \ Baniimli. 
I jlln ( oliiii-. Beth Donahue. Men Kink. Jonathan Fim II. Dauil Hanlon. Mar\ |j(!rollcrla. Scolt Mulr. Lisa OToole. .Sail* SI— on. 
Jini \i\iaii. anil JiTr\ While wa- awarded lie-t i ompan>. Al ihc same lime. Bclh Donahue was prcKcnlrd with the I>e-| ai In-— 

jwanl. Pn-tl\ n I. a two out of ihrei- -weep for Cohassei. You descrM-d ll. Mr. Emmonsl 

\ri eijiialK coiiil I hon e for the U orkshofi'- -ci onil plas wa- "The (iooil Doi lor" li\ Neil Simon. Thi- -how al-o pnncd 10 lie j 
i;n jl -Ml re— e\en lliiMich. a- u-ual. a large i riiwd wa- lacking. W e -ladeil with a hare prop room and a few n -oun e- and made 

(fdimI Dim tor inlii a i|ualil\ -how worlh\ ol Neil Simon'- nanir- on the pnigram. Krom the lerv moment that Jerr\ While -nei-/ed 
in The Snee/c. we knew the plav would he well rcn ucd. Di-a Pratt - uiii ontriilled pa— ion for Jim Vivian in "The S<'iiui lion.' 
Men I- ink - nau-caling |iiirtra\al of a drowned lad\ in "The Drowned W oman. " and Jonathan FocH - tola! neriou- lircakdown in 

Delen-cli — Cn alun " hroughl great 1 ommendation- Inmi the 1 rowd. (jth\ Gillins. David Hanlon. and a parliallv com|H-lenl 
liaek-tagc-crcw were eipjallv eommcndahle in their role-. 

II vou wonder where we go n<-M — well, it - off to the regional fi-slival. semi-final, and o( course, ihe slale fi-slival al John 
Ham III k Hall. W i- an- putting all of our monev on "Slorv Theater" and are sure lo once again put Cohas-et on the map — of vvhai 
-late we don'l know, (iood luck. Mr. EmmonsI We've gol the silver polish all readv lo shine the iniphv . 

"The Director 
Mr. Emmons 


Ktieeliiig: J. Fcit-jj. Standing: B. BairH. S. Muir. On Ma^c: J. \ ivian, L. U roole. Fiiik. D. Prall. M. Laprolteria. C. Collins, B. 
Donahu<'. J. White. Missing: M. Barromb. D. Hanlon, T. Nazw n, S. Sisson. 



Beth Donahue — Emerson Best Actress 


Jerrv White 

Disa Pratt 

Scot Muir, Tim Nawn, B. Gwinn, J. Foell 

Bob Baird, Scot Muir 


Kronl Row: B. Kcmu: I). (iiMnillc J. V. I'rii <■, I). Inor, I), (iimvillc. A. Alilirii/zoc, A. I'ar/ialc K. Kkirti, S. D'Oiiofrii) Back Row: M. Sal. riio. N. (;j. >ll>y. I). Hr.mii. R. Whilr. 
I). O'Nrill, K. O'Connor, 1.. O' l'oolc, J. Diirkin. I.. ()' Toole, M. Ciirclli, Mr Slicclian. 

HOMECOMING — NOV. 4, 1978 


R<)( kland 4 Cohavsci 2 

The >ear 1978 markt'<l an important lime 
[mtkmI for Cohasset >o<'( <'r. Under the watchful e\e 
of I <ia( h Ron Mazza. the V arsit\ soii er team com- 
piled a record of 8 wins and 2 losses. Our onl\ two 
defeats were to Du\bur\. Ha\inp lost onK twice, 
we a( < umulaled enough points to qualify for the 
Mas-ai husetts State Tournament. 

For the first round Cohassel was seeded against 
R(K kland. Expectations ran high but actual skill 
~eemed to b*' lacking. ' \l e were flat toda\," said 
Coach Mazza. "\X'e( Ould take an> game we pla>ed 
this season and put it out there and we would have 
won. W hat can I sa\. Once in a while teams ha\e 
off da\-: and unfortunaIeK . Cohassel was plagued 
with this condition in the playoffs. 

The soccer team extends its warmest thanks to 
Coa< h Mazza for his dedication and hard work 
o\er the past four \ears. We hope other Cohasset 
S(x 1 er teams will have the thrill of qualifying for 
post season play. 

3 ^ 



Back Row: P. Duffe>. D. Bj-ov.n. P. Tyc. R. Whit.-. S. Muir. T. Picpenbrink. T. Smith. B. Keane, E. Booth. S. D'Onofrio. Front Row: R. Flort s. u. J. Howl« >. P. Drat;o. C. 
Lanpford. C. MarKenzie. C. Dillon. T. Lanpford. J. MacKenzie. S. Jancsirs. D. Dillon. 

Capt. Chris MacKenzie 

Capl. Chuck Dillon 

Capl. Craig Langford 


Front Row: S. Duncombe, J. Maioney. C. Mahoney. S. D"Onofrio, A. Pottenger, B. Kennedy. B. Duncombe, G. Wilson. Back Row: D. Duncombe. L. Carroll. E. O'Brien. S. 
Young. M. Packard. J. Leonard, D. O'Conell, T. Nawn. J. Hoy. C. Deignan, R. Harrington. P. Trask. T. Ryan. Coach Mundhenk. 


Chris MacKrn/i<' 


Tom Piept-nbrink TimStnilli 



Curnille. R. Evans. B. Meers, M. Ellis, D. Lahive! S. Ripley. S. Buckley. B. Tis, S. Bowen, J. Price. N. Whelan. J. 



VARSITY — 1st Row: S. Abbruzzese. L. Whitlow. R. Saigent, E. Figueiredo. J. England, L. Curley. H. Fairchild. 2nd Row: A. Parziale, D. Maloney. H. Brown, L. Carroll, D. O'Neill, 
E. McCa lhy. M. Frugoli, A. Gumis, Coarh Babaian. 

G)ach Babaian Giach Kealey 

(Varsity) (Junior Varsity) 

A. Bear, B. ^X'Tiitlow. L. Thornton. L. Gilmore. S. McAdams, B. Farren, A. Kearney, K. Murphy. T. Diab. 



I) I. \. (.I.i-f.lrl. I). V.Cirlln. Sl.iii.lirif;: 1". Dur.inl. >. ( )"|)oMn.ll. M Kr.iriHA. (,,.„ Ii (»\. ,11. S. Ciliill. S. It-iil 


Back Ko»: (oji li I'i rraull, M. Howlcy (Qplaiti), C. Goodwin, E. Hanlon. C. Conway, S. McCool. Front Row: J. Rolibin»^, K. Ferreira, D. Igo. L. OTooIp. 

CaroKn Goodwin 

Coach Perrault 

Team Mascot — Kathy Hanlon 

Susan Quilly 

Back Row: J. Dilmar. M. Cur.-lli. K. Moore. A. Abbruzzese. S. Dalrymple (Captain). Front Row: B. Salvador. T. Birmann. M. Shea, E. Zimmcr. T. Espisilo. 














kni rlin^: M. V.otL T. Hingins, P. Karrcn. R. Ti lilirll>. li. ■|'a\li)r. SlaTidiiif;: (!(iai li l.r\ alible . B. Kurl/. 'I'. Mai Malioii. .1 Mcdarlln. 1 O Bririi. (jiac li Minrlli. Coai li llii(;aii. 
\1i>Mii>;: Bill O'Brini. B. K.-aliiiu, J. H(>wlr\, M. SalrrrK, 

Kiin liiif;: P. Diiff\. .1. L^(lll^. D. Bniwii. .1. Kcllrlii r. B. Lincoln. Slandint;: Coac h Minclli, G. Raffa, T. O'Brii'n. G. Salerno. Coac li Hogaii. 


PjuI Karrcn Ri, li Ti I.Ik ii- 

(Mi-Miit; Bill O'Bri. n) 


Kneeling;: K. Doolf\. B. Donahue. K. Goff. S. D'Onofrio. P. Burkle\. Standing: T. Stanford. J. Whelan. B. Tis. M. Leonard. Coarh Jones. D. Infusino. D. Featherston. C. Sullivan. 


Kneeling: C. Tebbetls. M. Gunville. D. Fahe>. D. Anderson. T. O'Brien. J. Maloney, C. Mack, P. Riley, M. Brown. Standing; P. Broderick, D. Tebbelts, S. Collins, J. Wallace, L. 
Hoogaveen, G)ach Infusino, C. Kelley, H. Foell, S. Roebuck, D. Rice, J. Ryan. Missing: D. Barcomb. 



E. M< Cartlu — (A> (j|)lain Coach St radc/ J. Saii(ll)l<)ni — Co-Giplain 


S. Rdcliiick. ('.(lac ti Vdiiiii', 1). ( ;iiiNli()lrn. .1. Ro^aiMi. J. IJonalnir. H. Brimri. B. Sniilli. B. U il>()n. K. Biirsk, B. Birrmaii. Knccliiifj: C. Stover. M. Roy, P. Johnson. G. Froio. 1 
(iurni>, J. Carroll. 


Knt i liiif;: (",. Barn>i. D. (iutnillc. S. Kroio. S. MacAdam;-. C. F'ratl. Slatulln(;: K. Frolo, D. Andrews, M. O'Brien. S. O'Rourkc, A. Bear. L. Sandlilom. S. O'Brien. B. Farren. P. 
J(ihn><)n. K. Hii\ . 


Kn<-elin};: E. Gla>fi.-ld. J. DiTullui. 1). PixleN. k. \^ ilkiii. B. C«)iM. J. Hoffman. D. Pixel>. A. O'Brien. Standing: P. FaiM,,,. T. Poni|ieo. A. Broefflr. K. ClmKin. Kran. Miss Brad> 
,1. Di< kernian. G. Chanihers. J. Barresi. E. Gla-fu ld. 


Kneeling: N. Gje?teb\. M. Brown. D. Dillon. L. Evan?. J. Durkin. T. Smith. T. 0"Connell, F. Mahone\. R. Young. J. A\ers. Standing: B. Mollis. P. Conlan. J. Becker. J. McNeil. J. 
McNeil. D. Canipadelli. G. Ormiston. D. O'Connell. M. Nedrow. A. Pottenger. P. Drago. 

Captain Tim Smith 



Captain Larr\ Evans 



Captain Jm- Durkin 

Sunding: R. Sal\ador. C. Mahoney. S. Curran. J. Casey. D. O'Neill. R. Evans, S. Ripley, P. Can- .n. li D a 
B. Meers, S. Ayer. T. Nann. J. Livingston. C. Howorth. 

Mr ji>h. Kneeling: B. Salvador, L. Campadelli. R. Conley 




SENIORS — Kllcii Fifiiirircdo. Cam- Riiili'N. Riilluinn S.ii-i iil. 






Kiifi liiit;: 1'. Sl(i( klptiilf;!-. I.. Norn-. H. Iliili^iiii. li. H()\ . ('.. M.irKrn/ic, P. ( lliapiiian. (1. Larififonl. I). Ciirrflli. Slandiii^!: M. Klri);. N. Mai Kcnzic. M. Buckir). J. l^)!r<)lliTia. T. 
Swi-ciiiA, T. I ..uitifiinl. Uicki'll^. I). Hciiiki'. .1. llrriuiM. I). Duni iiriili. \{ Uc^l. P. l^o. (^oacli l.corir. IVli>>iM;;: Kil 15rar anil jrff Haiinon. 


( Jil l- Ma. kn 

Mirk HiiliMlM 



"srv—. ^ 

Bi)ll(irn: ('.. Hallaiii. S. Mi C.ciol. D. I,j(lri^;an. B. SaKador. D. \n<>. M. Malionrs . C. (.(khIwui. S. (^inlh . T<i|i: J. I^,hl,lll~. T, K-|hi~iI(). 

( .ariiK ri ( jodiIu i 

( .iiai li I'rrr l aii 


K. Moorr. k. N lilK. h,. (.11 iMtl. . ,1. Dm mar. I' Wtulr. \. M.l.iu//. ~. . \1 ( nr. III. K, M.iiir.r. 





K(ir llic ■.!■( (Hid linic iii ihr hislorv of C<)ha>M-t l)a>kc'lliall. the !)()>"> \arsil\ team (|ual- 
ifh il for llir -lali- loiirnanii iil. L'ndiT ihc dirrclion of 2ii<l >rar loarh John LcVant!ic, 
ih. I>ip\- iii-liliiird a Iradilion h> winniriK more (;amcj. than an\ |lrl•\lON^ Irani 

Viilh ihc- -larl of ihr season. LrVanjiic had ihr nurlcu> of a -Iron); i Inli wilh ihrcr 
n iiirnin); -larliT-. Captain- Mall Salerno and Paul Farrrn alon); mlh |ioinl f;iiard John 
Howies had |ilrnl\ of |>la\inj; cvix-rii-nrc and (>ro\ idrd l( adrr>hi|>. Thr Ski|i|)rr- »rri- 
jj-ii aidrd with tran>fiT -ludrnl Brian Ki-alin); from New J.ts< \. Wilh Brian's jumfiint; 
aliihu anil i|iiirkni-.- he lii'c anir an a— rt and fillrd a -lartinj; [lOMtion. 

Senior (iiiard Tom Hinjiin-. unahle to [ilas thr prrvioiis \rar iliir lo injurs, also ron- 
triliulrd lo ( iin-laiit surcrss of thr Skipprrs. Bdl O'Brirn llir third tw(i-\rar \rlrran on 
ihr s(|iiail jcliird his tairnts an<l drdii ation to thi- 1 ausr of V irlors. Rich Trhhi'tts proba- 
his thr iiKisI iniprosril piasrr of thr season ramr up wilh some fine prrfornianrrs m 
li(;lil fiamr silualioiis. 

I iidrrrlassnirii on thr s<|uad indudrd junior Mark (,off. Jiinnis O'Brirn. Jim 
MrC.arths . and Biii Taslor. Aiiolhrr |lromlsln^ nirmhrr of llir sijuad is sophomore Bills 
Kiirl/ who. Willi sarsits evperieiiee. will ronlinue the winnint; traditi<ni at Cohassel. 

Mlliout;h ihe plasers t;rl tin- ri-< (>t;mtion. thr games were won due lo ihi' efforts of ihi' 
enlire program. Coarh Eddie Minelli for exampli-. who rereisrs no pas for his work, has 
rarnrd the res|)rrt and (jratilude of the wh(de team. Also the seouls. the cheerleaders 
and the fans deserse endless a|(preeialion for thi'ir support. From ihe team lo all 
insols.Ml with Ihr program. — THANK YOUli: 




Happiness to the Class 
of 79 

Best Wishes 



Unique Gifts 

Route 3A Cohasset, Massachusetts 

64 South Main Street 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025 

(617)383 9667 

- - 

JOJ-OT // 

Cohasset Greenhouses, 

Elena Sestito 


Florist and C:7itt bhops, Inc. 

Garden Center 

Rte. 3A 35 Station J 
Cohasset Hingha 

"Watch us grow, we're not finished yet!" 

383 1966 749 20^ 

Rt. 3A Robert V. Davenport 

Cohasset, Mass. 02025 President 



I 3 Elm Street 
400 Gannett Road 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 
North Scituate, Massachusetts 

Best Wishes 

Class of 1978 

Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1979 

the quincy cooperative bank 

Tedeschi's Center, Route 3A, Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025 

/JJBHBttMMtt (6 1 




103 Ropley Road Cohasset 
383 9548 
** Classes in Art and 

* Gallery Exhibits 

* Festival on the Common 

The Art Center is a non-profit education organization. 

Office and Gallery Hours: 
Monday-Friday 12-4 
Saturday lO-i 


The Corner 
Light House 

19 Elm St., Cohasset 
383 6512 

Fine Selection of Lamps & Shades 
Custom Shades — 
Lamp and Shade Repair 
Shade Classes Open Daily 10-5 

Fine Gifts for Everyone — 
for Every Occasior 

Sunday Noon-£ 


Da+sun • BMW • Ferrari • Alfa Romeo 


^ra+ulations & Bes+ Wishes 

To Members of the Graduating 
Class of 1979 

Senator Allan R. 


The Car Barn 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1 979 


Cohasset, Village 

Phone 383-9088 

Hair Affair 




'ree Estimates 


290 Beechwood Street 
Cohasset, Mass. 0202£ 


Gushing Plaza 

Natural Haircut+ing and Distinctive Hair Design 


Road Service 

383 9646 


Specializing in Ignition and Carburetion 
and Connplete Automotive Service 
Tire Truing and Balancing 

Wayne H. Robbins 

405 North Main Street 
Cohasset, Massachusetts 

EVergreen 3-1490 

Air Condi+ioned 

Mona Friel 
Hair Stylist 

Five Stage Coach Way 
Cohasset, Mass. 





23 South Main Street 

Cohasset, Massachusetts 02025 

617— 383-01 17 

3 ^^-o^5o 


and Best 
Wishes to 
the Class 
of 1978 

Indeed We 
Are Proud 

of Our 
Schools and 
Their Excellence 

Gateway to Excellence 

Come to the Beautiful World of Two Fannous Landmarks 
Side by Side on Picturesque Cohasset Harbor 

At HUGO'S You'll Enjoy 

• Breathtaking Decor and Oceanview 

From Every Seat 

• Glowing Fireplaces to Welconne You 

• Watch Cruising Yachts and Hugo's 

Lobster Fleet While Dining 
• Select Your Seafood From Our Indoor 
Ocean Pools 

• Prime Steaks and Chops From Our 

Charcoal Galley 
• Intimate Cocktail Lounges 
• Dancing Nightly 
• Orchestra and Organ Artists 

At KIMBALL'S You'll En}oy 

•Del uxe Rooms With Balconies With 
Ocean and Garden Views 
• Telephone and Color TV in Every Room 
• Shuffle Board and Putting Green 
• Men's and Women's Exercise Rooms 

and Saunas 

• Heated Oversized Swimming Pool 
With a Diving Board 

• Whirlpool and Sun Lamps 

• Game Room 

• Golf and Tennis Available 

• Yachting and Fishing 


Where People Come by Choice 
Not by Chance 


Best Wishes 
to the Class of 1979 
From the 

United States 
Marine Corps 

United States 
cyMarine Corps 

We're looking for a feu good men choose their oun directions. 

t/' HAIR < 


I Pleasant St. 



53 Railroad Ave. 


TELEPHONE 3a3-0<«3 

ceramic tile 




Bridal Consultant 

"Buyers of Estates, Diamonds, Old Gold and Silver." 

Mennber National Service 

"Engraving done 
on Prennlses" 

Store Hours: 
Monday thru Saturday 
9:30 to 5:30 

GUSHING PLAZA. . . ROUTE 3A. . .383-1755 





AVON. MASS. 02322 

TEL. (617) 564.6600 


Congrafuiations Graduates! Hfiyil 

Compliments of 

Norfolk Conveyor 

A Division of the Jervis B. Webb Company 

"Roller and Belt Conveyor Systems" 

1 55 King St. Cohasset, M| 



iiLicniCALCO., nc. 








Try us. 


Hi ( (Hivi'iiicnl (jIIii rs in Ndi lolk ( !(iuiilv. 
1 lomi' iillii r NSir) 1 hiiH (ii k Slii'cl. (^)iini( v, Miissai liusclls llL'Kiil 


insurance agency 

Three Generations 

of Family Service Since 1 898 


26 South Main Street 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 
383 1900 


Oldest Established 
Real Estate Office on the 
South Shore 

V^. TUf- 

5 Brook St. 

383 I 198 

Good Luck to the 
Class of 1979 

Compllmen+s of 






Good Luck 
to the Class of 79 

Cohasset Wint 
Garden, Inc. 

Route 3A, Cohdsset 


Route 3A, Box No. 244 
Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

383 1600 1 

Lionel A. Street 
545 0580 

James J. Cronin 
545 9299 


Cohasset Hingham 

Maytag — Arrtana — Kitchen Aid — Tappan — Kelvinator 


t ^05 Route 3A 
fohasset, Mass. 02025 
383 0576 

To the Great Class of 1979 
^^^^^^J^|j||j||fi You -rtife Best in the Future 

George and Anne Baird 

1 .-.51 

Cheryle & Danny Nardo 


Reflections Hair Salon 


There is probably no other single hair salon that possesses our 
unique connbination of talents. We specialize in all phases of 
cutting, coloring and more — 

Come see us! 

114 Elm Street 


Open Daily 

Robert & Norma Turner 

Across from the Post Office 
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Bathing — Clipping 

Edward M. Fleming 

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Drilling & Blasting 
Compressor Work 

308 King Street, Cohasset Telephones 383- II 86 — 383- 1 524 

Best Wishes to 
the Class of 79 

Cohasset Liquors 



Rt. 3A 



18 Elm Street Cohasset 383-6010 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1979 


I 15 Ripley Road 

Mike Abbruzzese 

Compliments of 

Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

Roger Porter 

On the South Shore 
Discriminating People Know 


Has Personalized, Creative 
Solutions for Their Decorating 
Problems at Home or Business 

Philip H. Smith 
Associate Member A.S.I. D. 

8 Depot Court — 383- 1 45 1 
Cohasset Village 



Rob«rt Davenport Family 

Mr. A Mrt. Arnold Pame 

Mr S Mri E Lawr«nc« Parliar, Jr 

Cohaiief Hittortcdl Socivty 

Mr & Mr\. Jamet R Clinton 

David & Panalopo Placa 

Re* & Mrt Edward Atkinion 

Mr.iMfi Thoma* P &orml«y 

Bath Jordan 

Carol L Foley 

Mri Joan Tribeman 

Bill & Kate Caldwell 

Mariel E Souther 

Mr & Mri. Richard L. RepeHo 

Dr & Mri. John F. Maloney 

Mr & Mri. John Ryan 

Mr & Mrj. Anthony Ingemi 

Mr, & Mr\. Robert Jackton 

Dr A Mri Robert Riley 

Mr. & Mri. Patrick Palimeri 

Caddy & Frank 

Mary Benbow 

Kabita Lombard 

Mr & Mri, Joteph Silvia 

Mr & Mn Regmald E, Silvia 

Mr & Mrv Richard Silvia 

Mr & Mri William Eldridge Jr. 

Mafhew. Danny and Amy Silvia 

Mr & Mn. Delmar Will. ami 

Stephanie Elaine Silvia 

Mf & Mri. R. Garvey 

Mr A Mn Diarmuid O'Connell 

Mr & Mn. Sennet F DriicoH 

Robert O'Hayre 

Mr A Mn. C. N. Bereni, Jr, 

Mr & Mn. Donald J O'Neill 

Wendy, Donald, 4 Jeffrey Q Neill 

Mr & Mri. George McLay 

Stephen Hurlburt 

Mr. & Mri. Jamei R. Crough 

Mr, & Mn. James P. Clfrlno 

B. O'Brien & 6. Buell 

Mr A Mn. Leary 

Mr. A Mn, Richard Tonneion 

John Golino 

Mr. A Mn. Kenneth Ekberg 

Mr. A Mn.JohnJ. Riley 

The L. H. Conklns 

Mr. A Mn. David Lahive 

Bessie Quackenbush 

Mr A Mrs. Thomas Killilea 

Mr, A Mn. Andrew PaHon 

Df. A Mrs. Grant Diiey 

Mr. Alan Prouty 

Mr. A Mrs. James Tallarico 

Mr, A Mn. Che Kin Chan 

Mr. A Mrs, Kendrick 

Ms. Le Bowditch 

Mr. A Mn. L, W. Prouty 

Mr. A Mrs, Joseph Fahey 

Mr, A Mrs. Francis Dunn 

Mr. A Mn. Irwla Matthew 

Mr, A Mn. Roger Whitley 

Mr. A Mrs. L. L Davis 

Mr. A Mrs. James Hunt 

Mr, A Mn. Gait Grant 

Mr. A Mrs. J. B, Thaiter 

Mr, A Mrs. George Baird 

Mr. A Mn. William Cuff 

Ml. Debbie Davis 

Mr. A Mrs. Bob Smith 

Mr. A Mrs. Lou Rogers 

Mr. A Mrs. Richard Wheeler 

Patrick A. Plante 

Maria A. Plante 

Patrick A. Plante. Jr. 

Paul A. Plante 

Anna M, Plante 

Jennifer M. Plante 

Peter A. Plante 

Mr, A Mrs. Charles McLaughlin 

Ann C, Curley 

Olga Dellorfano 

Mr. A Mn, Jack Stauss 

Mr. A Mn, Fred M, Dellorfano, Jr. 

Mr. Irene Frugoli 

Mary Frugoli 

Mr. A Mrs. Ronald A. Musm 

Lester MacKenzle 

Anthony P Massa 

Mr. A Mn. Charles Anderion 

Joan Traik 

Cora Alnslle 

Stella MacDonald 

Mildred Salyards 

Jeanette McNeil 

AlLe Donovan 

Elenor Soule 

Betty Slnopoli 

Frances Rlckitis 

Patricia Bowen 

Edward F, Sheehan 

Charles R. Davis 

Edwin Leach 

Patrick Plante 

Dennis W, Kuntr 

Thelma D, Burnt 

Mr and Mrs. John F. Curley 

Linda Curley 

Mr and Mn, Stephen A. Mack 

Billy Mack 

Anne M Mack 

Mr and Mn. Jamat Mack 

Michael Curley 

Atlantic Coait Real Estate 

Rockwood Associates 

Pauline A Campbell 

Mr. and Mn. Clayton E. Campbell 

Paul R. Campbell 

Mr, and Mn, John E. Keefe 

Mr. and Mn. R. Paul Meunier 

Mr and Mn, Wayne Robbini and Family 

Mr, and Mn. Jefrey Ludlow 

Auguit West Chimney Cleaning Company 

Mr and Mn, Harry St, Onge 

Kim Hunt 

Lorraine Carroll 

Jon Durant 

Mr. and Mn. Gerald Sieve 
Chrlityn Sieve 

Mr, and Mn, Klngliey Durant 

Lilian Agatha Barton Tower Durant 

Rick Siefert 

Vincent Pitaro 

Romayne Diab 

Jean Turner 

Eric Gurney 

Jean Lennon 

Paul Kearni 

Mr, and Mn, Francii Sargent 

Mr and Mn. Donald Davii 

Kevin Buckley 

Miss Mary Babalan 

Helen B. Arnold Brandt 

Baby Fats 

Heather Donahue 

Jack and Peggy Donahue 

George Haley 

David Rodrlguei 

Mortimer Roie 

Hair Today — Hingham 

Kenny Davli 

Carol Davli 

Bonnie Stover 

Raymond Brown 

Brian Cogill 

Glenn Davii 

David and Judy Stover 

Ruth Brown 

Prlicllla Brown 

Mn, Blanche Figuelredo 

Mill Linda Maree 

Mn. Ronna L. Bingham 

Sydney Guybrauthenstelnbaum 

Deborah E. Jones 

Mrs. J. S. Jones 

Emma Sampson 

George F. Sampson 

Joan M, Wool 

Robert H. Roth 

Donald K. Wright 

Bur+ram J. Pratt 

Michael P. Equl 

Fred Johansen 

Frederick E, Howe 

James Kearney 

Emily Glasfeld 

Blitien the Cat 


Andrew Glasfeld 
Mrs. Lucie Glasfield 

Mr. George A, Fortin 
Mr, and Mn. Thomas Garvey 
Mr. and Mri. Frederick Shannon 
Mr. and Mn. David H. PoHenger 
Mr. and Mn, Thomai McMahon 
Doug McMahon 

Mr. and Mn. R, Joieph Sandblom 

Andrew Potienger 

Jim and Marion Ashjian 

Robert and Arlene Blend 

Mr and Mn, Gregory H. Jonei 

Miss Brady 

Mrs. M. Woomer 

Mr and Mrs, Dennis Walsh 

Marilyn Watson 

Mllligan Family 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Ciclot+e 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Charles 

Mr, and Mrs. Thomas S. Cowan 

Mr, and Mn. Ken Coleman 

Mr. and Mn. Edward LaBreque 

Molly and Roger Crawford 

Linda LaBreque 

Wayne Glodgett 

Lawrence Slaney, Jr. 

Beverly Glodgett 

Lawrence Slaney Sr. 

Donald Graham 

Melvln Johnton 
Robert Ferraira 
David and Tari Stovar 

Bill Ron 

Linwood L, and Andrea L. Davii 

Mr, and Mn, Richard Gunville 

William McGulre 

Mr and Mn. Robert Rlplay 

Mr, and Mn. Robert Gunville 

Mr. and Mn, Ira Stoughton, Jr, 

Mr. and Mn, Paul F. Igo 

Mfi. Anna Signorelll 

Mri. S. C. Bartow 

Mr. and Mn, Herb Crehan 

Mr. and Mn, Al Short 

Mr. and Mri. George McLay 

Mr. and Mn. Malcolm Green 

Mr. and Mn. David C. Whipple 

Mr. and Mn, Good 

Mr. and Mri. Ron Maiia 

Mf, and Mn. Sheldon N. Ripley 

Mr, Fred Johanien 

Fredrick Howe 

Jamei Kearney 

Mr, S. C, Bartow 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert B, Jamas 

Mr, and Mrs, Frances Marks 

Mr. and Mrs. Fritr Pfaffmann 

Joanne Millard 

Prank H. Willlami 

Mrs. Betsy J, Millard 

Mr. John B. Millard 

Mr, and Mn, Richard Ferris 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Plaieskl 

Mr and Mn. John Langmaid 

Mrs, Margaret DeRosa 

Mr. and Mrs J, R. Maynard 

Mr, and Mn, J, W, Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Larrabee, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Marr Gwinn 111 


W, L.J.Mcleod 

Ancient Meadow 

Michele Fahey 

Mr. and Mrs, Nelson Pratt, Jr. 

Julie Barnard 

Guy Martin 

r G. Mugumby 

Ann Patrolia 

Tony Hyde 

Harry Trask 

Matt H. Labb 

Mr. and Mn. Robert W. Figueiredo 

Mrs. Margaret Damon 

Paul Figueiredo 

Rosalind Farbush Whittamore 

Mr. and Mn. Manuel Salvador 

Kurt M. D. Rever 

Clark Chatterton 

A. Friend 

Joseph Federlco 

The Moose 

The MooseHes 

Carole N. Young 

Cheryl A, Young 

Richard J. Young 

Thomas R. Young 

Joseph M. Tierney 

Mr. and Mn, Caesar Nervi 

Gregory A Natalie Wlnior 


Michael A Debbie Young 
Mrs. Florence Ely 

Leslie Collins 
Mr. Bryan Marks 
Nancy Kealey 
Heather Carroll 
Alton Flynn 

Christopher A. "Wolfram" Von Willi, 

Zobi Two Kenobi 

Cathleen Collins 

Lindsay A, Gilmore "Gilly" 

Angel Hart 

Skipper Besse 

Paul F, Hogan 

Patricia Wunschel 

Frank Wunschel 

Miss Teddie Wunschel 

Ms. Linie Wunschel 

Mr. Dick Wunschel 

Susan Mary Pratt 

Mr. D, 

Mrs. Michael O'Brien 
Professor Joe Bouchard 
Mr, 4 Mrs. J. S. Langford 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Carlsfl 
Mrs. Studds 
Billy Davenport 
Mrs. G. Reddy 
Mr. & Mrs. Lord 
MtJma A Charles 
Mr. A Mn. Gilmore 
Mr. A Mn, Thompson 

Todd Langford 

Mr, T, Lucas 

Mr, K. Dunn 

Yoanna M. Zotoi 

Mill Coultrip 

Mn, E. M. Saccon* 

Mn. F. L. Sandi 

Mr.&Mri.C. Mundhenk 

Craig Langford 

Mr. A Mn. William Ball 

Mr. A Mn. J. A. Whitney 

Miller Kenneli 

Peter & Batiy Minnar 

Garry MacLaan, Realtor 

Gaorga M. K. Habentroh 

Edward A Ann Leahy 

Jennifer, Timothy, & Andrew Laahy 

"Sidney" Leahy 

Tom A Linda Caldwell 

Chriitopher A Julie Caldwell 

"Champ" Caldwell 

Jim A Cathy Leahy 

Jimmy A Jeiiica Laahy 

David A Judy Lamkini 

"Amber" Lamkini 

Letter A Marcia Caldwall 

Maria V. Leahy 

?6u\o J. Leahy 

Bill A Bunny Lyons 

Jeff A Suian Lyoni 

"Farnsworth", "Heidi" A Sam 

Thomas A Marilyn Ryan 

Tom Ryan 

Ranee Ryan 

Jack Clark 

Mike Heath 

Hedvlg K, N. 

Kay Falllnger 

Leslie Sieve 

Christy" Sieve 

Mr. A Mn. Robert Rusiell 

Bob Ruiiell 

Suzanne Ruisall 

Elizabath Russell 

Laila Tehranian 

Suitanne Tehranian 

Dona Tehranian 

Joey Tehranian 

Dr. A Mn. Natter Tehranian 

Jane Delima 

Jonathan Delima 

Kata Delima 

Dr. A Mn. C. M. Bliii 

Mr. and Mrs. John Daggett 

Mr. A Mrs. James E. Hoy 

Mn. L, Westerhoff 

Mrs. A. Noirclerc 

Majorlce B. Giffen 

Janet D, Grigorlo 

Mr. D. 

Maureen P. Alcott 
Hayden Foell 

Mr. A Mrs. Donald B. Sisson 

Mr. A Mrs. Malcom B. Onwood 

Mr, A Mrs. Durno Chambers 

Doc Chambers 

Mr. A Mn. James Contis 

Mr, A Mrs. Norman Brown 

Mr. A Mn. Garrlck 

Mr, A Mrs, William Reardon 

Mr. A Mrs. George Saef 

Mr. A Mrs. James A. Mullen 

Mr, A Mrs. James E. Cahill, Jr. 

Mr. A Mrs. Steele 

Randy Steele 

Laurie Steele 

Mr. A Mrs. James E. Cahill Jr. 

Mn. Irene Jones 

Mr. A Mri. Bill Broderick 

Mn. Phyllis Sullivan 

Mr. A Mn. Sadler 

Mr. A Mrs. Harold McNamara 

Mr. A Mrs. Paul Sheppard A Family 

Mr.A Mn. NlckCoglianl 

Mr. A Mrs, Gerard Stanton 

Dr. A Mri. Robin Lawrence A Family 

Mr. A Mrs. James F. HIggini 

Mrs. Joseph Anderson 

James F. Higgins Jr. 

Mary Ann Higgins 

Robert Higgins 

Jane Higgins 

Mr. Ed Muiherm 

Thomas Pedonti 

Beverly Pedonti 

Mn.JohnW. Sullivan 

Jeanne Marks 

Sharon Carroce 

Judy Macks 

Mr, A Mrs. Richard S. Carey 
James Carey 
Annette Fagone 
Mr. A Mrs. Logan 
Mickey Mouse 

The Honorable Mr. A Mrs. Harry J. Elarr 




CLASS OF 1979 













Route 3A - Cohasset - 383-6400 


1978 Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Licen- i1 Trademark of Century 21 Real Estate Corporation. Printed USA, Equal Housing Opportunity 1*=^ 

Each office is indepCB4<satbLS*i>e<l and operated. 

1947 — Richard Drake, 1948 — Mary Mealy, Helen Wolfe, 1949 — James Barrett, Frank Shyne, David Wadswor+h, 1950 — Joanne Peterson, Frank Lagrotteria, Janice 
Kristlansen, 1951 — Ralph Froio, William Morgan, 1952 — Eugene Tower, Manuel Marks, Jr., Carleton Andrews, 1953 — Carl Hoss, Norman Fratus, 1954 — Hans 
Koehler, Catherine Townsend, Priscilla Maclean, 1955 — Russell Pratt, Hope Truesdell, Nicholas Buckerldge, Marcia James, 1956 — Judith Ingram, Mary Bacigalupo, 
Enid Dwlnnells, Jane Wilmore, 1957 — Sheldon Pratt, Glendon Dwinnells, Jean Silvia, Wallace Arcand, 1958 — Herbert Bates, Priscilla Lincoln, Katherine Barrett, Mau- 
reen Mulcahy, Mary Humphreys, 1959 — Bruno Andracchio, Thelma Hall, Linda Clarke, Virginia Laugelll, I960 — Jessie Winsor, Patricia Dwyer, Bruce Williams, Keith 
Megathlin, Carolyn Pratt, Linda Ferreira, 1961 — Margaret Kingsland, Nancy Cooney, David Smith, Robert Duggan, Paul Migliaccio, Howard S. Reid, Jr., C. Clark 
Truesdale, 1 962 — Lawrence Kingsland (priie), Ann Nisula (prize), William Bacigalupo, Robert Cashin, Dorothy Sawchuk, 1 936 — Katherine Crolius (prize), Carlyn Coo- 
ney (prize), Edmund Fortier, Jr., Joan Keating, George Laugellis, Wendy Mahon, Thomas Perry, Janet Sargent, 1964 — Christine Casady (prize), Doreen Rose (prize), 
Rebecca Bates, Robert Fielding, Robert Reed, Jean Smith, Christine Towie, 1965 — William Park (prize), Cicely Phippen (prize), Susan Bacigalupo, William Coady, Lanier 
Grassle, Glenn Pratt, Wayne Sawchuk, 1966 — Barbara Phippen (prize), Joseph Fitzpatriclt (prize), William Hanlon, Valerie Morrison, Judith Marks, Linda McWilliams, 
Karen KIley, 1967 — Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (prize), Winifred Bates (fwlie), Elizabeth Fltzpatrick, Helen Mitchell, Suzanne Morrison, Susan Williams, Cheryl Wheelwright, 
1968 — Kay Tousley (prize), Permella Singer (prize), Mary Ann Higglns, Margaret Hubbard, James Hurley, Thomas Keating, Denlse O'Connell, Kathleen Talarlco, 1969 
— John Lawrence Longo (prize), Jane Mable Souther, Daniel Joseph Brennock, Nancy Lee Yocum, Janet Shannon, Dana Keven Slmeone, Martha Ellen Duggan, 1970 — 
Susan Luckery (prize), Kenneth Winston (prize), Sandra Splnzola, Jean Anderson, Charles Marks, Michael Delaney, Peter Perroncello, 197! — Meredith Golden (prize), 
Jean Lahage (prize), Meredith Tewksbury, Francis X. Broderlck, Mary Teresa Fox, James Higglns, Vincent Sestlto, Katherine Haskell, Michael Prendergast, 1972 — Ann 
Madrlgan (prize), Pam Gile (prize), Thomas Anderson, Denlse Glynn, Kevein Prendergast, Deborah Brownell, Laura Goodrich, Terry Green, John Green, Jane Hall, Monl- 
que Henderson, Elena Perroncello, Susan Roy, Vaughan Pratt, 1973 — Nina Steele (prize), Kathleen Kelley (prize), Joseph Walsh, Marcia Jordan, Jeffrey Badger, Karen 
Tweksbury, Robert Higglns, Jon Sargent, Stephen Keefe, William Signorelli, Elizabeth Viola, Maureen O'Brien, Eileen Sullivan, Jeffrey Pratt, Carold Brownell, 1974 — 
Pierce Cray (prize), Ellen Tewksbury (prize), Patrick Ahern, Martha Conlan, Winifred Lee Dickson, Paul Emmanuello, Betsy FIguelredo, Kendall Fielding, Dana Green, 
Patricia Hanlon, Barry HInes, Brian HInes, John McNabb, Douglas Thompson, Patricia O'Rouke, Paul Rooney, James Rosano, Kathleen White, 1975 — Lisa W. Badger, 
Patricia D. Bowen, John C. Conte, Matthew Delaney, Barbara E. Fielding, Bradford L. Jackson, Theresa L. Infusino (also prize), Luann P. Laugelll, Ferdinand B. Singleton, 
Brian Sullivan, Sarah Watrous (also prize), 1976 — Lyie Branagan (also prize), Andrea Fox, Wllma Frieson, Judith Ellen Galnor, Nancy Goff, Cynthia Hoy, Delrdre Lon- 
dergan (prize), Richard Nardo, Elizabeth O'Leary, Lawrence Townley, 1977 — Jill A. Basmajlan, John F. Bowen, Peter B. Branagan, Catherine N. Brennock, Kathryn 
Dillon, Joan E. Emmanuello, Daniel Neelon (prize), Donald W. Pratt, Jr., Robert J. Walsh (prize), Cynthia L. Yeomans, 1978 — Ann Bellefontalne, Robert Bowen, (Rocco 
W. Rosano Memorial Scholarship), Maureen E. Dunn, James J. Farren, Catherine L. Gonsalves, Christine McNeill, Bernadette M. O'Brien, Shelanne Sladen, Eric Smith 
(Prize), John H. Zobel (prize). 



Best Wishes To The 
Class Of 1 979 




COHASSET, MA. 02025 



Best Wishes To 
The Class of 1979 


Expert Children's Haircutting 




Regular Hair Cutting 
Razor Cutting 
Hair Straightening 

Ripley Rd. 

Cohasset, Mass. 










MR. AND Mrs. rolfo. glasfeiS^^ 


. MR. ROGEfee. COULTER . t 








Tb the class of 1979: 
Opportunity is what you make of it. 
Keep your sights high. 




Keane Associates, Inc. 





Auto Photo of New England 

J. L Whelan 



As a token of our appreciation, we^^^j^^this J^^gJ'o all who have contributed their time and effort in helping us through our senior 

Mrs. Wunschel — yearbook advisor (Without her, we think we would still be floundering in trying to create this yearbook! 
Mrs. Bates — Senior Class Financial Advisor and Counselor (Wait till you get this year's bills! 
Mr. Leary and Mr. Franey — Senior Powderpuff Coaches (Keep the pigskin flying in future senior victories! 

Mr. Walsh — Powderpuff referee, Senior Class Advisor (Could you translate the calls from Calculus lingo Into English? Just a note to 
keep In mind for future years!) 

Mr. Di, Mr. Streeter, and Dr. Maloney — Administrators (ga||^cJy|||MIII^Miaiiyiyil^^Bl|^II^I^^HS. With the n 
classes, you'll need it!) 

Mr. Dunn — Senior Class Advisor (Want to buy ten extra, small 1979 CJa^Ts t-sfilflfs aT'a'ialscounf, compfelfe with your name misspelle 
asMr. NNud?) 

Mrs. League, Mrs. Tribeman, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Thompson — Senior Class Advisors (Wasn't homeroom fun? . . . What announce- 
ments? . . . Late? I'm not late, late, just fashionably late! . . . Oh, yeah, I was in the weight room during afternoon homeroom! . . . 
What do you mean "What's this?" It's a dismissal note . . .) 

Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Jorgensen — Main office staff (Could I make a yearbook announcement, a phone call, etc. etc. ... Do you 
have any masters, tape, a pen? . . . How many demerits do I have? . . . Is Mr. Streeter or Mr. Diin?) 

Mrs. Sands — Guidance secretary (It's a wonder you survived after typing approximately 400 colle^ 

A final thank you to all of our guidance counselors, parents, coaches, teachers, Cohasset Citizens, etc. 
pushed us through this year!!! 

transcripts and mid-year 
. . that have guided, but